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Technology Exploration Template

Your name: Kalie Holdren

Grade Level that you intend to teach for this activity: 5th grade
Content Area: Visual Arts
Technology Tool(s): Animoto
Summary of your technology project (What is your overall intent with this
lesson/activity? Describe how you will use technology in this lesson/activity?)
My intent for the lesson is to have students present their artwork and show the process
behind the work that they have created. They will create a video on Animoto to present
their project.
6 points
Standard/Indicators (Which standards/indicators are addressed in my lesson? Use at
least one Indiana Standard/Indicator and one ISTE standard/indicator)
Indiana Standards--
ISTE technology standards for students--
Visual Arts 5.8.2: Create artwork incorporating concepts, subject matter, technology, or
the sign systems of other disciplines that communicates in-depth knowledge gained
through integrated study.
ISTE standard 1b: Create original works as a means of personal or group expression.
4 points
Learning Targets (What will your students be able to do when they have finished this
lesson? What idea, topic, or subject is important for your students to learn and
understand so that they can do this? How will your students show that they can do this,
and how well they can do this?)
The student will be able to explain the research used for their project and the processes
that were used as well. The student will be able to elaborate the details of their project to
the class in order to explain the ideas and concepts that motivated the project.
4 points
Artifact (Show us how you would use selected technology tool(s) in this lesson? This
could be something you would use as an instructor or a mock student project to
demonstrate how they may use selected technology tool(s) to in their learning. Include a
URL link of the artifact or attach the artifact in ACE forums). 6 points
The students will use Animoto to create their videos. They will take pictures before hand
and upload them to Animoto. The students will use an appropriate theme for their video
and will add captions to a minimum of 5 photos. This will allow them to display their
project in a way other than posterboard and powerpoint. It will also allow them to have

an easily accessible video that can add to their portfolio.
Mentions at least 2 specific points from exploring and using the tool. (2 points)
-It is easy to create videos once you have uploaded the photos and you can rearrange
them as needed.
-It is nice to preview the video in order to make sure that what you want to be
shown is being shown in the way you want.
8 points
TPACK Connections (How does the use of technology in this lesson fit the TPACK
framework? How do I know that technology is not an add-on, instead demonstrates
effective integration of knowledge? If you think your Content, instructional strategies and
technology fit together strongly within the instructional plan, explain it!)
This lesson fits within the TPACK framework by utilizing technology to help present the
content of the students project. I will use technology to model how the presentation
should be created and will allow the students to create their own video based on the
projects they have made in class. By allowing students to use the technology themselves
they are able to take ownership of their video and show their originality. The content
itself is the artwork and how the student used research and methods to create the work.
The pedagogy is the self-directed project in order to allow students to take learning into
their own hands.
4 points
26 points total