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2) Bhagavath AarAdhanam Prayer according to bhagvad gita

3) Chathurvimsathi Murthi sthOthra KaTana PoojA This is simpler and any one
can do it by reciting this sthOthram in front of SaaLagrAmam(s) and offer
Pushpam, Milk and NaivEdhyam. Thirumanjanam can be done with few spoons of
milk as well.
4) Those who are in a hurry can take few minutes to recite the two dhyAna
slOkams, perform japam of ashtAksharam, offer milk, TaambhOlam, Karpoora
haratthi. The SaaLagrama Moorthys at home should not be neglected and
starved since inauspiciousness will result otherwise to the home.
The two dhyAna slOkams are:
- dhyAyAmi dEvam lakshmIsam Sankha-cakra-gadAdharam
peethAmbara paridhAnam padhmasannibha lOcanam |
mandasmitha mukhAmbhOjam madanAyutha Sundaram
maayAnirmita lOkaougham mEgasyAmaLa vigraham ||
- SrI lakshmI naarAyaNam dhyAyAmi
namO namasthE karuNAlaya namO namasthE kamalAdhavAyanamO namasthE jagatAm ca srashtrE namO namasthE natsOka harthrE|
trAhi maam karuNAsindhO ! paahi maam kamalApatE!
tvayi bhakti: sadaivAstu mama sarvArthadAyini ||
(PraNavam ) namO naarAyaNa Subhamasthu
- Even on days in which one is unable to perform AarAdhanam for SaaLagrAma
Moorthys, the ladies of the house or children can recite the above slOkAs in
front of the Moorthys, offer the food cooked for the day as naivEdhyam and
complete the aarAdhanam this way.
SaaLagrAma dhAnam is one of the most auspicious dhAnam. When one is
unable to perform SaaLagrama PoojA, which is the easiest daily ritual to
perform, one should give them away to temples or to those, who can accept
that daily duty.
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