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1. Draw the circuit of three input inverting type summing amplifier and derive the expression for
output voltage.
2. Derive the expression for the output voltage of non-inverting amplifier.

Explain ideal and practical Integrator

4. Briefly explain why negative feedback is desirable in amplifier applications and derive the
output voltage expression for ideal inverting amplifier.
5. What are the advantages of instrumentation amplifier? Derive an expression for the transfer
function of an instrumentation amplifier.
6. In an AC inverting amplifier circuit Rin = 50 , Ci = 0.1F, R1 = 100 K, Rf = 1K, R2 =

10K and VCC = 15V. Determine the bandwidth of the amplifier

7. Explain ideal and practical differentiator.
8. What is a voltage follower and its applications.