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Mr. LaRoche
English III
January 6th 2014
Negative Effects of Technology
If a child asked their parents how their lives were in 20 years ago, they might be
surprised because it is definitely different from life today. Why? Imagine living in an
environment that does not have any thing such as technology, telephone, computer, social
networking, faxand they will know why. Human life today is affected by a huge wave
of technology and telecommunications. It is easy to affirm that human life is full of
technology. Technology creates negative aspects in human life because technology
switches off relationship between people harm for human health, and decreases
students in their skills.
Technology is around us such as televisions, computers, mobile phones, tablets,
and these days more common are smart phones. Have people ever hang out and realized
that your phone at home? They must feel diffident or even crazy when they do not have
phone by their sides. These reactions are the evidence to prove that you depend on
technology. Looking at young adults today, they always hold their phones, Ipads, mp3
players everywhere and all the time when they are eating, studying, and even when they
go to the bathroom. Talking to friends without technology has become boring for people

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if they just focus on those things in order to text with friends, use social networking such
as Facebook, Twitter, and playing games in order to spend the time for entertainment and
check in. It suddenly ruins the atmosphere plus creates a large distance between people.
Life has a lot of stresses, human busy with their works, they have less chances to meet,
talk, eat and hang out together, so why do not we treasure those moments to converse
with each other instead of focusing on technology?
Technology is a negative influence on us because it separates individuals from
reality. According to the film Look Up made by Garry Tulk a love story that never
happens because one of the protagonists was looking down at his smartphone, it seemed
to provoke a lovehate reaction for viewers. The film with one line reading: I am guilty
too of being part of his machine, this digital world where we are heard but not see.
(Withall). Throughout the short film, a lot of people may be realize technology takes a
lot of human times in days life, it detaches people from society. However when the
people in the film recognize that they wasted to much time on technology so they want to
take that time back to do something that is more meaningful than sitting in one place
focus on the media. The famous inventor Steve Jobs had said Technology is nothing.
What important is you have a faith in people, that they ere basically good and smart, and
if you give them tools, they will do wonderful things with them. It's not the tools that you
have faith in - tools are just tools. They work, or they do not work. It is people, you have
faith in or not.(Nale). People might be wonder that as a famous inventor in technology
how can he had said such those things, however, he must have a reason for saying a
negative sentences about technology. He realized beside the tools which people use
everyday have a negative effect?

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Joe Kraus in his article We are creating a culture of distraction he wrote I want
to ask people a simple question: are you happy with your relationship with your phone?
Do you think it is a healthy one? I do not think I have a healthy relationship with mine.
His questions in the article was cause attention from people, it makes they think about
how technology break up relationships of their lives. People ought to think about his
question as a message he want to tell, no one feel happy about things that make
distraction on their relationship.
Technology also separates individual with the earphone by using the earphones:
The iPod is one example; by putting in your ear buds and immersing yourself in music
while in public, you are disconnecting yourself from the real world. For some people, the
main appeal of the iPod is that it preoccupies you so that you do not have to deal with the
uncontrollable factors of everyday life (mads942). Now a day, people usually put on
their headphones or Bluetooth while they are hanging out or even on the face-to-face
talking with their friends. Listen to music is good but not means that you have to wear
your earphone to listen to music most of the time, there are many ways that you can hear
music and it have to be in a right time or situation, it is not only separate yourself with
others but also destructive your health.
An additional of effect of technology is harmful for human health. Phone
radiation on health of humans is a new topic, which is interested. Phone or cell phone has
become an essential part of today's telecommunications. March 2003 another study in
the International Journal of Oncology suggested that mobile phone users had a 30%
increased risk of brain tumors- mainly acoustic neuromas- which occurred close to the

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ear used for mobile phone listening. Previous studies had shown that growth of leukemia
cells could be increased dramatically after exposure to mobile phone radiation. Although
acoustic neuromas do not metastasize (jump to invade other parts of the body) they can
create serious problems if it untreated. The early symptoms can be hearing loss, loss of
balance or noises in one ear - but all these are very common for many other reasons.
Advanced growths can invade other nearby areas, causing pressure on the brain. (Patrick)

Following the graph above, the amount of hours as well as gigabytes of each
person use has increased quickly. Compare to 2008, in 2012 the number goes up to 2.6
hours and 30 gigabytes. People spend more than half of their time a day to use

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technology, imagine the half time left is it enough for they to work, sleep, or have some
activities outside?
On the other hand, Harvard researchers have found Ipads are particularly
problematic because people tend to rest them on their lap which makes the neck- strain
even worse. MIT professor Sherry Turkle says technology can also have a negative effect
on our emotional health. This digital diet that we are on now is not the one that is going
to sustain us, she explained.(Ebben). Following what she said, people whom use
technology is easier to get sick than people who do not use it everyday. Technology
might also including the virus from the bathroom One of the most common surfaces we
touch everyday happens to be our smartphone. Countless times throughout the day we
pick it up, put it down, wherever we may be even in the bathroom where the potential to
spread bacteria and viruses may be the greatest(Glatter). Through that, people can know
another negative reason from technology that it can spread the batteries when they bring
it by their sides to the bathroom, and most of people also know the viruses from toilet is
not good for humans health.
Along with that, there is another article talk about this topic Researchers are
increasingly finding that all that time spent sitting, working and playing online can take
its toll on our bodies, both physically and mentally. More and more content is being
delivered to us via screens, from live streams and downloadable video to Facebook pages
and Twitter feeds. That means a lot more time exercising our fingers and eyes but not
much else. A sedentary lifestyle includes sitting, reading, watching television and using a
computer for much of the day with little or no vigorous exercise. As expected, the

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lifestyle contributes to obesity and cardiovascular disease.(Zafar). The problem above is
almost happens with modern people, why? When lives become easier with most people,
they sit in one place, use technology to do jobs, it develops into their habits gradually, the
obvious fact is they live in an inactivity and less physical way.
Furthermore technology is decreasing young generation in their grow up process
such as mental, physical health and social skills especially with student who still need
time to grow up and improve their skills in society. These days, children indulge
themselves in internet, games or texting. These activities have affected their psyche
negatively, consequently leading to increased frustration. Now they get frustrated
whenever they are asked to do anything while playing games or using Internet. For
instance, when their parents ask them to take the trash out, they get furious instantly. This
behavior has shattered many parent- children relationships.(Martin). Networking attract
children from their daily lives, they refused to do anything while they were focusing on
playing games or using Internet. The more they focus in technology the more unphysical
they have. At their ages, they need to be active in order to improve body as well as the
constitutions instead of sitting in one place with technology.
In another research, it asked Are social media and modern technology destroying
our interpersonal social skills? Recent research and studies say so. At events or parties,
guests are attached to their smart phones tweeting or texting, but no one is truly engaging
or interacting with the people around them. As more generations are born into the social
age, social media will continue to be the favored communication form among young
people. However, this shift may begin to affect their ability to properly communicate in

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person with peers.(Fowlkes). Instead of having a fun conversation, they keep using their
phone. Relating to the first effect, people can point out that technology is not only
switches off relationship but also decreases young generation skill on communicating.
Communication is one of the most important ability and it can be loss by the distraction
of technology.
For some reasons, people may say that technology evoke human life a lot such as
help people to do their works easily and quickly. But why they do not think what human
life has been in the many years ago when technology wasnt developed. At that time,
people do their jobs without technology and still have a lot of greatest results. Albert
Einstein had said I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The
world will have a generation of idiots(Missparsons). He is the person who also had a
large impact of technology but he can deny that technology have its negative aspect, he
might be predict that people will depend on technology. As a person who uses
technology, people need to have a look about using it most of the times, that habit need to
be changed and need to be reduced at this moment in order to take a step to be in
possession of human life, do not let technology control human life.

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