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Adeeb Raja

Electrical Engineer
Flat # 69 B-81 New Iqbal Plaza.
Commercial market, Rawalpindi.
Nov 11, 2015
Pr. Administrator
P.O Box No 1331
Islamabad 44000.
Subject: Job application for Tech I (Electronics) position.
Respected Sir / Maam,
I am writing to express my interest in the position you advertised for Tech I (Electronics) in the
Express newspaper on Nov 08, 2015.
I am an Electrical Engineer and have slight experience relative field. After viewing your ad in newspaper,
I am fitting on the description mentioned in your advertisement. I am interested in the mentioned job and
hence applying for this. I can offer employer honesty and reliability and an assurance to learning the
necessary skills to succeed within this field of work. I have very good communication skills and
demonstrated my qualities as a valuable employee through my past work placements. I am hardworking
person and would enjoy working in your organization as a part of a team, in an autonomous role.
Please find attached my resume that gives further details on my skills and experience.
Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Adeeb Raja
Electrical Engineer
+92 334 5445167