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Intensive Reading


Mr. Johnny
Office: Room A008
Ms. Alexis
Office: Room 202

Course Description: The main purpose of this course is to help students

become proficient readers. Students receive instruction in the
comprehension, vocabulary, word analysis, and writing strategies used by
fluent readers, as well as guided and independent practice in applying the
strategies. Students participate in weekly online self-assessment.
Course Goals:
1. Develop life-long strategic readers and critical thinkers.
2. Prepare students to effectively read on-level fiction and nonfiction texts
across content areas for success in high school and college.
3. Nurture a love for reading within students.
Required Materials:
1 composition book (no spirals)
1 two-pocket folder
Passport Reading Journeys Anthology
Passport Reading Journeys Student Book
Course Requirements:
Class Work
Quizzes (weekly online self-assessment) (M)
Comprehension Test (M)
Midterm Exam (Semester 1)
Final Exam (Semester 2)
Grading: Passing grade is 75%.




Class Policies: (In addition to attached 9th Team Rules, Policies and
If you have questions or concerns about the class or assignments please
see one of us during office hours or email us.
Passport Reading Journeys Anthology and Student Books are to remain
in the classroom.
o Late work will NOT be accepted.
o 10% off every day an assignment is late.
o All students are expected to actively participate in class. This class
will require you to move around throughout the period and read out
o Food and Drinks are NOT permitted in the classroom with the
exception of bottled water.
o Electronics are NOT permitted in class.
o Cheating/plagiarism will not be permitted. This includes copying
homework or allowing someone to copy YOUR homework.
o Students are responsible for holding on to all paper work once
returned in their binder/folder that will then be used to study for the
unit test, mid-terms and finals.

It is your responsibility to get the work that you missed if you are
Absent on Test/Quiz days- If you are absent on a test or quiz day, you will
make up the test or quiz the next day that you are back at school. It is your
responsibility to set up a make-up test time with us. If you fail to makeup the test/quiz at your scheduled time, you will not be able to receive credit.

Overview of Journeys Program

* Each Expedition is 10 school days long. Each expedition focuses on
different reading strategies. Each expedition will also have a different
topic that the stories relate to.
* We will have a Reading Day every Wednesday Students will choose a
novel from the bookcase in class and complete a reading log.
* Every Day 5 and Day 10 we will be using the computers to complete an
online SOLO quiz which focuses on the different reading strategy we have
been working on.
* Vocabulary words will be given 4 times throughout the unit along with
* A test will be given every Day 9.

Please sign below and return to Mr. Johnny or Ms. Alexis after reading the Reading Syllabus. Please
keep this copy of the syllabus for a reference.
I have read the 9th Grade team rules, policies, procedures and Reading Syllabus. I promise to always do
my best and ask for help if I need it.
Student Name: ________________________________________________________ Period: _______
Parent/Guardian Name: ________________________________________________
Preferred Phone Number: ______________________________________________
Preferred Email Address: _______________________________________________
Best Time to Reach You: _____________________________________
Parent Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ______________________