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Blade Jones

English 101
Professor Mcampbell
Mirror (reflective essay)
English 101 for the fall semester of 2015 was a very interesting and intriguing
one. Between the Professor of the class and the fellow students of the class the
semester shaped up to be a beneficial and fun semester. In terms of becoming a
more effective and creative writer, English 101 helped me in some aspects were
beneficial, while in others improvement is still required.
My habits in terms of writing are terrible. Procrastination is the worst
character trait possessed in terms of my writing abilities. For some reason
procrastination always comes to be my biggest downfall no matter the preparation
or work put in beforehand. Due to this fact it leaves the essays written in a
precarious position because they are left to be winged and finished last second
which affects the total grade of the class. Since the total grade is affected it affects
the other aspects of life such as being eligible for baseball, and if I am not eligible
for baseball there is no point in working because then the job would be paying for
something that Im failing at.
My goals for being a college writer are fairly simple: To one become a
better overall writer in every aspect and further extend my knowledge to help my
abilities. And second, have better time management to void the possibilities of

When writing papers writing skills used in them I like to believe are fairly
strong. In my papers the use of the English language is strong and complex but at
the same time flexible and can be taken in different viewpoints.
My development as a writer has improved but at the same time come to
screeching halt because of my own decisions and incompetence. I believe that the
structure of my sentences have improved tenfold, as well as the organization and
clarity of the subject or topic in my papers. In many aspects as a writer I have
improved upon and created new skills that can be used at my disposal and will.
However, my development as a writer will never continue to improve unless
procrastination is completely out of the picture. There are ways in which one may
use procrastination to their advantage just like I am about to do in a second in order
to create an amazing conclusion. Procrastination in most aspects is not a good thing
and only blocks the potential one contains as a writer. Procrastination is a decision
and can be easily reversed but for some reason seems to be the hardest thing to
get rid of because it is natural to just push things off to the last second. For
example, it is now 1:40 P.M. in the afternoon on December 18 th as I write this last
sentence and my e-portfolio is due at 2:00.