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Field Study 3- Answers

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Available Learning Resources

Characteristics And Unique

Generally, all these resources
guidance and idea to students
who are not aware of the
generally accepted concepts.

Teaching Approaches Where

The Resources Is Most Useful
Interactive instruction relies
heavily on discussion and
sharing among participants. It
allows a range of groupings and
includes total class discussions,
small group discussions or

Audio Resources
Audio Tapes
Compact Disc

capable of upgrading the
vocabulary and listening skill of
the learners. These are highly
effective for all the auditory

Non-Electronic Visual
Mock Ups

These are models and

specimens that were being
preserved which help the
learners can have a close-toreality experience. It brings out
the information they acquired
from the books and discussions
familiarize its real appearance.

Letting the student explore

the elements of an audio
production could be an effective
teaching approach because it
develops not only the listening
skills of students, but also their
communication skills.
experimental learning could be
applicable for these resources.
It was inductive, learner
centered and activity oriented
methodology. It emphasizes on
the process in the attainment of
its product.

ICT Resources

Generally, ICT resources

were used as a new means of
learning concepts and ideas to
the learners. It also brings
convenience not only to the part
of the teachers, but also to the
part of the students.

Print Resources
Students Output
Bulletin Board Display

instruction is
methodology with this type of
resource. This method includes
lectures, questioning, explicit
teaching and demonstration. It
information or developing step
by step skills.

Learning resources are the materials used by teachers to enhance the skills of students, help in the
discovery of different aptitudes and provide assorted learning experiences to the students. All learning
resources must be contemporary and the person in-charge must know how to efficiently utilize it because
these learning resources support the effective implementation of the curriculum.
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My Analysis
1. Were the learning resource/materials arranged properly according to their functions and

All learning resources or materials were arranged properly according their functions and characteristics.
The books inside the library were properly arranged as to their types and functions. The proper
arrangement of the learning resources help the teachers and students locate and bring convenience to
both teachers and students.
2. Do the guidelines and procedure facilitate easy access to the materials by the teachers?
Why? Why not?
The guidelines and procedures facilitate easy access to the materials in such a way that the guidelines
and procedures do not involve great exertion or discomfort on the part of the teachers or any users of it.
3. What are the strengths of this learning resource center?
The learning resource center develops and benefits the students in uplifting the quality of education. The
centers ability to bring the students from the old means of educating the students to the new means of
teaching the students adapt the drastic changes of the society embodies its power and encourages the
importance of education to the students.
4. What are its weaknesses?
A learning resource center weakness can only be determined by the resources they have. If the center
will not cope up with the updating technology, their center will be obsolete in aiding the students learning
process. As long as the learning center I have observed is concerned, I can say the only weakness I can
spot is their ability to orient each persons who will use their facilities especially when they are very loaded
with teachers who will use the resources available in the center.
5. What suggestions can you make?
I suggest that the learning resource center must be well planned and properly managed, so that it can
function in accordance to the significant contribution it can give to the learning society. A learning resource
center must be designed according to the interest of students, so that it will be attractive enough in
reinforcing the students learning.
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1. Which of the materials in the learning resources caught your interest the most? Why?
It was the book that caught my interest because they were properly arranged according to their types and
functions. I can observe the proper maintenance with these resources because most of the books were
free from dust.
2. Which gadgets/materials are you already confident to use/operate?
The books, computer, projector and other materials that were related to multimedia presentation were the
gadgets or materials that give me a strong belief in my own ability to use or operate it. I can say that I
have the sufficient knowledge with these resources because I have been using these and I have seen
people operate it which makes it easier for me to know how to use it.
3. Which ones do you feel you need to learn more about?
I need to learn more about the use of computers in presenting topics. It is important for me to be familiar
and understand clearly its appropriateness and effectiveness in delivering a topic most especially that we
have new programs which can be used in presenting the topics. If I want to be a good teacher, I must be
good at adapting to these new programs because the only thing that can make me more effective in the
following years are these updates in this resource.
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1 .D
3. A
Page 12- My learning portfolio
MANILA, Philippines Can you imagine a classroom without chalk and blackboard, manila paper,
cartolinas, one-fourth sheets of paper, pencils, erasers, and attendance sheets?

The leading Philippine educational materials publisher Vibal Publishing House Inc. and international
computer software company Microsoft have not only imagined it, they are working on making that a
Vibal and Microsoft, in cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd), have partnered to create a
new kind of classroom set to enter the digital era.
They are making this possible through the introduction of e-textbooks that can be accessed by students
on tablet computers.
Chris Datol, operations manager of Vibals subsidiary Vibe Technologies Inc., said during the Annual
Microsoft Philippines Innovative Education Summit last March 2 that a child becomes smarter when he or
she uses a digital device and consumes digital material.
He cited a study conducted by the United Nations who found that students exhibited better performance
because of the highly visual and multimedia content that tablets can show to students.
E-textbooks will have multimedia features like educational videos, full-color pictures, instructional audio
content, customizable text, interactive quizzes, online connectivity allowing external links to resource
websites, study tips, and many more.
Teachers will be able to use the annotated teachers edition of the e-textbooks that includes a lesson
guide, answer keys, and teaching tips to help the teacher guide the students in using the e-textbooks.
Schools in Korea utilize tablet PCs for students while teachers use intelligent white boards, Datol said. A
survey of UNESCO rated Koreans as the most intelligent digital readers because they know how to
search for online content and adapt new skills especially in using technology, Datol said.
In June of 2011, Vibal distributed 1,000 tablets to public school students in Laguna that have built-in
Rizaliana classics. Dubbed as eRizal tablets, they were distributed in commemoration of the 150th birth
anniversary of the Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal.
Foundation University in Dumaguete purchased eight Vibal e-textbooks for their iPad 2 units in July of
In September 2011, La Salle Greenhills rolled out an entire digital curriculum from their elementary to high
school honor classes using 14 e-textbooks in 500 Galaxy Samsung tablets. La Salle will issue another
5,000 tablets in 2012 to cover all students and teachers.
Digital tools for teachers
Michelle Casio, the Education lead of Microsoft Philippines, said that they not only would improve the
learning process of the students but also the teaching process of the teachers.
Microsoft offers various digital tools for teachers and school administrators that are 60 to 80 percent
[discounted] compared to commercial pricing, Casio said.
Its about giving the value. If you have our software there are a lot of tools that can be attached for
free, Casio said.
She reiterated that its not about making money out of the schools or out of the students. Its about
sharing the technology [and] its about learning.
Our priority really is to equip the students and the teachers [to] help them in the teaching and learning
process, Casio said.
During the summit, several school administrators shared their experiences of using digital tools in the
Miriam College shared their experience of using a number of programs from Microsoft for their financial
Benhur Ong, Dean of the School of Management and Information Technology of College of Saint Benilde,
shared how they were able to integrate technology into their curriculum.
We need to adopt technologies that will help increase the employability of our graduates, Ong said
during his speech.
Investment weight
Casio said that most of the weight of investments of Microsoft [for] education was in the public schools.
Our focus is the DepEd, because it is more than 90 percent of the [education] population, Casio said.
As of the 2010-2011 school year, there were 38,351 public elementary schools and 7,268 public
highschools, the latest figures obtained from the DepEd website showed.
On the other hand, there were 7,613 private elementary schools and 5,682 private highschools.

Casio said that they were not focusing on private schools because they can take care of themselves,
they have money and resources.
But we are not disclosing the private schools, we also help them, Casio added.
Through all the partnerships and investments being poured by Microsoft into the education sector of the
Philippines, classrooms, regardless of whether in a private or public school, might one day find no need
for chalks and blackboards. A digital classroom will no longer be something that is left to the imagination
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Bulletin Board Display
Name of F.S. Student:
Resource Teacher:
Cooperating School:

Year & Section:

My Target
At the end of this activity, I want to be competent enough in appraising the effectiveness of display
boards as learning resources.
An Observation Guide for Board Displays
Name of School Observed:
Date of Visit:
As I look around and examine the board displays, I have found out that every classroom has its own
board display. Some classrooms have a bulletin board for birthdays of students, classroom cleaners,
classroom officers, classroom activities and announcements. The most common content of the board
display are the topics to be discussed in a certain grading period.
I have seen three (3) board displays outside the classroom. I have foreseen that if I roam around
th whole classroom, I will see more than what I expected. Board displays were located in front of the
canteen, near the faculty room and also near the entrance gate. Most of it was announcements, activities
or events in school and etc. The announcements were written in a formal way that everyone can quickly
and clearly understand. The messages were clear enough as I read it and it can be easily understood
because there were no misspelled words or any inconsistencies in grammar. The information were
arranged past to latest and the materials used have a high quality that can last for a longer time. Board
display near the entrance of the gate was covered by a glass which gives protection to the content and
materials used.
Page 17
Topic of the board displays:
Location of the board displays in school: Near the entrance gate
Check the column that indicates your rating. Write comments to back up your ratings.
4- Outstanding
3- Very Satisfactory
2- Satisfactory
1- Needs Improvement
O Comments
2 S
Effective communication
The messages were clear and easy to
Conveys the message quickly and
Colors and arrangements were very cogent
Colors and arrangements catch and
to the eyes of viewers.
hold interest.

Objects are arranged so stability is
Repeated shapes or colors or use
of borders holds display together.
The styles and approach entice
learners to be involved.
Letters and illustrations can be
seen from a good distance.
Free from grammar errors,
misspelled words, ambiguity
Well-constructed, items are
securely attached.

Arrangements of objects were good but it

needs an improvement.

There was a perfect selection of colors,

shapes and borders.

Students have an active involvement in it

because the board display seems to be student
Too much art can damage the legibility of the
board display.

There were no such wrong grammars or

even misspelled words.
The content can last long because it was
protected by a glass.

Page 18
(Option 2)
Location: Near the entrance gate
Brief description of the bulletin board:
The board display contains different activities and events for a certain month. It was located near the
entrance gate where teachers, students and parents can see it.
Board display was covered by a
glass. It was located near the
entrance gate. It was attractive and
there were no misspelled words or
even inconsistencies in grammar.

It can last for a longer time; it can

easily attract the attention of the
viewers because of its location where
many viewers can see it. The content
was easy to understand because it was
free from any grammar errors.

It can be only weak if it is

not updated and if the
content is not clear enough.
If the person who made the
knowledgeable and just took
it for granted can also
become weak.

Judgments or evaluation of
educational content and other
The contents were relevant to the
activities for that month.

It will be very effective if the viewers or

students can fulfill all the activities
posted in the board to live out the
significance of its existence.

It will be weak if
there is no involvement from
the students and if the
contents are not updated.

Recommendations or
suggestions for improvement:
The legibility of the board display was good but it needs an improvement in terms of the arrangements of its
content in order for it to be seen from a good distance and messages must be cogent enough in order for the
viewers especially the students to have an involvement.

Signature of Evaluator Over Printed Name:

Page 19
Did the board display design reflect the likes or interest of its target audience? Why?
or Why not?
The boards design definitely reflect the likes or interest of its target audience because of its style,
selection of colors and materials, the title and the theme which is very appropriate and aligned in its
purpose. Since it is made by certain students, I can say that everything being posted are being reflected
on the majority of the likes or interest of its target audience because the main target audience are also the
students. What is more important in the design is the content of the board which was really presented in a
comprehensive way.
2. Was the language used clear and simple for the target audience to understand? Why? Or
Why not?
The language used clear and simple for the target audience to understand. The font and size of the words
were formal enough to be read by the target audience and the words were also bold enough to be clearly
seen. The words used were appropriate to the level of the students where in the students who will read it
can understand its thought.
3. What do you think was the purpose of the board display? Was it effective? Why? Or Why
In my own point of view, the purpose of the boards was to convey information to the students such as
information about the content of the subjects, proper hygiene, values information and latest trends in the
society. It also serves as motivation tool for the students to do their best and as I look in it, it really works
for its purpose. The contents were appropriate enough of providing information. The boards content was
presented in a way that is very attractive to the audiences eyes.
4. What suggestions can you make?
I suggest of the rearrangement of some of the words to improve the way they convey much clear thought
of the announcements. The content must contain something new that gives opportunity to the student to
participate or interact. It is important to update the content every month. It would be also nice to add more
necessary and up-to-date contents which will invite the participation of the students aside from normal
information that it convey.
Page 20
Board title:
To enhance students participation in learning by using board display, the ability of students in responding to
the trivia posted and improve their interpersonal skill with the help of the things posted in the board.
The students will be able to provide answers on the posted questions
The students will be able perform the activity being posted
The students will be able know each other through their birthdays, likes, dislikes, etc.
The students will be able have additional information or learning aside from what is discussed in the class
Best features of my propose bulletin enhancement:
It will consist of health information, trivia, and latest educational trends in the society and activities for the
students to do.
Content resources (name each needed resource and give each a brief description):
Internet- sites with reliable information
Books- it could be from all types of subjects
Journals- those that are fitted to the level of the students
Magazines- source for cut out letters and pictures
Students output- can be displayed in the board (must be attractive, cogent and legible)

Materials for aesthetic enhancement:

Cutting Materials
Construction Paper
Indigenous or Recycled Materials
Cut Out Letters
Pasting Materials
Coloring Material
Name at least five skills that a teacher should have to be able to come up with effective
board displays. Elaborate on why each skill is needed.
Creative the teacher can create ideas in a limitless way
Informative the board display must have varied yet appropriate information
Idealistic the teacher must think of an idea of what his/her board display would look like and how it will
work for the learning of the target audience
Artistic- the teacher must have a sense of art in order to make an attractive board display
Resourceful resourcefulness of a teacher may contribute to the enhancement of the board
Which of the skills do you already have? Recall your past experiences in making board
displays. How do you practice these skills?
I have a sense of idealism and resourcefulness, a little of being creative, informative and artistic. It was in
my high school days when I tried making a board display. The content was the whole topic that covers our
third grading period. I learn how to make boarders and design a letter specifically the Old Text English
Style because that was my favorite font style. It was my first time to make a board display, thus I still need
to improve and practice those skills for future. I practice those skills every time I do artworks such as
making portfolios and scrapbooks.
Which skills do you need to develop? Reflect on how you can improve on or acquire these
I think I need to develop my artistic skills because in designing a board display, the effective skill in how to
combine colors, make designs appropriate to the theme and purposed of the board display, and to make it
attractive are very important. For me to attain it, I must practice it while I am still a student, thus I must
apply it every time Im doing an artworks such as portfolios and scrapbooks. There is also a need for me
to accept criticism from others towards my work in order for me to develop or improve my work. I also
need to develop my informative skills by reading books and magazines, searching through internet, and
most of all to be updated about the events or happenings in this world.
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1. A
2. C
3. C
Page 23


Page 27

Page 28
1. What are the good features of a slide presentation?
2. Which of these features are present in the slide presentation you made?
3. Which features are not present in the slide presentation you made?
Page 29
1. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the slide presentation? How did you
overcome them?
Page 28
1. What are the features of a good slide presentation?
A good slide show presentation must be concise, direct to the point and insightful at the same time. It can
have transitions and animations to emphasize a point but should not be too much. Its design, lay-out and
formatting should be balanced with the concept presented.
2. Which of these features are present in the slide presentation you made?
Among the features mentioned above, the slide presentation I made has appropriate transitions and
animations, where the format and design is congruent to the concept presented it does not clutter the
3. Which features are not present in the slide presentation you made?
I am afraid that the slide presentation I made is neither short nor concise. Also, the text lay-out that I have
made does not follow the rule on six lines per slide, six words per line.

Page 29
What difficulties, if any did you encounter in making the slide presentation? How did you
overcome them?
In making the slides, so far, the difficulty I encountered is choosing the information that should appear on
the slide, since there is a lot of information being discussed in the reference materials. To overcome them,
I read the summarized form of the lesson and from there come up with an outline that would make the
preparation of the slide easier.
Page 30
1. D
2. C
3. B
Page 35
Subject Area/ Topic: Theory of Evolution of Man
Grade/ Year Level: Grade 6
Big Ideas about the topic:
This topic will cover up about the different classification of men in accordance to Charles Darwins theory.
Before starting the proper discussion, I will give a brief introduction about the identity of Charles Darwin. I
will then start to feature interactive videos that will catch the interest of the students which will serve as an
introduction of the topic. After the introduction, I will present a PowerPoint presentation containing specific
information about the theory featuring images that will help the students picture out the description given
in the presentation. After the discussion, I will provide some flash cards and conduct a game that will help
them identify the evolution of men throughout the years.
The student will be able to identify the different classifications of men in visual or narrative approach.
The students will be able to compare and comprehend the differences between each classification.
The students will be able to make some conclusions about the observations they gathered throughout the
Page 36
Observation Report
Name of the school:
Location of the school:
Date of Visit:
There are available learning resource that can be used with the topic I have chosen to
present in the school I visited. I have seen the following resources:
Flash Cards
The resources that I have seen are very appropriate for my target grade/ year level
because the grade I have chosen needs more interactive resources such as what I
mentioned above. I can make more customized flash cards containing some description
which will help the students familiarize the important details for each classification in the
topic. I can say that the ICT resources were often used in the discussions because it is
more convenient to use.

1. What skills did you have which helped you prepare the materials? What skills did you lack
made it difficult for you? (Technological Knowledge)
My skills in making PowerPoint presentation helped me in my preparation of the topic I want to
present. This skill helped me present the important information on the topic in a precise and
comprehensive manner.
2. Discuss some strategies on how you will use the materials you included here in this
episode. (Pedagogical Knowledge)
The interactive discussion is the teaching strategy I most recommend with the available
resources because this will enhance the teacher-student relationship by letting the students ask
their teacher about information. This strategy will help the students enjoy throughout the
discussion with the games that will not bore the students. I will also recommend conducting
recitations about the topic because this will enable the teacher figure out the things/ areas that
he/she needs to clarify, so that the students will fully understand the topic.
3. How well do you know the topic you have chosen? (Content Knowledge)
I have known this topic since I was in elementary. This topic is very interesting because this will
enable us to trace back our ancestors. This was the main reason why I would like to present this
topic, so that the students will have knowledge about where we came from.
4. Discuss the big ideas of this topic that you would want to focus on.
I want to focus on defining the identity of Charles Darwin and on the specific details of the
classifications of men as I accompany it with visuals. Before getting on the main topic, the
students needs to know who originated this theory. This is the reason why I need to give a brief
introduction about the life and works of Charles Darwin. The specifications
Page 37
1. Reflect how your technological knowledge (TK), pedagogical knowledge (PK), and content
knowledge (CK) worked together in fulfilling the tasks in this episode.
I can say that my technological, pedagogical and content knowledge has a balanced contribution
in the fulfilment of my task in this episode. My knowledge in all aspects enabled me to formulate
ways in presenting the topic without over presenting it. I can say that my skills accompanied with
my passion enabled me to finish my task with the best that I can give.
2. What are some of the things you can do to enhance and enrich your technological,
pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) to be able to facilitate an active, interesting,
learning and fun-filled learning environment in the future?
I can improve my knowledge by searching for new information in the internet and at the same
time getting feedbacks from my future students, so that I could apply the appropriate and
appealing teaching strategies that will make me a better and effective teacher.
Page 38
1. A
2. B
3. C
Page 39
Learning Resources on a Specific Content Area


May be

Will be Made
Flash Cards

Theory of
of Man



Page 44
Observation Report
Date of Observation:
Topic: The Filipino Heroes
Grade/ Year Level:
The lesson that was presented in the school I visited was about the Filipino heroes. The
resources that the teacher was using is the laptop, projector and speakers. She presents the
lesson through a PowerPoint presentation with videos in between the discussions. I observed
that the teacher presented the topic in a confident and precise manner. Because she has
convenient aids in her discussion. I can see how the students are very attentive and eager with
the topic because of the amazement they have seen not only with how the teacher shown the
about these heroes, but also because of the story behind their heroic acts. I have seen an
affirming verbal response from the students because they actively asked questions after the
discussion about a certain hero. Their non-verbal response were really affirming because their
attention was intently focused on the teacher and her teaching resources.
Page 45
Utilization of teaching aids form
Grade or Year Level of Class Observed::
Date of Observation:
Subject Matter::
Brief Description of Teaching Approach Used by the Teacher:
Teaching Aids used
(enumerate in bullet



Appropriateness of the
teaching aids used





The resource enables

presentation of the
teacher about the
The resource enables
the students view the
presentation in an
enlarge manner.

These resources will

not function without

These resources are

very appropriate with
the topic thaw was
discussed because it
enables the teacher to
present the topic in a
precise and attractive

The resource enables

the students hear the

Page 46
1. Use the Technology Integration Matrix to analyse the class you observed. In what level of
technology integration do you think the teacher operated? Why?
The level of Technology Integration that the teacher used was in the entry level. The level I have
given for this observation I had was appropriate because the topic is about history which was very
broad enough to be utilized and acquired by the student alone. Through this level of technological
integration, the students will find it easier to learn about the past the helped in shaping the
present time.
2. Based on the Technology Integration Matrix, what is the characteristic of the learning
environment in the class that you observed? Point you observations that justify your
The characteristic of the technological integration that I have seen in the session I observed was
constructive. I have pointed this out because the resources were used to deliver necessary
information of the topic to the students. This made it easier for them to understand why the
mentioned people became heroes of the country without hesitations because of the just and
precise explanation that the teacher made with the aid of the said resources.
3. Over-all, were the learning resources used effectively? Why? Why not? Give your
I can say that the learning resources were effectively used during their class session because of
the affirming participation of the students. I suggest that the teacher must not solely based on the
ICT resources. She should put variety on how the lecture must be presented so that the students
may practice their skills in the class.
Page 47
Put yourself in the place of the teacher. What would you do similarly and what would you
do differently if you would teach the same lesson to the group of students? Why?
I would like to improve and enhance the delivery of the topic by putting some energizer in the
middle of the discussion. I would say that being in a history class is boring at times especially
when the discussions are very continuously delivered. I would still use the same resources in
t=delivering the topic, but I will make it more interactive by hearing the questions and reactions of
the students. It is important to maintain a professional teacher-student relationship, so that the
learning will be effective.
Page 48
1. B
2. A
3. C

Page 49

These resources are interrelated to each other as long as the discussion is concerned.
These were the things that helped the teacher present the topics properly which brought the
students closer to the story behind the Filipino heroes that were discussed. I can say that the
projector is a very great help in the discussion because this enabled the students a larger view of
the PowerPoint presentation. The speaker helped a lot in maintaining the focus of the students
because it clearly produced the sounds that made the students feel like they are in the scene of
the video that was presented to them.
Page 54
1. What is the lesson about? What are the teachers objectives?
The lesson was about the properties of addition. The teacher wants to improve the arithmetic
skills of the students by letting them master the properties of addition which will enable them to
understand its concept. The teacher also wants the student to understand the concept of
multiplication through this topic.
2. Note the important concepts that the teacher is emphasizing.
The teacher wants to emphasize the concept of each of the properties of addition namely:
commutative, associative, identity and distributive property.
3. Note the skills that the teacher is developing in the learners.
The skills that the teacher wants to emphasize is the students precision and promptness of the
first basic arithmetic operation which is addition.
Page 55
Grade or Year Level: Grade 4
Subject Matter/Topic(based on the class you observed): Properties of Addition
To improve the students precision and promptness with this arithmetic operation.
and Describe
electronic Put a check if it satisfies Describe how you can use
of resource(include
the criterion
it if you were to teach in
the class you observed
appro clear
compl motiv


This resource can be used while

the teacher is conducting a class
This resource will give more
information about the topic to be
discussed. (Advantage MathGrade 4 by Barbara Irvin, eBook,

This resource will be

used in the games I will
conduct to let
students participate in
the class.
This resource will help
me if providing more
information about the
properties of addition.


This resource will help the teacher



This resource will help the teacher

catch the attention of the students
as it give other information relatd
to the topic presented. (source:

This resource will help

me give quizzes about
the topic which will be
more convenient in my
part as I can lend more
This resource will helps
the teacher catch the
attention of the students
as it teaches techniques
on how to easily identify
what property of addition

Page 56
1. Describe your experience in surfing the internet for appropriate electronic resources for
the class? Did you find it easy or difficult?
I can say that I had a difficult time searching for the appropriate electronic resources because I
have to filter every detail to ensure it is an effective resource to be used. I have to search for
more sites offering me certain types of resource and compare it. This task is not easy because I
have to spend time looking at my laptop and search for more sites. It is a time-consuming task,
but for the name of passion and quality education, it is worthy.
2. How did you choose which electronic resources to include here? What did you consider?
I have chosen the resources based on how it convey the topic. I filtered it and comprehend if it
embodies accuracy, appropriateness, clarity, completeness, motivation and organization which
will help me attain the objective I have set with the respective topic.
3. Reflect on your technology skills. What skills do you already have and what skills would
you continue to work on to be better at utilizing electronic resources?
I can say that my technology skills is moderate in level. I know how to utilize the sites and
gadgets in the way I wished to use it. The only thing I must work on to improve my skill is my
ability to fix the gadget or find a solution whenever the site becomes irresponsive, so that I can
find more convenience in using it in teaching and lessen the possibility of disturbances in
between whenever I am using it.
Page 57
1. D
2. A
3. D
Page 58
1. Visit or other teacher resource website. Print useful instructional
materials (worksheets, visual aids, flash cards, rubrics, etc.) and include them here.
Indicate how they might be useful considering your major or areas of specialization.

This resource can help me in teaching English because I can use this worksheet as I give quizzes
to the students without showing boredom in my questionnaire. The creative arrangement of this
worksheet will help me inspire my students to answer the test I will be giving. Through the
mention resource site, I can get free worksheets which give convenience in my part as a teacher.
2. Visit
Explore and enjoy the fantastic education tools. Try them out. Describe what you
discovered and share how these tools can be helpful to you, as a teacher.
I discovered about the teaching channel which contains hundreds of videos offering teaching tips
on topics both large and small. I tried to use the Q&A section to get ideas teachers all over the
world. The blog also provides insights on topics such as integrating material from different
subjects and maintaining a supportive classroom throughout the year. This will help me improve
as a teacher as I acquire new techniques from the tools mentioned in this site.
3. Visit; this is a treasure box for you. Explore and share what you
This site is gives assistance from teachers all over the world. It offers workshops, presentations,
free tools and forums to its members. I can say that this site is a great help for me because as an
aspiring teacher, I aim to seek improvement throughout my journey. I know experience is not
sufficient. I also need to hear new things from new people which will be an additive in the things I
will use for my search for betterment in providing excellent-quality of education.
Page 63
1. Get a copy of the NCBTS and go over the competencies.
2. On the second column, write the competencies you like to work on.
3. Search for MOOCs in the internet which are relevant to the competencies you identified.
4. Indicate the MOOC provider. You might need to create an account in different MOOC
providers to explore their MOOCs.

NCBTS Domain

1. Social
for Learning

Competencies I
want to work
Act as a role
model for my

MOOCs relate to the

e short description)

MOOC Provider

Foundations of
Teaching for
Learning 8:
-This course is part of

the Foundations of
Teaching for Learning
program which is
designed to assist
people who are
currently teaching but
have had no formal
teacher education

2. The

conducive to

improve their
understanding of their
role and work as a
Effective Classroom
Supporting Young

- This course is intended

to increase teachers
knowledge about
specific types of
interactions that
promote young
childrens development.
The course will focus on
helping teachers to offer
emotionally supportive
interactions to the
children in their care.

3. Diversity


4. Curriculum

5. Planning,

development of

goals for the
appropriate for


uses a variety of

Teaching for Learning
-This course provides
an opportunity for you to
identify and understand
students expectations
and prior learning.
Teaching for Learning
4: Curriculum
- This course provides
an opportunity for you to
consider the relationship
between the teacher, the
Teaching Model for
21st Century Schools
-This course will offer
practical application of
research by linking it
with the Brain-Targeted
Teaching Model (BTT)

6. Community

that respond to
the community

7. Personal growth
and professional

Take pride in the

teaching as a

framework for using

research in the neuroand cognitive sciences
as well as researchbased
teachers in planning,
program of instruction
for all learners.
Introduction to Global
-This course is about
social location in a
globally interconnected
cultural and economic
Foundations of
Teaching for Learning
2: Being a Teacher
-This course provides
an opportunity for you to
reflect on your personal
reflection and portfolio
development you will
understanding of how to
promote learning.

Page 64-65
1. MOOC Title: Foundations of Teaching for Learning 8: Developing Relationships
Provider: Coursera
Objectives of the MOOC:

The current course aims to put together ideas and concepts that are of practical value to the
teacher and teaching and learning in school.
Course Outline:
Developing appropriate relationships with your students
Developing positive working relationships with colleagues
Understanding the importance of family partnerships in childrens learning
Developing positive relationships with families and the wider community
Working effectively with parents and the wider community to improve student learning
Understanding and respecting social, cultural and value differences in your school community
Working with the schools leaders to improve your school
Why did you pick this MOOC?

I chose this MOOC because I dont only want to be an effective teacher, but also an effective coworker. This course will help me become an effective professional as I make my workplace and
the students learning environment conducive for learning. Through this course, I can become a
good role model to my students by showing them how to establish good relationships among the
people around me.
2. MOOC Title: The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model for 21st Century Schools
Provider: Coursera
Objectives of the MOOC:
Describe themes in brain research that can inform educational practice consistent with
the Brain-Targeted Teaching Model.
Describe how emotional and physical learning environments affect learning.
Identify themes in brain research that educators can apply as they design instruction;
teach for mastery of content, skills, and processes; design activities to apply and extend
knowledge; and evaluate learning.
Course Outline:
Sessions 1 & 2: Course overview; Introduction to the science of learning and the BrainTargeted Teaching Model; ABCs of brain anatomy; BTT Learning Unit
Sessions 3 & 4: The Emotional Climate for Learning
Sessions 5 & 6: The Physical Learning Environment; The Learning Unit Design
Session 7 & 8: The Learning Unit Design; Teaching for Mastery of Content, Skills, and
Sessions 9 & 10: Teaching for Mastery of Content, Skills, and Concepts; Teaching for the
Application of Knowledge in Creative Problem-Solving
Sessions 11 & 12: Teaching for the Application of Knowledge in Creative Problem-Solving
Activities; Evaluation Learning
Sessions 13 & 14: Evaluating Learning; The BTT Learning Unit
Session 15: Presentation of Learning Units
Why did you pick this MOOC?
I chose this MOOC because there is always a room for improvement as change is the
only thing that is constant. This course will enable me to improve in being an effective teacher. In
some time after I graduate in this course, there will be a lot of changes because of the on goin
implementation of Kto12. If I want to qualify and sustain the program, I must sustain my capability
of honing the students in becoming better citizens through the techniques, assessments and
evaluation that I can offer to them.

3. MOOC Title: Foundations of Teaching for Learning 2: Being a Teacher

Provider: Coursera
Objectives of the MOOC:
Course Outline:
Week One: What is a teacher?
Video lecture 1: What does a teacher do?
Video lecture 2: What makes a teacher effective?
Video lecture 3: How can I best improve my skills?
Video lecture 4: What is a philosophy of education?
Assessment Quiz 1

Week Two: Myself and My Learning

Video lecture 1: Thinking about who I am
Video lecture 2: Why become a teacher?
Video lecture 3: Understanding my classroom 'selves'
Video lecture 4: Asking or Telling
Interview One: Looking at weeks one and two
Assessment Quiz 2
Peer Assessment 1
Assessments of Peer Assessment 1

Week Three: Influences on my learning

Video lecture 1: The nature and importance of language
Video lecture 2: Reflective practice
Video lecture 3: Understanding and dealing with conflict
Video lecture 4: What are my beliefs and values?
Assessment Quiz 3

Week Four: Impacts on my learning

Video lecture 1: Celebrating difference
Video lecture 2: Celebrating difference: Race
Video lecture 3: Celebrating difference: Gender
Video lecture 4: Celebrating difference: Disability
Interview Two: Looking at weeks three and four
Assessment Quiz 4
Peer Assessment 2
Assessments of Peer Assessments 2

Week Five: How do I learn?

Video lecture 1: Revisiting learning: Brainwaves
Video lecture 2: What is intelligence?

Video lecture 3: Environments for learning

Video lecture 4: Personalising learning in the classroom?
Assessment Quiz 5

Week Six: My learning environment

Video lecture 1: Conditions and behaviour settings
Video lecture 2: How good is my classroom?
Video lecture 3: A question of motivation
Video lecture 4: Principles of pedagogy
Interview Three: Looking at weeks five and six
Assessment Quiz 6

Why did you pick this MOOC?

I chose this MOOC because I believe that after taking this course, I will be able to search
for my purpose of being a teacher. I know that people tend to lose sight of their passion in
the long run and I dont want that to happen to me. I could prevent this if I will take a
refreshment course that will enable me to rekindle the passion that pushed me to take
teaching as a profession.
Page 66
1. How can MOOCs help you in your future career as a professional teacher and
as a lifelong learner?
The MOOCs can help me in my future career by keeping me updated with the things
to be discovered and revised in the future. The profession I aspire to enter never
stops evolving, so do I. If I want to be an effective professional, I must know the
things I should know in order for me to adapt whenever and wherever which gives
essence for my lifelong learning process.
2. What did you learn from the way the providers use technology to teach in the
I learned the true meaning of the saying if theres a will, theres a way. I found the
common denominator in the sites I visited as I search for the MOOCs required for this
activity. They all want to hand over education anywhere and anytime in the world.
Through technology, these providers helped and continues to help teachers to
improve as time goes by and as whenever they feel and needed to. I can really say
that technology was really a boon in making education available for all.
3. How will you prepare yourself for MOOCs, as a learner, and as a teacher who
may someday teach a MOOC?
I can prepare myself for MOOCs as a learner and as a teacher someday by keep on
pursuing for education in every way I could. I can also prepare by being emotionally
stable as I figure out my desire for learning. The MOOCs are always prepared, but it
is up to the student if he/she is willing and dedicated to learn. At the other side of the
coin, a teacher can also be prepared by knowing in himself/herself that he/she is
dedicated in teaching not just for a profession, but also for passion.

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