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DeAnna Douglas

Week 3 Assignment 3.1

1 hour 13 minutes

Interview Summary Sheet

File No. 0011

Date opened: October 5, 2015

Interviewer: DeAnna Douglas

Client: Carl Ameche Spouse: Zoe Ameche

Children: Zach Ameche Age: 6, years-old

Date of injury: August 21, 2015

Statute of Limitations: 2 Years

Summary of facts of action: Injuries caused by faulty black electoral cord. The owners knew of the electrical
problem and deiced to fix it with black electrical cords. Mr. Ameche moved the electrical cord so his son would
not mess with it, not knowing that it was old and could cause any harm.
Type of action: The Ameches are claiming Negligence on the part of the owners of the campground and loss of
Facts related to elements of action: The owners were negligent in not fixing the electrical problem at the
campground. They were also negligent for not informing the residents of the electrical problem and placing
faulty cords in the open of the campsites.
Facts related to possible defense: The defense for the owners would be that Mr. Ameche moved the black
electrical cord and threw it in the grassy area.
Witnesses: Mr. Robert Warren from campsite 34 spoke to Mr. Ameche that afternoon and Mr. Ameche
mentioned to him that he was having electrical problems, but did not know why.
Total medical bills week to date: The medical bills to date are over $180,000, not including loss wages and pain
and suffering.
Summary of business or lost wages: Mr. Ameche was out of work for three months at a loss of $300, a day 5
days a week. He has returned to work but still embarrassed about his looks from the burns that are on 12%of his
body. He has all lost the ability to be intimate with his wife, as he feels undesirable to his wife.