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“Please note that the Application Form Should be printed,completed, scanned uploaded as attachment and sent via E-mail to us” KONGSBERG OIL AND GAS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED ares: Unit 1, The Bigs, Waa Tree Close, APPLICANT'SID.__——sd (Ottice Use Only) Pleae fil this form in ENGLISH AND BLOCK LETTERS{AlI information as application in Sections A,Band € Below is mandatory) aero 1. _ Name of Applicant (As appearing in Supporting Identification Documents) Title (=I Mr. C=] Mrs [=I Others ‘sumame [T I I I TUTTE EEE. COOCEEEeereett tte ee eee] Sei es a sta asec | zvateorsitn [VCCI ona Cntse Cremate 3 Natonay OO snus (Reser rtioua_ [] Non Reiter nd: Passport No, ‘SNarial Stats] Sioale — [} warned) ivorced [] widower B. Address Details 1. Address for Correspondence ayTowa GE 2. Contact Details Tipo Hie 3. Permanent Address by Applicant if diferent from B1 above OR Overseas, erTowe sae Posteo stat ‘evn ero 1. Position Applying for ee eee eee 2. Names of Previous Employers