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1) Justification for the chosen route through west Hamilton, Ontario; your justification should

include reasons why you chose the route you did, but also reasons why you rejected alternation
route. Consider both the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen route. Chosen routes are
( Cline Ave South and Newton Avenue, Macklin Street South and Chedoke Expy (403), Dundurn
Street South and New Street) and the rejected route is ( longwood Rd South and Main Street
West/ because they are lots of bus stops there)
2) An explanation for where and how ( specifically) the east- west LRT route, as proposed by
you, will cross the valley that is home to both chedoke Creek and the Chedoke Expressway
( Highway # 403). You can assume that any option is available ( i.e. tunneling, bridges, new road
construction/ configuration, etc). 400 words
3) Reflection on globalization of goods and services and about "Through Indian Eyes: 1-800
India" video. 400-500 words.