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Acting Period

All My Sons
Character Analysis

(From Arthur Miller Collected Plays 1944-1961)



Page 100
As though that were impossible for Annie.
Page 104
As Ann and Chris appear on porch. Ann is twenty-six, gentle but despite herself capable
of holding fast to what she knows. Chris opens door for her.
She leads off a general laugh that is not self-conscious because they know one another
Bringing Ann down, with an outstretched, chivalric arm.
Swings around.
As she runs to fence.
Page 105
Ann keeps looking through trees.
A little hurt.
Laughs and turns back toward Jims yard.
As she cries out, he comes on around on stage.
Shakings Jims hand.
To Mother
To Chris
Ann is looking at her.
Ann, as though to overcome Mother, becomes suddenly lively, crosses to Keller on settee,
sits on his lap.
Page 106
With an uncomprehending smile.
It is drawing to a head the wrong way for her, she starts anew. She rises and comes to
To Chris.
Slowly rising, a little embarrassed.

Ann cant stop staring at her. Mother breaks it by speaking with the relish of gossip,
putting her arm around Ann and walking with her.
They are laughing.
Ann takes pan of beans off stool, put them on floor under chair and sits.
Page 107
To Mother.
Coming to Ann
Rises and swings around in back of Chris.
Page 108
Mother: going to her.
Ann stands there in silence, then turns trembling, going upstage.
Taking his hand.
Frank: to Ann.
As they laugh.
Page 109
With growing ill-ease.
Frank: staunchly defending her father for her sake.
To Chris, as she sits slowly on stool.
Keller: rises and comes to her.
To Keller.
Mother: to Ann
They laugh.
Ann rises and comes to Keller, putting her arm around his shoulder.
Wondrously at the, happy.
Page 110
Mother: to Ann
Keller: to Ann
Page 111
Ann simply stares at him.
Keller: to Ann
A little shamed, but determined.
Ann: to Chris.
Mother: going to her.

Page 112
Keller: to Ann
Keller: to Ann
Keller: to Ann
She regards him a moment.
Slight pause.
Page 113
Clasps her around waist, smiling.
Pointing at Ann.
They laugh.
He turns to Ann.
With a sudden touch of sadness.
She looks about.
Ann still studies him.
She waits.
Page 114
Ann is waiting, ready.
Putting her arms around him.
Slight pause.
Chris: then at her
They kiss
He kisses her, but without their bodies touching.
A little embarrassed
He breaks away from her away from her abruptly.
He takes her hand.
Slight pause.
Page 116
Laughing softly.
They kiss.
They step apart shyly.
Takes a step upstage, then comes down toward Chris.
With misgiving, Ann goes up and into house.
Page 117
On phone, offstage.
Still on the phone.


Page 118
He breaks off as Anns voice comes out loud from the house where she is still talking on
There is a brief pause as Ann hangs up receiver, then comes out of kitchen.
Shaking it off.
She comes to Chris.
As she and Chris exit up driveway.
Page 120
Anne, dress up, appears on porch.
In a preoccupied way.
Ann moves aimlessly, and then drawn toward tree stump. She foes to it, hesitantly touches
broken top in the hush of her thought. Sue enters, and halts, seeing Ann.
Turns, startled.
Page 122
Ann goes to table and pours.
Giving her drink.
Ann laughs.
Page 123
She seems about to burst out.
Sue: moving toward her.
Page 124
To Ann
In tension, but trying to control it.
Page 125
They embrace as Keller appears quietly on porch. Ann simply studies him.
They break and laugh in embarrassment.
Page 126
They laugh.
To Ann
As they laugh
They laugh
Breaks apple in half, passing it to Ann and Chris.
Page 127

Surprised, even shocked.

He sees she is shocked, a little mystified.

Page 128
He turns and a smile on his face. To Ann.
Seeing Chris and Ann.
To Chris and Ann.
To Ann.
Crossing to them rapidly
Page 129
Ann turns to go up drive, takes a couple of steps, sees Keller and stops.
Comes back down toward Chris.
Chris: goes to her.
Coming across toward Ann.
Touching his collar.
George breaks away from her.
Page 130
Breaking in, putting a restraining hand on Chris.
He holds it up to her.
Page 131
To Ann.
Quickly, to forestall an outburst.
He allows her to seat him, looking at her.
Page 132
Back to Ann.
To Ann.
Page 133
Deeply shaken.
Page 134
He turns to Ann
Goes to him.
To Ann
Ann looks from him to Chris.
To Ann
Turns her head suddenly toward house
She hears footsteps.
Page 135

Page 136
To Ann
Breaking through it, going to George.
To Lydia, admiring the hat.
Page 138
Suddenly to Ann
Laughing to George
Page 139
She goes up into the house.
Page 141
Coming downstage.
A long pause, as George looks at Ann, Keller, then back to her.
Page 142
Going to Ann
Page 143
To Ann
To Ann
To Ann
Ann is saying Dont take it that way, Georgie! Please dont take it that way.
Page 152
Ann enters from house. They say nothing waiting for her to speak.
Rises to go to her.
They are unable to speak to each other.
She starts the halts.
Directly to Mother.
Page 153
Moving on her.
She grasps Anns wrist.
She stares at Ann a moment
As she sees Ann taking a letter from her pocket.
Snatches letter from Anns hand.
With pity and fear.
Page 154
To Ann alone.
Going up to him.
Page 155
To Mother
Page 156
Ann goes quickly to Mother, takes letter from her and starts for Chris. Mother instantly
rushes to intercept her.

She thrust letter into Chriss hand.

Page 157
Turns to Ann.
Ann runs up driveway.

Other Characters

Page 90
(Jim) Well, wheres the beautiful girl was supposed to be here.
(Frank) Annie came?
(Keller) Sure, sleepin upstairs. We picked her up on the one oclock train last night.
Wonderful thing. Girl leaves here, a scrawny kid. Couple of years go by, shes a regular
woman. Hardly recognize her, and she was running in and out of this yard all her life.
That was a very happy family used to live in your house, Jim.
(Jim) Like to meet her. The block can use a pretty girl.
Page 92
(Lydia) Annie get in?
(Keller) Shell be down soon. Waitll you meet her, Sue, shes a knockout.
(Sue) Tell her to come over later. I imagine shed like to see what we did with her
(Lydia) Is she still unhappy, Joe?
(Keller) Annie? I dont suppose she goes around dancing on her toes, but she seems to
be over it.
(Lydia) She going to get married? Is there anybody--?
(Keller) I supposesay, its a couple years already. She cant mourn a boy forever.
(Lydia) Its so strangeAnnies here and not even married. And Ive got three babies. I
always thought itd be the other way around.
Page 93
(Keller) Psss! Annie up yet?
(Chris) Mothers giving her breakfast in the dining room.
Page 96
(Chris) You know why I asked Annie here, dont you?
(Chris) Im going to ask her to marry me.
Page 97
(Keller) The girl is Larrys girl.

(Chris) Shes not Larrys girl.

(Keller) From Mothers point of view he is not dead and you have no right to take his
(Keller) Did you ask Annie yet?
(Keller) How do you know shell marry you? Maybe she feels the same way Mother
(Chris) Well, if she does, then thats the end of it. From her letters I think shes forgotten
(Keller) I dont see why it has to be Annie.
(Chris) Because it is.
(Keller) You havent seen her since you went to war. It five years.
(Chris) I cant help it. I know her best. I was brought up next door to her. These years
when I think of someone for my wife, I think of Annie.
(Keller) She thinks hes coming back, Chris. You marry that girl and youre pronouncing
him dead.
(Chris) I want a family, I want some kid, I want to build something I can five myself to.
Annie is in the middle of that.
Page 99
(Chris) Isnt Annie finished eating?
(Mother) Shell be right out.
Page 100
(Mother) Annie comes
(Chris) Dont you think Annie looks well?
(Mother) Fine. Theres no question about it. Shes a beauty I still dont know what
brought her here. Not that Im not glad to see her, but--
(Chris) I just thought wed all like to see each other again.
(Mother) The only thing is I think her nose is longer. But Ill always love that girl. Shes
one that didnt jump into bed with somebody else as soon as it happened with her fella.
(Mother) Im just glad she came,
(Chris) Just because she isnt married doesnt mean shes been mourning Larry.
(Mother) Why then isnt she?
(Chris) Well . . . it couldve been any number of things.
Page 102
(Mother) Why did he invite her here?
(Mother) Shes been in New York three and a half years, why all of a sudden--?
(Keller) Well, maybemaybe he just wanted to see her.
(Mother) Nobody comes seven hundred miles just to see.
(Keller) He lived next door to the girl all his life, why shouldnt he want to see her
(Mother) Hes not going to marry her.
(Mother) Shes not his girl, Joe, she knows shes not.
(Keller) You cant read her mind.

(Mother) Then why is she still single? New York is full of men, why isnt she married?
Probably a hundred people told her shes foolish, but shes waited.
(Keller) How do you know why she waited?
(Mother) She knows what I know, thats why. Shes faithful as a rock. In my worst
moments, I think of her waiting, and I know again that Im right.
Page 103
(Mother) Nobody in this house dast take her faith away, Joe. Strangers might. But not
his father, not his brother.
(Mother) Dont you think I havent notice you since Chris invited her.
(Mother) But why did that happen the very night she came back? Laugh, but there are
meanings in such things. She goes to sleep in his room and his memorial breaks in
Page 104
(Chris) Take a breath of that air, kid. You never get air like that in New York.
(Mother) Annie, where did you get that dress!
(Mother) Isnt she the most--? Its gorgeous, simply gor
(Chris) No kidding, now, isnt she the prettiest gal you ever saw?
(Mother) You gained a little weight, didnt you, darling?
(Keller) Look how nice her legs turned out!
Page 105
(Jim) She looks very intelligent!
(Jim) Well. I hope that doesnt mean you want me to move out?
(Jim) Ive only met you, Ann, but if I may offer you a piece of advice When you
marry, nevereven in your mindnever count your husbands money.
Page 106
(Mother) You think of him! You see? She thinks of him!
(Mother) Just that youremember him, hes in your thoughts.
(Mother) Did you hang up your things?
(Mother) Didnt you recognize them?
(Mother) Yes, dear. For so long Ive been aching for nice conversation with you, Annie.
Tell me something.
(Chris) She means do you go out much?
(Keller) Annie, you cant go into a restaurant with that woman anymore.
(Mother) If I cant ask Annie a personal question
(Keller) Askin is all right, but dont beat her over the head. Youre beatin her, youre
Page 107 (Mother)
Shes the only one is got any sense. Your mothershes not getting divorce, heh?
And you? You go out much?
Well, no. I dont expect you to wait for him but
Youre not?
I know, dear, but dont say its ridiculous,

Page 108
(Mother) And Ill tell you of them, Annie. Deep, deep in your heart youve always been
waiting for him.
(Mother) But deep in your heart Annie!
(Mother) Ann, you know Im right!
(Frank) Annie! How are you, gee whiz!
(Frank) You look more womanly. Youve matured. You
(Frank) Hows your brother?
Page 109
(Frank) And your dad?
(Frank) I mean because I feel, yknow, that if an intelligent man like your father is put in
prison, there ought to be a law that says either you execute him, or let him go after a
(Frank) See you later, Ann, you look wonderful.
(Chris) I dont want you to worry about it.
(Chris) Why, whatd you expect?
Page 110
(Keller) Dont listen to her.
(Mother) Dont, Joe; shes a sensitive girl, dont fool herHe was exonerated, your
fathers still there. Thats why I wasnt so enthusiastic about your coming. Honestly, I
know how sensitive you are
(Keller) You shouldve been here, Annie
Page 111
(Keller) You play cards with a man you know he cant be a murderer. And the next time
you write him I like you to tell him just what I said. You hear me?
(Keller) Well, he aint my sweetheart, but you gotta forgive, dont you?
(Keller) The next time you write Dad
(Keller) Well, every now and then you
(Mother) As long as youre here, Annie, I want to ask you never to say that again.
(Mother) What you father did had nothing to do with Larry.
(Mother) As long as youre here!
(Mother) Put that out of your head!
Page 112
(Keller) The one thing you
(Keller) No, she dasnt feel that way. Annie
(Keller) You want her to go on like this? . . . Whats the matter with you?
(Keller) Look what it dose to her! Listen, you gotta appreciate what doin in that shop
in the war. The both of you! You mustnt feel that way about him. You understand me?
It aint right.
(Keller) Annie, I do not understand why you--!
Page 113

(Keller) Thats my sentiments. Can you stand steak?

(Keller) Big time tonight, Annie!
(Keller) I like that girl. Wrap her up.
(Chris) Youre not sorry you came?
(Chris) How did you know?
(Chris) Well . . . would you want to? I guess you know this why I asked you to come.
(Chris) Ann, I love you. I love you a great deal. I love you

Page 114
(Chris) I have no imagination . . . thats all I know to tell you. Im embarrassing you. I
didnt want to tell it to you here. I wanted some place wed never been; a place where
wed be brand new to each other . . . You feel its wrong here, dont you? This yard, this
chair? I want you to be ready for me. I dont want to win you away from anything.
Youre sure.
Why didnt you?
You felt something that far back?
Ann, why didnt you let me know?
Give me a kiss, Ann. Give me a. God, I kissed you, Annie, I kissed Annie. How long,
how long Ive been waiting to kiss you!
Annie, were going to live now! Im going to make you so happy.
I kissed you . . .
Lets drive some place . . . I want to be alone with you.
I dont know how to start.
Page 115 (Chris)
And I guess that included you.
I want you now, Annie.
Page 116
(Keller) Hey, Ann, your brother
George!hey, you kissed it out of my headyour brothers on the phone.
Hurry up
(Chris) Now dont get tense, just leave it to me.
(Keller) Whatre you telling her.
(Chris) Go ahead, Ann. Were getting married, Dad.
Page 117
(Keller) Did Annie tell you he was going to see his father today?
(Chris) No, I dont think she knew anything about it.
(Keller) Chris! Youyou think you know her pretty good?

Suddenly he goes . . . and she comes here.

She dont hold nothin against me, does she?
I mean if she was sent here to find out something?
(Chris) Dad . . . how could you think that of her?
Page 118
(Keller) Your father took sick?
(Chris) Come on, Ann. Be back right away.
(Mother) Hes gotta see Annie right away, he says.
Page 120
(Mother) That family hates us. Maybe even Annie
When George goes home tell her to go with him.
Page 121
(Chris) Dont worry about Annie.
(Mother) Steve is her father, too.
(Chris) Look! Shes dressed already.
You look nice.
Dont worry about it.
Page 122 (Sue)
Oh, your brothers in?
I guess your brothers coming to give you away, heh?
You must be all nerved up.
That depends on your shape, of course. I dont see why you should have had a problem.
Its romantic . . . its very unusual to me, marrying the brother of your sweetheart.
Thats important, you know.
Youd be surprised.
Thats why Ive been intending to ask you a small favor, Ann.
Page 123 (Sue)
You can. When you take up housekeeping, try to find a place away from here.
Now darling, you know hes not right.
You ask me what of it?
Youre surprised at me!
You know that.
You know what I resent, dear?
Page 124
(Sue) You understand?
Then why dont you go out and talk to people? Go on, talk to them.
No, it was just us.
She doesnt know about know about you two?
Shell love Ann. Because youre the female version of him. Dont be alarmed I said
Page 125
(Chris) Hey Whats hit you?

Tell you what?

I didnt want you to feel there was wrong in you coming here, thats all. I assumed
there might be some question consuming your mind.
Youve got nothing to fear from George.
How would you behave if you were faced with the same thing again? Annie believe me,
theres nothing wrong for you here, believe me, kid.
(Keller) Every time I come out here it looks like Playland!
Page 126
(Keller) Big night, Annie. So hows it feel to be a married woman?
Whats the matter, you slippin?
(Chris) You ever meet a bigger ignoramus?
(Keller) But you go into our plant,
I been thinkin about your brother George. When he comes I like you to brooch
something to him.
Ann You say hes not well.
Page 127
(Keller) No, kid, it aint nice of me. I want you to understand me. Im thinking of
Chris. Who is he going to come to Annie? His baby. You. Hell come, old, mad, into
your house.
Youre in love now, Annie, but believe me, Im older than you knowa daughter is a
daughter, and a father is a father. And it could happen. I like you and George to go to him
in prison and tell him . . . Dad, Joe wants to bring you into the business when you get
But hes you father.
And I dont understand why she has to crucify the man.
(Chris) Well its her father, if she feels

Page 128
(Keller) Shes likeable.
(Jim) Drive him somewhere and talk to him alone.
Hes come to take her home You know what that means. Fight it out with him
someplace else.
Page 130
(George) Dont you recognize it?
Your fathersHe asked me to wear it.
Page 131
(George) Youre not getting married yet, are you?
Are you married yet?
Youre not going to marry him.
Because his father destroyed your family.

Tell her to come home with me.

I wanted to go to Dad and tell him you were going to be married. It seemed impossible
not to tell him. He loved you so much.
Page 132
(George) Annie. You dont even know what was done to that man. You dont know what
You cant know, you wouldnt be here.
(Chris) Get him out of here, Ann. Get him out of here.
Page 134
(George) But shes one item hes not going to grab. Get you things. Everything is
covered with your blood. Youre not the kind of a girl who can live with that. Get your
(Chris) Ann . . . youre not going to believe that, are you?
Explain that to her!
(George) Youre coming with me.
Page 135
(Mother) Why didnt you give him juice?
You offered it to him! Give it to him!
Page 136
(Mother) Youre leaving?
(Chris) No, Mother, shes not.
Page 142
(George) Ann, didnt you hear her say?
Page 143
(George) Dont you understand what shes saying? She just told you to go. What are you
waiting for now?
(Mother) Theyll be right out, driver!
(Chris) Shes not leaving, Mother.
(George) He simply told your father to kill pilots, and covered himself in bed!
(Chris) You better answer him, Annie. Answer him.
(Mother) I packed your bag, darling.
I packed your bag. All youve got to do is close it.
(George) You tell me. I want to hear you tell me.
Page 144
(Chris) What do you mean, you packed her bag? How dare you pack her bag?
(Mother) She doesnt belong here.
Shes Larrys girl.
(Chris) And Im marrying the girl.
Page 148
(Jim) They argues about Ann?

(Mother) No, not Ann. Imagine? She hasnt come out of that room since he left. All
night in that room.
Page 150
(Keller) And what is she doing up there? She dont come out of the room.
(Mother) I dont know, what is she doing?
(Keller) She doesnt know, does she?
(Mother) She saw Chris storming out of here. Its one and oneshe knows how to add.
(Keller) Maybe I ought to talk to her?
But I dont think shell do anything about it.

Page 152
(Mother) Shes a good girl!
(Keller) Youll do that. Youll tell him.
Page 153
(Mother) Dont speak to me.
Youre lying.
What are you talking about?
Page 154
(Chris) I know what youre thinking, Annie
In your heart you always will.

My Character

Page 104
I couldnt resist. Im taking it right off before I ruin it. Hows that for three weeks
It comes and goes.
Page 105
Whyd they take our hammock away?
I can believe it. You know--? Its so strange seeing him come out of that yard. I guess I
never grew up. It almost seems that Mom and Pop are in there now. And you and my
brother doing algebra, and Larry trying to copy my home-work. Gosh, those dear dead
days beyond recall.
Page 106

Lets eat at the shore tonight! Raise some hell around here, like we used to before Larry
Thats a funny thing to say; how could I help remembering him?
I could hardly find room in the closet.
Well, it never occurred to me
Page 107
Ask me anything you like.Come on, lets gossip.
I think when he gets out theyll probably live together.
I dont care. She can take him back if she likes.
You mean am I still waiting for him?
Well, Im not, Kate.
So Ive heard.
Page 109
Ill see you and Lydia.
I really dont know, I
Tell me. Because I dont want t meet anybody on the block if theyre going to
Gosh, its wonderful to hear you laughing about it.
Page 110
The last thing I remember on this block was one wordMurderers! Remember that.
Kate?Mrs. Hammond standing in front of our house and yelling that words? Shes still
around, I suppose?
Page 111
I dont write him.
No, Ive never written to him. Neither has my brother.
When they took him away I followed him, went to him every visiting day. I was crying
all the time. Until the news came about Larry. Then I realized. Its wrong to pity a man
like that. Father or no father, theres only one way to look at him.
You surprised me. I thought youd be mad at him.
But we cant know that.

Page 113
Cant scare me.
Youre the only one I know who loves his parents.
In the first place, your mother as much as told me to go.
Well . . . kind of embarrassed ever since I got here.
I knew they would. Your mother anyway.
From her point of view, why else would I come?
I guess this is why I came.

Page 114
Oh, Chris, Ive been ready a long, long time!
I almost got married two years ago.
You started to write to me
Every day since!
I was waiting for you, Chris.
Ill never forgive youAll Ive done is sit and wonder if I was crazy for thinking of
Youve got to tell me
It wouldnt work this way.
Page 115
Yeah, sure.
Because you have a right to whatever you have. Everything, Chris, understand that? To
me, too . . .
Page 116
My brother?
I wonder if we ought to tell your mother yet? I mean Im not very good in an argument.
Page 118
I told him it would be all right.
I dont know, I suppose its something stupid, you know my brother
Page 121
Were going to tell her tonight.
I wish we could tell her now. I cant stand scheming. My stomach gets hard.
IIm a little silly about the dark.
Page 122
So he drove over to the depot to pick up my brother.
Been that way since I can remember.
Its always a problem getting yourself married, isnt it?
Ive had chances
I dont know. I think its mostly that whenever I need somebody to tell me truth Ive
always thought of Chris. When he tells you something you know its so. He relaxes me.
It wouldnt to me.
Underneath, I think the doctor is very devoted.
Certainly, if I can do it.

Page 123
I dont mean that Chris is a statue,
I dont agree with you.
I certainly do. Im surprised at you.

I know it. I resent everything you said.

Please, I dont want to argue.
Page 124
I cant do anything about that.
Page 125
Why didnt you tell me?
I dont care what they think, I just dont understand why you took the trouble to deny
But I never once said I suspected him.
Chris, I know how much you love him, but it could never
Im not here out of a blue sky, Chris. I turned my back on my father, if theres anything
wrong here now
George is coming from Dad, and I dont think its with blessing.
Tell me that . . . Just tell me that.
Page 126
I dont know yet.
Page 127
I can only tell you that that could never happen.
Page 128
Lets forget the whole thing.
Page 129
Ill drive . . . him somewhere.
Page 131
No, Im not married yet.
Why am I not marrying him?
You kissed me when I left,
Page 132
Of course I know.
Page 133
George, I know everything youve said.
Page 134
Ill call a cab.
We havent told her yet.
Page 135
I offered it to him.
Page 138
He asked me to tell you and, I think its a good idea.
Page 139
Ill call you a cab.
Page 141
Were eating at the lake, we could have a swell time.
Page 142

Im not closing anything. He asked me here and Im staying till he tells me to go. Till
Chris tells me!
Page 155
I wont let him go.
Then I will!

The person in my life that reminds me of my character, Ann, is my little sister, Adewonuola. I see
Ann as a person who thinks with her heart and wants to believe what she knows before there is
proof. I see my younger sister taking that footstep. It has its own advantage and disadvantage.

Play Report

1. What is the story?

Lets take a journey in the lives of the Kellers. We have Joe Keller who is a successful business
man who lives comfortably with his wife, Kate, and his son, Chris. Chris is working with his

father and is looking forward to take over the business in the future. The family unfortunately
lose their other son, Larry, in the war. Chris is planning to marry his later brother fianc, Ann.
There are plans that each character wants to make, but the secrets they hide will be their obstacle.

2. What is the main dilemma?

Joe Keller is all about his family. He cares for them and works hard to keep them secure.
However money is also the route of happiness for Joe. This causes him to make risky decisions
and his family, and many other people suffered from his action. With this behavior, it caused him
his life.

3. What is the moral of the story?

You must carrying the behavior of selflessness. The characters in this play played their actions
for their own good. They claim that it also for the lives of others, but at the end it will be
beneficial for them. When you be in a non-selfish manner those around will be guaranteed to
follow in your path and work in ways where conflicts can be limited.

4. What is your personal reaction to the play?

I am exasperated that justice was not serve the right way. I feel that Joe committing suicide was a
cheap way out of misery in jail cell. It is tragic that he did end his life, but he made himself
appear more cowardly than he shown during the play. He did feel guilt and shame, but I believe
his pride led his actions. Overall I saw that many of the characters did things out of their desires,
which made me uneasy about how it get worst as the years go by.