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Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam January 4, 2016

Often, we get confused by the myriad customs and practices. How can we cure
ourselves from this delusion and not be entangled by them? Bhagawan lovingly
helps us today.
Many dull-witted moderns are puzzled at the purpose
of all the constructions and conditions, conventions
and customs that revolve around the temple. They
cannot grasp the significance of any answer because
it is beyond their limited understanding. A patient
suffering from high fever will find even sweet things
bitter; so too, those afflicted with the high fever of
worldliness can never taste the real sweetness of
truth. The fever must subside; then they can
appreciate the value of the things of the spirit.
Similarly if you deny yourself of the bliss derivable
from surrender to the Lord, and run about madly
pursuing sacred spots, sages, and holy rivers, how
can you be helped? Cultivate an ounce of pure
devotion! That is sufficient for you to be awakened
from this delusion! Devotion will teach you that you
can attain peace only by returning to your own native
home, which is God within you. Until then,
homesickness will haunt!
- Dharma Vahini, Ch 12.

Desire destroys devotion, anger destroys wisdom, greed destroys work hence sacrifice
these bad qualities from today. Baba
04 jnvrI,2016
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rhy gw[(Drm vwihnI,A`iDAwey 12)[
ie`Cw,BgqI dw ivnwS kr idMdI hY; gu`sw,bu`DI dw ivnwS krdw hY;lwlc,kMm dw ivnwS krdw hY[ ies leI,A`j qoN
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