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tophrase, section to section. As an exam- pl, visually compare the over 50 bars of V chords and notice how few times he plays the same figure and how subtly cre- ative his variations are. Observes Nate, “That's from the Jamerson ethic of consis- tently creating and evolving a bass line, ‘which he did whether it was a simple part like ‘Uptight or a masterpiece like ‘What's Going On’ From when I first picked up a bass, I've never liked playing the same thing over and over, | was always chang- ingit up and wanting to do it my own way. Hearing my heroes function in that man- consider myself to be so very fortunate. There I was, 28 years old, playing with Ste- vie Wonder, a musical genius, and he puts no restrictions on me and makes the song almost a bass feature! I was surprised at the freedom he gave me, but he was jump- ing up and down listening to it” Watts ‘admits he uses the same approach when playing the song these days, but with less notes, “because some of the stuf I did is just crazy!” While the song and bess part remain mostly under the radar in the music ‘world, Nate has heard praise from count- less bass players the world over about his part? “First, tune down a half-step. Then, ‘ake it section by section, like Stevie called it out to us. Look at the music, get your fingerings together, listen tothe track, play along, and proceed forward.” He points ut, “The feel sits squarely in the pocket, but I play it aggressively. Attack the pocket, but be sure to give all the motes their full value; don’t rush the fils, which can tend to happen, especially because of how often the downbeat root of the chord occurs a 16th-note early” With regard to staying focused for over ten minutes, he concludes, “Get into the groove, have fun with it, and ner gave me confidence” He continues, “I performance. His advice for navigating the _go along for the ride” BP. “Do | Do” By Stevie Wonder Transcribed by Chris Jisi. ares ema en ren Bmai7 en Fatt en Fant Gait Catt "0 Do" Words and Music by Stowe Wonder. (c) 1982 JOBETE MUSIC CO. INC. and BLACK BULL MUSIC c/o EM APRIL MUSIC INC [Al Rants Reserved International Copyright Secured. Used by Permission. Reprinted by Permission ef Hal Leonard Corporation, JUNE 2010 BASSPLAYER.cOM NATHAN WATTS v® % Dit GET CEITNC. DAI GET OftT NO. Bmal7 en Fett w Br ‘ Bmal7 BW Fen Gat cet w B® NS DE GH CHING. DET Git CHING. 8mai7 Filet Fant omaj7 «Bg ov a) Fen cmai7_ Bmaj7 BASSPLAYER.COM JUNE 2010 Fil Ett Fe ay e7sus AGT | Dpmai7 b. Bb7sus 847 Ebmaj7 C7sus c7 (Fant) Bmaj7 en Fatt ‘Bmaj7 en a FHT Get Ne DHT GHIT CHING. #11 GH CHT 7 NG. OF CFE Bmaj7 Fir ett JUNE 2010 | BASSPLAYER.COM 37 NATHAN WATTS 7 Fant maiz (y]Bmaj7 Fi en Fatt Cmaj7 Bmaj7 Fi en Fan 3 wm Ae Se | BbTus BT Ebmalr c7sus or eee en Fant Bmaj7 en Fant Bmaj7 en 105 po (Guitar) Fan ‘Bmaj7 en Fatt BASSPLAYER.COM | JUNE 2010 Bmaj7 e . Fatt NS (Keypoarin) Bmaj7 en Fen Bmaj7 et Fant Gert cet om NS DB GET CHING. DBI GH CHING. (rumpet so continues) DIFECIFE — Bmaj7 eM Fan 2) amar en Fatt JUNE 2010 | BASSPLAYER.COM 39 NATHAN WATTS Bmaj7 et Fett GH CHT se coe DET GET CHING. DEI GET CHTINC. to Seen c c te DFECIFE — Bmaj7 Pi ett Feit may Bima pen Fatt mai Bmaj7 Fit Et Fett bee Bh7sus Bz Ebmal7 Crsus C7 en ee Fmaj7 Fat 40 BASSPLAYER.COM JUNE 2010 en) (ra) Bnair en Fant Bmaj7 Et Fat Git cet om“ DET GET CHING. DET GHIT CHING. cre DFE — Baz Pi ett Fatt ‘Cmaj7 ema Fir Ett Fatt Cmaj7_ Bma7 JUNE 2010 BASSPLAYER.COM 41 NATHAN WATTS Fant Cmaj7—— Bal Fit en Fant maiz 212 Bmaj7 Fa Fant maiz Bmai7 Fit Ett Fatt Cmai7 Bmaj7 Fi ett Fatt Cmaj7_— Bmaj7 FA EN Fant Cmaj7 NATHAN WATTS e Fan Bmaj7 en Fett Bmai7 en Fete see 4 Bmai7™ en Fan Bmaj7 No. 44 © BASSPLAYER.COM | JUNE 2010