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Like many of you reading right now, I was once a starry-eyed teenager who
skulked around New Age and Occult shops, thumbing through Aleister
Crowley books and Llewellyns Guides and Bucklands Modern Witchcraft,
looking to uncover the real dirt about how I could enchant that hot guy I had
a major crush on.
To my surprise, some of it worked. I went from being a wallflower whose
main Friday night occupation was playing text-based fantasy games in
chatrooms on AOL (oh, those halcyon days of yore!) to being a hot ticket
with multiple boyfriends.

Whether this was due to my magical efforts or to my burgeoning pubescence

and growing taste for fishnet stockings worn without my mothers
knowledge, cannot at this date be conclusively determined.
I can tell you this for sure though:
The stuff that didnt work definitely did not work for lack of me trying! I
had a full-blown altar to the Greek love goddess Aphrodite laden with pink
candles, peacock feathers, dried rose petals, and Botticelli prints.
I even wore copper bracelets (copper is sacred to Aphrodite) which may
have worked to catch the eye of my favorite fellas or may have just stained
my arms a yucky shade of green. Hard to tell.
Partly, its hard to tell just what good results I got back then came from my
occult workings and which came from my fashion choices (probably both,
its usually always both) because I didnt keep a detailed Magical Diary
back then. I didnt chart my workings and my results.
Since Ive matured as a witch, though, Ive begun keeping a Magical Diary
wherein I document my spell-work efforts and the discernable results that
they yield, and its been most revealing. Over the years, Ive found that
hands-down, the most helpful love and attraction magic that Ive done has
always involved a dynamic interaction of five key elements.

The five key elements that really need to

be in place to do love and attraction
magic that consistently works:
1) Maintaining an altar that honors not both a deity of love (like Aphrodite
or Red Tara, the Tibetan Buddha of Love and Magic!) and also my very own

ancestors and the local nature spirits.

2) Creating and feeding mojo bags.
3) Continuously getting super-clear about what I want in an intimate
relationship and allowing myself to believe that I truly can have it. This is
something I like to call my havingness level with love.
4) Rigorously practicing loving-kindness meditation and taking all the
common-sense practical steps that I can think of to fulfill my aims at the
same time that Im using my magical strategies. Im after a result, after all.
5) Using a magically-charged essential oil blend every day to massage,
perfume, annoint and etherically cleanse my body and to feed my mojo bag.
Im such a nerd about this that I have a very specific favorite brand.
And in the next section, Ill tell you a lot more about all of these five key
elements that I just mentioned:

Create your own love spells that work

to attract new lovers, bring back exes,
and put new spicy heat into long-term
relationships that have cooled off.
So, in order to cast love spells that work, I highly recommend putting all five
of the key elements I just mentioned into high gear.

1. If you dont have one already, get together a home altar.

Your altar is a physical representation of your consciousness, your psyche.

So think about it: what do you know you need to have in your consciousness
in order to be highly magically effective? Well, generally speaking you need
a ton of gratitude and a deep awareness of the things youre asking for an
awareness so deep that its as if you already have them.
For this reason, you want your altar to be spotlessly clean, utterly beautiful,
and you want it to be a place where you regularly give offerings (ideally,
morning and night!) to all of the entities who are important figures in
maintaining and energizing your spiritual and physical existence.
So what kind of entities fit that description? Well, your ancestors do because
without them, you wouldnt exist at all! Also, local nature spirits do, because
its by their good graces that your shelter stands and your water flows and
your air is breathable.

It took me a long time to understand that if I wanted to work practical magic,

I needed to work with entities like my ancestors and local spirits instead of
just trying to work with deities, gods, and angels.

Deities, gods, and angels are wonderful but theyre more elevated and
abstract than ancestors and local nature spirits. Theyre more like cosmic
principals and less immediately, tangibly accessible.

A truly magical life outlook is an outlook that understands and honors the
web of deep interconnection that we exist in. Thats what makes a magical
world view different than a modern or materialist worldview.
The practice of giving offerings at your altar is the way you maintain and
affirm your magical mindset of gratitude and interconnection. Its a way that
you create an ongoing, living relationship with the vital spiritual forces that
surround you.

Its actually not all that different from trying to grow your presence on
Facebook. If you never post to Facebook and never comment, you probably
wont get much of a response when you wander in every once in awhile. But
if you maintain a consistent, active participation you may soon find you have
more friends around the globe than you can easily count.
Spiritual forces, like humans, want to be in reciprocal relationships, and
when you give offerings you nurture that relationship.
How to give offerings at your altar?
I recommend starting with the very simple practice of invoking your
spiritual friends and offering a fresh big bowl of water morning and night to
your ancestors, local nature spirits, and chosen deities, gods, and angels.
Youll probably also want to offer candle flame, a little dish of salt, and
incense. An altar with offerings of water, candle flame, salt, and incense is
an altar that is offering all four of the basic magical elements (water, fire,
earth, and air) to your spiritual friends. And they like that, a lot.

2) Create and feed a mojo bag.

Mojo bags are traditional magical tools in American HooDoo and Conjure
Work. Theyre my favorite kind of spell to work for love and attraction
magic because theyre so simple, and yet so effective.
All you need to do is take a small drawstring pouch (like the kind you might
use for jewelry) and fill it with the various ingredients of your spell (after
you pray and annoint and activate each of them). Alternatively, if you dont
have a pouch on hand you can just cut-up an old t-shirt and use needle-andthread to sew a pouch around your ingredients.
The best time to create a love mojo bag is at about 3 pm on a Friday (Friday

is the day of Venus / Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love) during a time
when the moon is waxing (i.e., when its growing into a full moon, because
thats the time when magical energies are expanding rather than contracting,
and love and attraction is an expansive project).
When Im creating a love mojo bag, I like to first make offerings to my altar,
invoke my spiritual companions, light some Venusian incense and annoint
myself with SexyLoveMagic oil (more about that specific oil later).
I then chant and sing and say mantras and prayers as I assemble my
Heres a list of ingredients that went into the powerful little love mojo bag
that drew my current boyfriend to me (how do I know it drew him to me?
because on our second date we had a conversation and it turned out he had
recently done a love mojo bag spell too! he pulled it out of his pocket and
showed it to me! basically our love mojo bags called to one another so,
caveat emptor your love mojo bag is likely to bring a sexy fellowmagician into your life!):

fresh Italian basil (sacred to Aphrodite)

a fresh copper penny that had been left to soak overnight in
SexyLoveMagic oil and kissed by a friend for good luck
a lodestone (handily available from many New Age or Occult stores,
and also available online from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company,
which I highly recommend)
a paper scroll petition specifying exactly what I wanted in a man,
written in gold ink and covered in astrological and magical symbols
that have personal significance to me, also annointed with
SexyLoveMagic oil
a rose quartz crystal
The creation of love mojo bags is a highly personal and creative process
thats also ideally rooted firmly in tradition. This above recipe invokes
well-known astrological, planetary, and divine correspondences, spelling out

a deliberate pattern of vibration in order to invoke the magnetic forces of

love and attraction in your favor.
Theres a lot of art and beauty and care that goes into a well-crafted mojo
bag. I highly suggest that you research the subject in Catherine Yronwodes
exhaustively researched free resource, HooDoo in Theory and Practice.
NOTE: once youve created a love mojo bag, its important that you keep it
on your person at all times. I carry my purse with me everywhere, so I
usually tuck a mojo bag into a small compartment of my purse.
SECOND NOTE: once youve created a love mojo bag, its actually a living
spiritual entity and this means you need to feed it every day by annointing
it with oil (I prefer SexyLoveMagic oil because its the greatest all-round
love magic-working oil Ive ever found more about that in a minute) and
giving prayers of gratitude that its working for you.

3. Get super-clear about exactly what you want in a

relationship and allow yourself to believe that you can have it.
A lot of us think that we know what we want but do we really? For years I
thought I just wanted a good man who could financially support me- and
then thanks to the effectiveness of my magic and cleavage-revealing fashion,
I found myself in relationships with good men who were financially
supportive and so boring I wanted to claw my eyes out.
So then I decided I want a dare devil, a real live wire, someone who can
take me to sexual heights Ive never felt before! Well, it was with that
reckless wish that I met the super-hot and super-wild man who is now my
ex-husband. Sigh.
Ah, love. The heart is fickle. Figuring out what we truly want and what

really suits us is a life-long process. Working magic and documenting your

results in a Magical Diary is a very vivid and dramatic way of growing to
understand that you always get exactly what you truly want and! wanting
is evidence of having.
For example not long ago, when I did the love mojo bag spell that brought
me my current boyfriend, I was sick of polyamorous players, so I specified
that I wanted a monogamous, devoted, responsible, spiritual man who would
absolutely adore me above all others to the ends of the earth.
Well, my boyfriend is certainly all of those wonderful things hes adoring
and hes an introvert who likes me so much more than he likes all other
people that getting him to go to a party (you know, a place where theres lots
of people-who-arent-me whom he will be expected to talk to) can be like
dragging a camel to a bobsled race.
So just try to be as aware as possible of what you want and what youre
asking for. Because if youre maintaining an altar and if youre creating and
feeding a mojo bag in the proper way that I described, then the spiritual
forces around you are inevitably hearing your request and one way or
another, you will get it.

4) Do loving-kindness meditation and other common-sense

stuff to expand your heart and your attractiveness.
Throughout the years, simple loving-kindness meditation (just sitting down
and visualizing yourself and all other people that you know especially
including the people you dont like or even resent! being happy and free
and full of love) has been the single spiritual practice that brings the most
joy and peace into my life.
Im no giant fan of science but a lot of folks are so Ill just mention that
a large array of scientific studies have shown that loving-kindness

meditation, performed regularly over a period of weeks and months, actually

changes the relationship between your heart and your brain so that theyre
more in synch (in other words, it increases your intuition!), measurably
increases the amount of positive, connected emotion that you feel, and
changes your hormonal system so that youre much more full of the feelgood bonding chemical oxytocin (all this is documented extensively in the
book Love 2.0).

In other words, loving-kindness meditation is just a really, really good idea

if you want to live a happy life and have an open and forgiving heard. Its
excellent magic.
Likewise, when youre working a love mojo spell (whether its to attract a
new lover, win back an ex, or re-ignite passion in a long-term relationship
thats cooled off) you cant slack on doing common-sense stuff to increase
your attractiveness.
If you have poor habits of eating, working out, maintaining your home, and
maintaining your wardrobe (and Ive been seriously guilty of all of this at
various times, so no judgment from me) then your mojo bag, however wellprepared, will not rescue you.
If youre not a paragon of self-discipline (I sure aint!), dont stress and
dont beat yourself up about it but realize that a big part of attraction and
love magic is loving yourself and taking care of yourself. Everyone wants to
be with someone who they can trust to take good care of them, and the
biggest signal you give that youll take good care of someone else is that you
take good care of yourself and your surroundings.
So if you struggle with these practical dimensions of attractiveness (and
please believe me Im not talking about looking like a movie star, just taking
solid steps each day to look and feel your personal best) then be sure to ask
your spiritual friends for help with this part of life each day when you make
your offerings at your altar.

5) Massage, perfume, annoint yourself each day with a

magically-charged essential oil blend. And dont forget to feed
your mojo bag with it!
It was a strange day when I got on the phone with the eccentric genius
wizard B.G. Fuller, the creator of SexyLoveMagic oil.
(Youll very quickly see what I mean by eccentric genius wizard when
you click that above link and look at B.G.s website its not super-slick,
its kind of funky-looking, its definitely clueless about optimizing sales and
it features just a humble PayPal Buy Now button instead of any
sophisticated e-commerce stuff -- but for all its flaws, his website does drive
home the point that he has created a truly magical oil and as Ill relate
momentarily, hes really onto something.)
B.G. contacted me because his girlfriend had sent him my essay, 10 Signs
the Man You Love is a Bad-Ass Wizard because she recognized his wizardly
qualities upon reading my description, and B.G. really liked the essay.
So B.G. and I ended up talking for a long time about our mutual belief and
experience with the tremendous magical and healing power of essential oils,
and especially the way that certain essential oils can activate your amygdala,
a major spiritual-emotional sense organ in your brain.
He eventually confided to me that he had spent the last few years
methodically crafting and testing the highest-quality magical oil blend that
he could imagine, and that he called it SexyLoveMagic.
I thought this was kind of a bizarre coincidence, since just a few months
prior I had been playing around with designing a website called
Heres the design I made for it just as a little bit of proof for you:

This is where the strangeness came from. I mean, really folks, what are the
odds? Clearly B.G. and I are on a similar wave length.
I got interested and wanted to buy some, so I asked him how much the oil
Its $50 a bottle he told me.
$50 a bottle? I thought. What is it made of?! Nectar squeezed from the
breasts of Coco Chanel?!
Im a little bit on the skeptical-and-thrifty-side, you see.
So I managed to forget all about B.G. and his SexyLoveMagic oil until one
day, I found that B.G. had generously sent a sample bottle to my doorstep in
the mail.
I gratefully opened the bottle, gingerly applied it to my skin, took some deep
breaths and then called him in a frenzy of excitement.
Why was I so excited? Because I just had to thank him and tell him I dont
know how he did it!
He created the greatest smelling, most spiritually-uplifting, mood-altering oil
blend I had ever encountered! (and friends, I am someone who religiously
smells all the oils and perfumes at every store I enter, always).
Now having actually used the stuff - instead of thinking that B.G. was
charging too much at $50 a bottle, I was worried that the dear man was

delusionally charging way too little, especially after he told me how he

handmade it from all-organic, cold-pressed oils.
Somehow SexyLoveMagic oil smelled like a fragrance that I had once
inhaled in a long-ago, epic dream. I asked B.G. how exactly had he done it?
He explained to me that he crafted SexyLoveMagic oil through a long
process of invoking the angels of various zodiac influences, praying,
meditating, experimenting with the oils in his own magical practice, and
listening to the angelic instructions about how to create an oil blend that
would be as practically effective as it is magically effective at stimulating
intimacy and freedom.
And thus SexyLoveMagic oil was born.
This all makes me very happy. So Ive used SexyLoveMagic oil regularly
ever since it arrived in my life, to great effect.
As a woman who likes to both smell really good and feel really confident
that shes spiritually and magically potent-as-can-be, SexyLoveMagic oil
has just become my ideal, go-to choice for my daily massaging, perfuming,
annointing, and bath-fragrancing.
So phew enough about that for now. I think you get the point. Theres a
wide range of wonderful essential oils and blends available on the market
today, theyre a key component of working powerful love and attraction
magic, and as far as my opinion goes, I think that SexyLoveMagic oil is just
the all-time worlds-best-bees-knees for all magical spell purposes related
to love, sweet love.
And I havent yet successfully gotten B.G. to raise the price on it but Im
really very persuasive, so I suggest you go ahead and order your bottle
before the man starts listening to me and it costs twice as much.

Whats next?
Congratulations, brave soul, youve made it through to the end of this PDF
guide, a feat which is a monument to your patience and smarts and a sure

sign in my eyes that youre quite close to securing the love magical results
that you want.
In the preceding pages I gave you a solid general outline of how to work
very potent love spell magic.
As you can see, its not a slackers job. Theres a lot to cultivating magical
prowess and getting great results, and weve only just scratched the surface.
So! Time for you to go get busy with your altar, your loving-kindness
meditation, your mojo-bag making, and your SexyLoveMagic oil-use!
Also, I suggest that you stay tuned Ill shortly be offering an in-depth
Masterclass on love and attraction magic.
In the meantime, Im also offering a personalized love mojo bag spells
service (wherein I ritually craft a love mojo bag on your behalf and mail it to
you complete with instructions on how to activate it through prayer) for
those of you who would rather hire a done-for-you occult solution from an
experienced spellcaster like myself.
The ritually-made-for-you love mojo bag spell service is currently in an
experimental beta-phase service, so right now its just $99 (that price will
very likely go UP soon) and includes a free email consultation regarding
your situation.
You can feel free to email me at with any
questions or to request a personalized love mojo bag spell service.