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Letania de Sangre Philippe Boulle, Joshua Mosqueira-Asheim y Lucien Soulban “Tr 1?tittoefetrde?thrtr t rte Oa Bite in toalos los Santos y Tae a aera Tan doctamente de- los Mundes de Tivo Son repvaliados Come locos Frofetas, Burlades Y Dispersos, sus Ideas convertidas en Falvo? —Omar Khayysn, traducido por Edward aber ae A) Te aso ae oe gna a) es eee 3g el manto artificial de [as nee a Ue eo Se ke Su melena vefulze con el fmpetv de la fe, Rhea ca Pay nT ULE) faxd ie 2 NA) civdad silenciosa Asa SC a ee) Re ea SS -| al oa aaa BM) ear) j (a smatee rare Ur meer are Wee mie) danza dedicada al lamento de batalla de la aa Le a Ch MEE age Ce eM ae Aon eg ieee meal eM Soden) 4 a ae) caer, 4 lo micmo debe hacer e| Sabbat de Montreal para i oe a A cae demasiado lejos, ya Sea por deen, Araby, Lan Amen rl ahr sale porns of ey, ‘The postwar period was the heyday of Véronique La Crucle. A former member of the Widows, she quickly ‘ined the upport ofthe various coven through alliances, ‘Monomancy duels tortue, section and sheer charisma, She was also Suathcons's lover, so her appointment tothe rank of archbishop suprised no one. ‘Asarchbishop, La Cuele hacked the citys immigrant settlement, pleasing the Shepherds with an injection of Liferen theologeal and philosophical outlook. She also reserved the city’ shertage,Hermoralsaverpeticaded & movement to restore Ok! Montreal to its forme gory, ‘ensuringtheexisenceofitscobblestonestretsandlabytin thine sere passages. The Opening ofthe Litany, Cainite summer festival gained manyofitscurrentariste raping sunder Véroniqie's influence. The atmosphere of growth and literals tat she eented attracted new coves tothe city, including che Navigators and Zamovich's Circus Not all was well for che Saba, though, Jonah, the CamarlaPrinee of Otawa saw Quchesncreaein Pench Canaan nationalism as grounds for retaking” Montreal ‘Trouble aso arse when Québécois missionaries returned om Hai in 1948 with asmall goupof Haitian poesion als, Among the foreigners was Jerr, Follower of Set and servant of the ancient Seite Ghede. He spun a web of enoy i tragic peaceful downto ream can be ‘A few blocks south of the intersection of Guy and Sainte Catherine i the elevated Ville Marie Expressway, which forms a hone between Litele Burgundy and down town. Acnight the area beneath the express sbiome to anumber of yang, which makes pasage tough it dans ‘ous for morals, However, that same danger makes the ae prime feeding ground for Cates, Places of Interest I Staton 25: Located onthe cone of de Mai aS Matic bc eof ole Seen hh has ution oer the ete cowrnom exe il ‘ton les anne ler ll Ssrmulthet han, even bal aetods flew cobreall ‘Theses 100earod budge dk eleven place wit small ured windows and nano coral Son unde theconta and watch ye of Fel Cal tne ofthe Gia everants of Arhbhop Vale ‘The Montreal General Hol: Load ahove Suet nl oveckng these yh mole cl Hope This exynsive bling Menta al Hosp nd ao ne of to. Wing upon ing lg sxoliniorerthe yan, centngsn cat rascal Sod sl lvls Gene Foal hoses oe of Menu TBoemetoie asso lee cc Sd ‘Si George Willan Cas (Conor Unive Cones Univesity ison ot Enlchenivetll Monnea excelente arsed cr: Wilco loca nar Coy Seto totes eealiel et cere iieed Manon Mire des Socue Gres (The Grey Se Cone) Tsing stpediic hss a iw tone tee ia lg cies 1863 loin nce a opal; sl th conventandackael Thecovenassne: bred dod bean ets ber ines Today the coven ish eed rly ew ur ive he: The Beal wel ail fave eenaberndned Gr yrsendarunerel beaa Sherbrooke Street ‘Though Sainte-Catherine snl Shefronks are sept by only two blocs the couldn he mone diferent. Whe Sainte-Catheines busing with mall, bars ae sip ci ‘Sherkooke i upscale an high-class, Net traversing ete length ofthe city, Sherbrooke uns chtough snl of diferent areas, from the East End to downtowns ‘Westmount and fall tthe midl-class neighbor Notre Damede-Grace and Montreal West Sherbrooke, between Guy Suset and Saint-Laus Boulevard, s where Montreal's wealthy goto shop. Tk scetch stned with designerhoutiques, a plleres nd city’s mos prestigious hotels. The Rite Carkon Kemping and the Westin Mont-Royal hotels dominate the ag Limousines from Westmount and Outremone fa Montreal’ elit along this road to thei socal fnetog sheltering chem fom the ceality ofthe city ‘The Golden Square Mile The area known a the Golden Squate Mile loca Aluecty north of Sherbrooke, between Guy Sitet MeGill Universi leis here that, years ago, Monte schools, MeGil: tothe w thesche ih Widows sora fescina dese Ang Sh Ravens 19506. 25:17 ‘Angels location member ‘mortals Th placed that lin secon esl apprent f de Moone Poe Station oi con. Te lance of mina law cnrcemes rk and cero ow codes. Th of Fel Car op Val. cited shove Gal monolithic Ge Montreal's Langa cn wing has beat vou of cot eof Montreal the Sabha sa Universit} Fh unwersitis sedation. Th Saeetand hou ee bay bs Gray Sister hassened sty odes Bus lam wand harden a coat lag ial an sya rdtobe haunted he are eporatdl fre. Where sl snp cla jy eavening the rh a nab owen, ighbhods | Sue-Laureny 10 shop. This lesan he jon Kemp ate the are remont ferry il fmetiong Mil is located ay Stet and p> Montreal lis inching the Moons, © KeefesandBronfnans bil the galing mansions Before moving onto Westrnount IeTornto. The streets north of Sherbrooke escaped the Aelpmencin the 1950s that retical changed the lok tfcer ses. Toy, lnge homes and mansions dot the apse, creating an antiquated atmosphere McGill University (ne ofthe op universities in Canada, McCil dom sats the Golden Squire Mile and downs. ts main fips 5 located on McGill College Street, above Shetiooks, and contains a numer of Gothic balding. he campus grounds rival those of American Ivy League sche cheirbuikding spillover several blocks, making sila viraal icy in its ow ight. Me tothe at Underground Cty, giving the Sabir acces 10 theshoas numerous bears and buldngs The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts ‘nShetroke, berween Redpath Steet and Avenue