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By: Dalia, Miriam, Nurbergen, & Victor

$1.2 Trillion in Student Debt

Budget Cuts in State Government Spending for Education

Funding athletics
Spending too much on student luxury recreations/housing
Financial Aid Packages
Government Subsides

Types of Loans

Direct Subsidized Loans-loans made to eligible undergraduates who

demonstrate the financial need for college and university.
Direct Unsubsidized-loans made eligible to any grade level students but the
need for financial need is not required.
Direct PLUS Loans-loans made for graduate and professional students to
help pay for school expenses not covered by other financial aid.
Federal Perkins Loan Program- the school is the lender

Deeper In Debt


$871.6 million in Revenue

81% comes from broadcast agreements with Turner/CBS
11% comes from sponsoring championships
60% is distributed to Division 1 schools to help fund the athletic programs
and scholarships

Average cost of athlete vs student in 2010



Student Luxury Recreations and Housing

Makes college more expensive without increasing the value of the diploma
To compete with other colleges and universities around the country
Seal the deal with incoming college students using luxury housing and


University of
Alabama in



Financial Aid Packages

Public Policy

Improved their own financial aid programs to attract low income students
Two non-mutually exclusive ways

to expand or introduce variety of government grants/scholarship programs

increase the amount of aid

alter the composition of aid packaging changing the mix of grants, loans and jobs

College cost and financial aid packages are more likely correlated

Government Subsidies

Public Policy
Student loans
Tax Credits
Allow more people to apply for college
Supply and Demand = more demand for higher education

Massive Burden of Student Loan Debt

In 2010, nearly two-thirds of college graduates left school with student loan
Those with greater levels of debt are more likely to choose higher-paying
jobs, less likely to apply to graduate school, and less likely to purchase a

Student Loans Affect Marriage?

Fixed costs associated with marriage.

Cost of Wedding
Purchase of a Home
Household Equipment

Forcing young adults to delay critical markers of adulthood.

Differences Between Genders:

Do men get more privileges in the work force than women?

Overview of The Financial Crisis in College Education 2015

Possible Solutions to Loan Debt/Rising Costs

Forgiving student debt.

Allow Bankruptcy for Student Debt.
Less Luxury and athletic programs, make education main priority.
Eliminate Govt subsidies.

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