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I) RON (CARTER Transcribed from Volume 15 PAYIN’ DUES record of Jamey Aebersold’s play-a-long series “Tranerted by SONNY STEPHENS; ted by JAMEY AEBERSOLD & GLENN FISHER we INTRODUCTION ‘These transcriptions from PAYIN' DUES, Volume 15 of the New Approsch to Jazz Improvisation series, isthe second ‘book of basslines by Ron Carte. Both books del with chord progressions of standard-type tunes, but whereas in Volume © ALL BIRD Carter delberatoly tried to play lines as @ basis of Charlie Parker's era might, he has remained true to himself on the PAYIN" DUES aloum, Carter's arly musical background was classical. Ho took up the cello at age 10 and soon was part of a family quartet with three sisters playing violin, viola and piano, At age 17 he switehad to bass and six months leter received fl Scho. arship to the Eastman School of Music, While at Eastman he became tha frst black member of the Eastman-Rochester Symphony Orchestre. After graduating in 1959 he moved to New York snd soon began getting recognition 2 9 ase ‘bassist. In 1963 he began a five-year stay with Mil Davis as part ofthe rhythm section that also included pianist Herbie Hancock and drummer Tony Willams. Although Carter returned to freelancing in 1968, since the midsoventios he has ‘been often reunited with Hancock and Wiliams on record and in concert under auch names as "The Great Jaz2 Trio,” 0 with the addition of such horn players as Freddie Hubbard, Blayne Shorter, or Wynton and Branford Marsalis es "VSOF Cetor has also led his own groups, most notably on piccolo ats with a quartet including basist Buster Willams Most of the introductory remarks in the first Ron Carter Bats Lines book also apply to this one. Carter is in the main: stream of the great jazz bass tradition that includes Jimmy Blanton, Oscar Pettford, Ray Brown and others. Although Gorter has proven countess times over his long career that he isa fine soloist, itis his skill and versatility as en accom: Panist that we are concerned with herea role in which he has few peers. The lines played by Carter on Volume 16 PAY. IN DUES and transcribed in this book are modes of good jzz shy thm bess Phit Boley, 1983 Cover Design by Pete Gearhart Copyright ©1083 by Jamey Acbersold All Rights Reserved International Copyright Secured Another Yew By ae) B Fa 2 e ete Pee eee ce a x E Ge ora i SSeS aS Sees SSeS = Greterie gun = eal & P23 Big Sh, Wie & Seer, ete eter 2 geen Seri fo, Be Gp eee i tf. £ f #. £. ios a te Toh pasa at x ees Flesh & Spirit Lene te ae. we * a6 Es Pet, Bye mine? iy co rin 2 24) Eig ant ae ft ayer ae ee gh we =% ke pfs ch poet o oe te” Keren OD Dh aang EP errr a ee ee ane Pope ee step abe Aon ND a Om a et ae Sep ea ch FE Big Ee ai oy airtt xD) eS a What Is This? mest Re ‘ = fprpe tt 135) Sa SS po, EEE SB Brtrye Lert tt] Se SSS Gaertn eri ttt ter ferry a gs 7 ont se ttMtep ser ppt fipte 2, & = SS ¢ fiers t Wie te ee Pe tt pte Pe | == ss a Ses | A Ge ats Eng Engg Ep egg gO pee pra ee ene See 2 eet siptie Peay c- Bee 27, Eas SS a 4 ge ge) ed eet rere 8 a beet ees 2 Fe, Og 2 2 Bete ese sP ap tty ae + Apt Pig ee 4 aed ae dh poe fra EUs Bee pet t gheig 2 Spt et ss z anes =e 2 a = f SiAtt eet tees === SS eS wis ce £ 2 = qi @ aD oo) fy & We &" we = SSS ss 2, ane Poe eee = a iia Ci a 2 tat fo Pe B 3 You're The Song 55 eee ate a == Se os ‘Bi, a 25 i EB tp tip Fe ope ee - ES Pee eee 2 a SSS , oie 2 ave teie Bid = tebe peter Greets eS = ak 4% 2 err ees eps 2 oe aes a an Betty Pete teers Ee tie sete pt Pe ope fart ered 3 2 Pee 2 pepe to tor 3 Ret nieteteetets Seeeiagieepiets eettereetendiee oe cr F 67 4% siz eT £0708 kets eee. ae Yee oh r=> 7 Of ot sas Ble eet ays tees See Ta =] ree cdeateeg oS ae oe ae Spee Be cette pops si eS 2 BAST, aed Ey oy ee a3 erpriar ts epee tapsie sep het 5 Th te tre Linon ete eee A é a fatoe ete £ ester ai pee rt ty —p_sitte 12 pipet See - a = 2S = Sesre geet es ae Ee es SS e- Gart one oF oo es > Etter a a = E SSS ee ede at oe anette cect tea poet OE et j Share-A-Key e a ftp tet Xv. eee ee eee = o = at sit £ bg te £ S Sapte tee at 2 pig spre 2 tee Soy ge FY = 387 al ecto hl tprate g Co EF ES SS aa = on - aes eet = ¢ ® == SS saat Att = ee ee7 Fe ee tpisteie te 2 ey Fee. aoe Evprace pee ae bees i tet ppigttie te 2p Peet ne tees freee = “b 2 ap we eee sapere ate tapas a te ft © Pee tee & 7 a gee rote tt tet tate aa Sees cr en ao es Sider tet ry == eer ee tie Lig £ ze ae Pepe 5 SSS SSS & x eae Sse fp ate tte BS eeeceeeee at SSS SS SSS 3 a SS SSS 2 a a Gelert SSS eee Die tis pt fete Pee, Sipe f bth 2 a= 7 tafe shee