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Animal Farm Discussion: (Wednesday 12/16/15) - 1 quiz grade

Be prepared to discuss all of these questions and bring at least one additional topic or question to
discuss. Your grade will include points for bringing notes in
1. Give examples of peer pressure used in the book.
2. Speculate on why Orwell made the reader sympathize with all of the animals except the
pigs, who are the most intelligent beasts and the closest to humans of any of the animals.
3. Discuss the importance of education as it evolves during the course of the novel. At the
same time, address the distinctions that may be made between education and indoctrination.
4. What is your reaction to the end of the novel? Why do you think it had to end that way?
5. Which one scene did you find most memorable and effective? Why?
6. What do you think Orwells theme is? What is one message Orwell may have been trying
to get across and prove this with evidence
7. Think of qualities that make a good leader (or what good leadership is like). How do the
pigs fit this list? Were there any attributes that the pigs lacked? Did they have some that were not
on the list? Explain how the pigs do and/or do not qualify as good leaders. Use specific

Cumulative Assessment Options: (Tentatively Due Friday 1/22/16) - 2 quiz grades

- Why didnt Animalism work? Explain with at least 3 reasons and use of textual evidence.
- Research a real person or event Orwell used in his allegory and compare / contrast how
that person or event is represented in the novel and why Orwell portrayed them as he did. Think,
how did this person/event shape the novel?
- Animal Farm teaches important lessons. Select three themes from the book and provide
specific textual support to back up each theme.
- The characters in the book demonstrate Orwells belief that absolute power corrupts
absolutely. Show how the power corrupted Napoleon and Squealer.
- Create a Soundtrack to the book with at least 5 songs you feel represent the ideas, events,
and characters. For each song, write at least 1 solid paragraph explaining your connections. Use
at least 3 quotes from Animal Farm to support your connections.
- Create a newsletter that would be sent out among the neighboring farms from Animal
Farm. Include articles, editorials, advertisements, event updates, and perhaps a biographical
sketch of one character. Can be formatted with Word Publisher or printed and glued / arranged on
paper as needed.
- Create a trailer for the movie version of Animal Farm coming out soon.
- Create a graphic novel / comic book for the book: Must include all major conflicts and
characters of the novel from exposition to resolution. Stick figures are not an option. This is
meant for the graphic artists.