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A friend of mine owns four Mercedes.

I have ________________________ four Mercedes.
a friend who owns

We had this room redecorated last year.

This ________________________ we had decorated last year.
is the room which

My cat just sleeps in front of the fire all day.

I have ________________________ in front of the fire all day.
a cat that

He is very fit because he trains every day.

The________________________so fit is because he trains every day.
reason why he is

Queen Victoria was born in 1819.

1819 ________________________ Queen Victoria was born.
was the year when

Did they interview this man last night?

Is this________________________last night?
the man who(m) they interviewed

Both of her brothers are in the Navy.

She has ________________________ in the Navy.
two brothers who are

I borrowed a calculator from that girl

That is ________________________ I borrowed.

the girl whose calculator

I have a great deal of respect for Susie, so I asked her.

I asked Susie, ____________ a great deal of respect.
for whom I have

I rescued the woman's cat, but she never thanked me.

The woman _________ never thanked me.
whose cat I rescued

That man's dog bit me!

That's the man _________ me!
whose dog bit

She won the competition. I found that surprising.

She won the competition ______________.
, which I found surprising

You said many rude words in the lesson. It was totally inappropriate to
say those words.
You said many rude words in the lesson _________.
, which was totally inappropriate

I moved back to Spain in 2004. I finished my degree in the same year.

In 2004, ___________ my degree, I moved back to Spain.
when I finished/when I had finished

Dear Mr. Jeffries,

I want to complain about the hotel

(1) I stayed last week, one of your

company's hotels. I spent nearly $200 on the hotel,

(2) I assumed would

guarantee me some level of quality. That is a mistake

(3) I won't be making

This was going to be a second honeymoon for my wife and I, which I think you can
understand the importance of. The first problem we encountered was finding the place.
The address given on your website was wrong. I asked someone who told me there were
always tourists who were lost in the area. Please correct the address immediately to
prevent other situations such as that

(4) we suffered.

On arriving at the hotel, which had taken more than an hour, we were informed
(5) we didn't have a reservation. Another twenty minutes passed before the


(6) name I cannot recall, found our e-mail and told us "there was

an administrative error" by

(7) I presume she means "the hotel is run like a

We were finally shown to the room by a porter

(8) was wearing a very dirty T-

shirt. It was cold and there was a wind coming under the door, which all made my wife
feel very upset.
I would like at the very least a refund of the money we spent so foolishly by staying in
your hotel. I would also appreciate an honest explanation of why we had to tolerate such
treatment during a stay that was supposed to be relaxing.

Daniel Marston

1. It was Wilson

gave me the old map and he had found it in a old junk

2. My uncle apologised for his insult,

3. Hank put the keys down on the table

4. Much

was in the kitchen.

your father left in his will is going to your mother.

5. Unfortunately, the car hit the dog

6. That car,

we accepted gracefully.

I love so much and it was killed.

owner was arrested by the police, has been parked there ever

7. There are several reasons for the closure of the school, most of
already been explained fully.


8. This was the room

we first met and spoke. Do you remember?

9. the / now / is / homeless / house / fire / , / Jack / was / , / destroyed / whose /

in / .

10. whose / King / sold / have / books / millions / is / author / Stephen / an / .

11. , / our / filmed / where / movie / . / Miami / honeymoon / in / was / we / this /


12. was / our / this / ! / date / first / where / the / we / restaurant / had

13. all / when / Easter / a / fire / is / Sunday / make / the / . / tomorrow / , / huge / the
/ main / in / villagers / square

14. to / given / , / mother / is / television / which / your / me / that / was / , / working

/ . / still / by

15. sold / which / been / wanted / already / we / house / . / to / the / really / buy / had

16. , / party / missed / very / . / all / his / him / which / we / birthday / much /

17. Answer was: this movie was filmed in Miami, where we spent our honeymoon.
18. Question 4 - Incorrect. Actual Answer was: this was the restaurant where we had
our first date!
19. Question 5 - Incorrect. Actual Answer was: tomorrow is Easter Sunday, when all
the villagers make a huge fire in the main square.
20. Question 6 - Incorrect. Actual Answer was: that television, which was given to
me by your mother, is still working.
21. Question 7 - Incorrect. Actual Answer was: the house which we really wanted to
buy had already been sold.
22. Question 8 - Incorrect. Actual Answer was: we all missed his birthday party,
which disappointed him very much.

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