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Worship Unveiled, Dreams Revealed

An Interview with Aspiring Singer, Songwriter Emma Danzey

By: Christine Brown
I want others to allow themselves to dream, artist, Emma Danzey said in an interview with me.
Danzeys road to pursuing her dream of music progressed as a student of Liberty Universitys
Center for Worship. The songstress specialized in Christian Music Artistry and hopes to impact
the world with her God-given talents. As a recent graduate, the gifted singer and songwriter is
currently working on her new EP to come out 2016. The 5 song EP co-written with Scott
Williamson conveys the mission of Polished, which is to inspire young women to embrace the
extraordinary. The artist EP compilation promotes Biblical lyrics with a stylistic pop flare.
Danzeys first recorded song, Deep Within received popular feedback and spread across
multiple social media platforms. The song has a pop country sound with enriching lyrics. This
song stands out to me because I was stepping out on a limb and trusting the Lord, declaring to
Him that I believed He could turn my dreams of singing for His glory into reality, said Danzey.
You can feel the heart and soul of the songstress reaching out for the Lord as she confirms her
belief that with God all things are possible.
I sing because Ive learned God has given me a passion and a skill for it and I must use it for
His glory, and because I love it! Its a way for me to grow closer to God and minister to other
people, said Danzey.
As a young girl, Danzey took her first step into the music world and auditioned for her school
program with hit song, Midnight Train to Georgia, by Gladys Knight. After a series of solos
led, singing in the choir and leading worship, Danzey moved toward the path that would propel
her music career. An interesting fact people may not know about this well-rounded artist is not
only is she gifted vocally, but also instrumentally.
I mostly play piano and sing, but I used to play the recorder, viola and violin for a few years,
said Danzey. Several artists inspire her musically: Natalie Grant, Moriah Peters, Tori Kelly,
Colton Dixon and Aaron Keyes to name a few. Stylistically, Danzey gives kudos to Ariana
Grande and Britt Nicole. Danzey describes her music genre as pop contemporary Christian
music, which is a combination of the artist faith and personality.
I tend to be the goofy one in my family. I think Im usually the one making them laugh, said
Danzey. Whether it is singing and dancing in the kitchen, zumba and exercising, shoe shopping
or just spending time with her family, Danzey loves to have fun. Her genuine, fun-loving
personality assists her in collaborating with others for songwriting, partnering with various
organizations and affords her opportunities to perform for multiple churches and events.
I was blessed to open for Laura Story, February 2014 and in January I performed a concert for a
fashion show in my hometown, Hickory, NC for the House of Hope, which is an organization
that hosts homes for teen girls, and that meant so much to me, said Danzey. The songbird,
Founder of The Polished Conference is the worship leader for the conferences, and has partnered

with House of Hope to bring more awareness to their initiative and help the young women they
Nevertheless, blessings in life do not come without challenges to overcome. Danzey has gone
through some difficult circumstances, but by the Lords grace and sovereignty she has overcome.
Danzeys inspiration for her music comes from life experiences, situations she has encountered
in her personal life, but most of all from the Lord and what He teaches her daily.
I was bullied in middle school and I struggled with anxiety growing up. The Lord is guiding me
through that struggle to this day. It wasnt until sophomore year of college that I realized the
Lord was calling me into the ministry.
Danzey says, the scripture she felt confirmed her call to ministry is Ephesians 3:20-21, Now to
Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power
that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all
generations, for ever and ever! Amen.
Music is not just a dream for this artist. Danzeys music is an avenue for her to display Christ to
the world and there is no doubt that singing and songwriting is Danzeys purpose in life. Her
worship to the Lord is expressed through song yet, the posture of this artist heart is prayer and
Sometimes I sit at the piano and just start worshipping God and I will begin writing a song as a
part of my prayer life, said Danzey.
Not only has the artist encountered personal struggles, she has also faced some challenges
musically. Sometimes you can feel like you dont measure up to the industrys standards. You
can also hit those writers block moments and this can make the process of songwriting harder,
and I would definitely say I am still growing lyrically, said Danzey. The lyricist constantly
reminds herself that it is not about her personal success, but it is about being faithful to the Lord.
Danzeys new EP will feature the artist own song, Just the Way You Are that encompasses the
fact that God loves us just the way he created us. Youre valuable because you are a child of
God, not because of your worldly successesbeing you is enough, said Danzey. For any girls
aspiring to pursue music, the artist cautions before entering the music industry to check your
Check your heart and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Make sure that you are
called by God and listen to the Lord as He directs you. Walk through all the open doors God
blesses you with, said Danzey.
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