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News Scan 8/7/15

Each week, this news scan will provide you with some articles that are relevant to our clients and
industry in an attempt to help increase your exposure to new business leads and help keep you up to
date on what people are talking about around the advisory world. Our LinkedIn strategy is designed to
leverage the knowledge that we have to get our name in front of more prospects and COIs. McAdam
will post commentary on one of these articles each week. You can either share or like the McAdam
post, or author one of your own based on these articles. The stories that we post on LinkedIn will
position McAdam as a leader in the industry not just from the original content produced, but from
original and unique opinion that we can offer. Below are a few sample posts as well as an image of how
the LinkedIn post will appear on the page.

LinkedIn Post Articles:

1. The Washington Post: Storm is coming
By: Michelle Singletary

Article Summary: This article discusses the importance of individuals saving early on, building
pensions and retirement savings, because Social Security fund projects to run out of money by
2034. The idea of people being unable to live off their retirement funds is also stressed; do we
need to start retiring later, or spend less money after retiring?

Suggested LinkedIn Post: Most individuals are coming up frighteningly short on their retirement
savings and Social Security funds may run out by 2034. Have you thought about how much youll
need to save for retirement recently?

2. Wall Street Journal: Best possible outcome with Financial planning
By: Alex Coppola

Article Summary: This story is a really good example of how people often dont know the most
effective way to invest their money for retirement, and get caught in difficult situations.
However, this advisor worked with the couple based on their unique situation and goals to come
up with a solution that provided equity and safety.

Suggested LinkedIn Post: Every retirement strategy comes with different risks and rewards. Its
your financial advisors job to explain investment strategies clearly to you. Do you feel like your
advisor is providing you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision?

3. CNBC: Never too late to start planning

By: Deborah Nason

Article Summary: This article expands on Adventist HealthCare Retirement Plans checklist for
what to do during each decade of your life (20s, 30s, etc.). They stress that the earlier you start,
the better you will end up.

Suggested LinkedIn Post: Some good basic advice for retirement planning at every age. You
need to do more than just put money in though, you need to understand the underlying
investments in your 401K account. . Do you know if youre choosing the best investments to
maximize returns?

General Industry News:

4. Investment News: RIA Firms on the Rise
By: Alessandra Malito

Article Summary: The number of RIA firms is increasing as the baby boomer generation nears
retirement. Both the number of advisory firms and number of clients has drastically increased
since 2014, along with an 8.1% increase in RAUM (Regulatory Assets Under Management).

Potential LinkedIn Post: The industry needs young, excited advisors to help with this huge
wealth transfer. Do you have the leadership and motivation for this growing career path? Be
bold and join us at McAdam.

5. ABC Indianapolis: Important retirement planning ages
By: Brian Kuhn

Article Summary: When looking at your lifetime finances to plan for retirement, it is best to
break your life into nine stages. From right now, then age 50, 55, and various ages in between
until the last day of your life, the article provides strategies to follow at each stage.

6. Star Tribune: Fine-tune your Retirement
By: Janet Kidd Stewart

Article Summary: Your social security information will soon be available online, which will help
in planning your retirement, but most people will not change their claiming date based on what
they find.

7. Investment News: New Highs for retirement accounts
By: Jeff Benjamin

Article Summary: Advisors are facing good news in that accounts are hitting new highs. This
article provide several links to stories that talk about what investors are doing that has cuased
retirement accounts to surge

8. Reuters: Bad news on cost of living raises for Social Security
By: Mark Miller

Article Summary: Next year, there will be no inflation adjustment in Social Security benefits, a
52 percent jump in Medicare premiums, which will hit 30 percent of beneficiaries, and there will
not be any Cost-of-Living adjustments to social security. This will have an impact on retirement

9. Wall Street Journal: Therapeutic approach to financial planning
By: Anne Tergesen

Article Summary: Some advice and tips to get in touch with your inner financial self to
determine your relationship with your money. Get in touch with your money scripts or beliefs
about money.