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JANUARY 4, 2016

Ms. Dempseys Newsletter

Introduction and Syllabus
Hello Parents
and Guardians
My name is Ms. Dempsey
and I am the new 5th grade
Social studies and
Language Arts teacher for
your student.
In this newsletter I have
included helpful information for you and your student. Below you
will find a welcome letter, updates to the syllabus, and helpful tools to
stay connected with me and stay up-to-date on your students

Class Dojo
Use Class Dojo to see
how your student is

Dear 5th Grade families,

My name is Ms. Dempsey and I am the new 5th grade English
Language Arts and Social Studies teacher at Horizon Science
Academy of Lorain. I graduated from Ashland University with a
Bachelor of Science degree in Middle Childhood Education grades
4-9. I will start teaching Monday, January 4th. I am very happy to
have been chosen for this position and I look forward to working with
you and your student(s) throughout the rest of the school year.




A brief introduction.
Please feel free to ask
any questions.

The rules, procedures,

and general
information about our

Tools I will be using this

school year and our
class website.

Class Website
Check lessons,
resources, and other
helpful tools

Tech or Yoga/
Zumba Club
Let me know if a Tech
or Yoga/Zumba club
would interest you.
Email me if either
interest you.


JANUARY 4, 2016

Communication between home and school is very important and to make it easier I
have a variety of ways for us to stay connected. I will maintain a class website throughout
the year with information on what we are doing in class along with lesson materials, extra
resources, and a class blog. I hope that you find it useful and if there is anything youd like
me to add please let me know and I will do my best to implement it.
I am also using the Class Dojo app to keep track of homework and behavior as well
as a way to message parents. Class Dojo will also show if your student is participating, on
time to class, going out of the way for others, and turning in their homework. Most parents
have joined Class Dojo earlier in the year and if you are in that category then you can
already connect with me via the app. If you have not signed up for Class dojo I will send
home the code you need to link to your student(s) account in case you would like to join at
this time. Lastly, I am going to use the Remind app which allows me to send you, the
parent/guardian, a text letting you know any announcements for class. You can also text me
at any time from the app without either of us having to exchange our personal phone
numbers. Its another alternative if email or phone doesnt work for you. Please feel free to
contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached by phone at the school
at 440-282-4277 and by email at:
Thank you in advance for your cooperation during this time of transition for the
students and myself. I look forward to working with all of you! If you would like to meet with
me to speak specifically about your child please let me know and I will make my self
Have a wonderful break!

Ms. Dempsey

i. Rule Reminder


ii. Negative Dojo Point

Please visit my class website for the full

iii. Loss of Privilege

syllabus or email me for a copy.

iv. Parent Contact

Expectations, rewards, and consequences

v. Detention

will stay the same to keep the students in a

system they are familiar and successful

vi.Dean Visit
I ask that the students always bring an IR

(independent reading) book to class.

1. Class Expectations:
a. Be Respectful of yourself and

Whenever students finish early with an

b. Come to class prepared to


level book of their choice ready for them to

c. Strive to achieve your personal


their IR books so students must be reading

d. Follow all school rules

will be adding a library to the class over the

assignment they need to have a 5th grade

read. I will assign activities to accompany
something throughout the year. That said, I

2. Positive Rewards and Negative


Since I am covering ELA and Social Studies

a. Positive Rewards for following

classroom expectations:

students will have a current event due bi-

i. Sticker Chart

weekly to work on reading comprehension,

ii. Bonus Buck$

writing, summarizing, and other important

iii. Positive Dojo Point

skills. If possible please help us supply our

iv. Positive Parent Contact

room with some newspapers or magazines

v. Computer Time

that are engaging and current.

vi.Treasure Box

Students should have a binder for their SS/

b. Negative Consequences for

not following classroom

ELA materials and I would love to have tabs

if possible to keep them as organized as


Class website:
Remind Codes: (links also available on class website)
5A: Send this text message: @k29af to 81010
5B: Send this text message: @6b9fd to 81010