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Lec BITUTAPE PRIMER Solvent based bitumen primer BrUTAPE PRIER is @ premium quality, quick drying, solvented bituminious primer conforming to [ASTM D 41, used for priming pipes prior fo application of BTUTAR* Pipe Wrapping Tope Systems. GEE aaa BrTUTAPE PaMER provides an effective primer coot prior 10 application of Anti-Corrosive Pipe Wrapping Tapes. Brune PRIMER is resistont to concentrations of alkalis ond acids ond can withstond prolonged oxidation. Paar eee e ee Brutare Primex conforms to the requirements of ASTM D 41 TANNED Surface preparstion Surfaces must be structurally sound, clean, dry ond free from dir, dus, ol, grease, curing compounds, loitonce and loose debris. See! surfaces should be free from scole and rus and praferably cleaned by art blasting or rotary wire brush, Application Brute Painer is ready fo apply ond only require slight manual stirring prior o application. Biulope primer is usually opplied straight from the pail/ drum with standard brush, squeegee or oirless spray equipment ot on average coverage rate of 6-8 mi/ Allow primer to dry before application cf Bitutape Moulding Poste or Bitutope Pipe Wrapping Tepes. STORAGE & SHELF LIFE Store ina dry and shaded orea. Keep oway from direct sunlight ond protect from ereme temperatures The shelf life is 12 months in unopened conditions if stored os per recommendation. Peed BITuTAE PRIMER contains flammable solvents. Keep way from open flames or direct heat, Always provide adequate ventilation especially on Confined areas. Any skin contamination can be removed with water ond soap, PiTeN Masato EM PROPERTIES /ALUES Bruwre Prac | 20/t pail Flash Point, FOL Ed Relerto website for TOS ime @30°C, Irina [30 Bleck one 7 ‘pplication emp, FCI 16 55 ‘All values given ore abject 65-10% olerance TOS Bitope-Primer_GCC_1012 Se Sse pated tae t'sens Seance Spa sie despa pec ca es incon eee es eis eta Her Fob ui Src nent tee CR ro COOOL Len esdtteool