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Maharashtra, India

Why do the Marathi people think that Shivaji was one of the greatest in
country while the rest of the country doesn't know Shivaji?

Raghu Bhaskaran, -Mother & Motherland, are dearer than

3k Views Raghu has 300+ answers in India.

I am not a Maratha, but a Tamizh and OP please don't speak on my behalf.

Probably every region in Bharat has heroes who have been neglected by the Brown Sepoys of
Congress, for whom history began... (more)
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Human Behavior

Why are people so fascinated by INTJs?

Kelsey Evans, Often confused


Good question. The first thing I can think of is it is the rarest of all the personality types at
about 2% and women especially at 0.8%. Beyond that, this personality type is rather
conflicting and... (more)
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What are some psychological tricks and hacks?

Shabana Azam

#1. When you first meet people, try to notice their eye color while also smiling at them. It
might be because you look for a second or two longer, but all I can tell you is that people
really respond to it.
... (more)
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Philosophy of Everyday Life

What is an obvious truth that is rarely acknowledged?

David Higgins, Molecular Biologist, Science Teacher, Regular Thinking Guy


That most people are cowards.

People rarely buck against anything if in the process they may be negatively affected.
People rarely end relationships the right way, with honesty.
People usually ag... (more)
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Quantum Mechanics

How does the theory of quantum mechanics affect our picture of


Joshua Engel, not a physicist

3.4k Views Upvoted by Joel Chan, cognitive scientist of science and innovation Dimitrios
Michmizos, Neuroscientist, PhD on Learning & Memory Frank Heile,Physicist, SW Eng, Consciousness
Joshua has 300+ answers in Quantum Mechanics.

A (small) number of physicists have proposed that the mind is a quantum-mechanical

object. That is, that there are properties of the mind that cannot be explained in purely
chemical/classical phys... (more)
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Indian Ethnicity and People

What is it like as an Indian living in Germany?

Vignesh Arun, masters student living and working in Germany

15k Views Upvoted by Joachim Pense, German

Thanks for A2A. I am living here for two years and I would like to sum up my experiences. I
initially lived in north germany and now moved to southern part. So, I know the life in both
P... (more)
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Philosophy of Everyday Life

What allows you to be at peace with the idea of death?

Carol Philo, Retired

2.6k Views Upvoted by Bianca N. Diesel, Widowed in 2007. Remarried in 2012.

The fact that I am not scared of death.

When I was 18, I was clinically dead for 3-5 minutes. This was during an operation for
cancer at a hospital in Chicago,
I remember when happened during that ... (more)
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Human Behavior

What are the key traits of mentally strong people?

Harminder Singh, Sharing while learning, Learning while sharing


1. They are flexible.So they bend when need arises. Keeps them from snapping.
2. They let go things when need be. So that nothing holds them back.
3. They think less, do more.And get more done as a result.
4. They don't let others decide definition of success for them.
5. They try to bring their best out in any circumstance. When they can't they accept it,
learn from it and try again next time.
6. They don't expect everyone around to be perfect and accept people in their lives as they
7. They live in present , do what is right now and leave it behind.
8. They keep learning and keep teaching.
9. They help and give selflessly.
10. They keep moving no matter what.

These are just a few that came to my mind in the first few seconds of reading the
Written 1 Sep View Upvotes


Quora User 3 votes (show)

I must say that reading this has brightened my day. fore at least I have a strong mind as defined by
yourself. I guess just being able to read it raised my spirits slightly
Upvote Downvote Share Report 2 Sep

Harminder Singh: Glad it raised your spirits. You sure...

Kamna Choudhry 4 votes (show)

One more thing that I would like to add is : They respect themselves. If one is capable of doing this ,
then only they are able to respect others.
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Harminder Singh: Thanks for the addition!

Marhinna Sidorko 1 vote by Kanate Praditsatawong

This is incredible. It helped me get on with my day today. Thank you
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Josef Kayri 1 vote by Sebastian Fast

Also having complete emotional control. Not letting anything cloud your judgement is key. This also
implies having nerves of steel, just stressing enough to keep you alert and sharp, not being too effected
by pressure and therfore rising to the occasion.
Edit: And not whining, getting over things easily (you kind of mentioned that)
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Sarah Cozzi 1 vote by James Andrew

i would add compassion, both for one's self and others. love the list!
Upvote Downvote Share Report 2 Sep

Harminder Singh: I agree! Thanks

Karen Scott-Martinet

As a mentally strong person, I will add a slightly different aspect. Regarding Singh's #3 - I think a lot, not
less, therefore do more meaningful things better (total INTJ). Also, regarding #7, I am very future-oriented
so analyze possible outcomes before taking actions when possible. Other than that, I agree with his
thoughts! Going through various challenges in our lives can help us to be mentally strong or cause us to
fall apart - it is our choice.
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Patty Burlingame
Good list, Harminder.
Upvote Downvote Share Report 2 Sep

Harminder Singh: Thanks!

Elizabeth Bennett
Thank you Harminder!
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James Marcelyn
completely agree with Harminder
Upvote Downvote Share Report 3 Sep

Kanate Praditsatawong
That's right! Brief but powerful answer!
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