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e 7. Darn That Dream PLAY 2 TIMES (J = 58) GA Bb-7 Eb? A~7 Darn that dream I dream each night, you say you love me and you Darn your lips and darn your eyes, they lift me high a-bove the Bb°7 FT BT E79 Av hold = me__ tight, But when I a-wake you're out of sight, oh moon - skies; Then I tum-ble out of par - a - dise, oh 2. AT D7 BT E7 A-7 D7 Fin D7b9 GA BLT darn that dream. darn that dream. EDA c7 F7 BT a, FH-7 BT F7 BLT Darn that one track mind of mine, it can't un-der-stand that you don't care. EbA c7 G-7 D9 G7 a7 D7 Bb-7 Eb7 A-7 D7 Just to change the mood I'm in, I'd wel -come anice old night - mare. p7__D7C BI+4 E-7 Bo E749 GA Eb7 AT Darn that dream and bless it too, with - out that dream, I nev -er would have you. vis ® GA A-7 D7 AT FT B77 Bb°7 A-T7 But it haunts me and it won't come true, oh darn that — dream, Cope 37 ramen) ta Corpora ASCAY Sara Mae “Mniaa Copier A ghana" uedbp Perma 13 e 7. Darn That Dream - cont. e GA Bb-7_ Eb7 A-7 BI+4 ET D7 DIC Be E749 G7 Fi-7 BT F-7 Bb7 EbA c7 G-7_D%9 G-7 A-7™D__D7 Bb-7 Eb7_A-7 D7 GA__Eb7. AT B7+4 E77 DC BO E749 AT FT B-7__BL°7 Ac? D9 GA A7_—DT. > couF W ox 14