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Art Lesson on Sky Color interpretation

Thursday Nov 26 12:25 - 2:00 pm

Classroom Connection:
We are exploring Peter Reynolds stories on self-awareness, exploration,
and self-confidence. This connects with Anti-Bullying week and the twist
this year is that if you are happy with yourself and confident, you will not
have a need to bully others and will have respect. This lesson also builds
on students previous knowledge of colours taught earlier.

General Learning

Students will:

Students will use media and techniques, with an emphasis on exploration and direct
methods in painting

Specific Learning

Students will:
Use simple brush skills: holding and unloading the brush, applying paint, cleaning the
Paint directly without preliminary sketching
Use paint in combination with other media and techniques (picture added on
Paint using experimental methods
Create imagery of the sky; using water colour paint they will dribble and drop
colour blending it to their liking


Prep before lesson:

1. Digital camera to retake pictures
2. Pictures printed
Mini Lesson before art room:
3. Sky Color book by Peter Reynolds
4. Smartboard file with real images of the sky
Art room supplies to prep at lunch in the art room:

5. Puck paints in trays (bright colours no black)

6. Manilla paper
7. Paint brushes
8. Containers for water
9. Paper towels
10. Rags and soap

Assessment Methods
Read Sky Color by Peter Reynolds

Body of Lesson

Discuss the pictures (Colours they see and the sky

at different times of the day)
What time of day do you think this is?
What colours do you see? Why do they mix and
blend well?

View notebook file: images of sky


Share with students that we will be creating our own

sky color artwork
Have the students close their eyes and image what
their sky will look like (create own image in head)

Are the students
engaged and
answering prompts?

Formative oral
Do they understand
instructions? Can they
repeat back?

Transition to art room


Have students stand around demo table

Set clear expectations:
We do not lean on the table or touch any of the
paints. We do not talk when I am talking. We use our
listening skills.
Demo art lesson:
Make water colour paints really soupy but not
making a mess
Show how to use brush to dribble colour
Remind students to start with light colours and work
your way to the darker colours
Remind students that this will take time and patience
and that we want to take pride in our work and do
our best
Encourage the sharing of paints

Check for
Thumbs up if you
understand! Any


Leave paintings on side to dry


(5 min.)

Students help clean up

Are they helping clean

up? Do they
understand their job?

Wash brushes
Wash tables

Soapy water for hands

Students sit quietly in a line waiting to return to the
class when done

Return to classroom with paintings and place on carpet

Students will cut out self from pre-printed photos and
glue on painting (like book)
I do you do explanation (show them how to first)
Attention grabber: hands on head, eyes on me

Sponge Activity

Reflection Notes:

Hand out pictures and have them cut first

Then have the students glue on the back and paste
onto the picture like in the book

Silent reading from book bins (class routine)

Have they cut out and

glued their picture
correctly? Is their
name on it?