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Thuvaaragan Kuruparan

Editors Journal
The editors role is to ensure that a films
narrative is coherent and that all elements needed in
a film are present, and flow accordingly. Due to the
need to record the audio separately, I had to ensure
that the audio files were matched and perfectly in
sync with the image. After each filming session, I
watched each clip, and listened to each audio file,
and renamed them, so that when it came to editing
them I could easily find the matching audio file to
each clip used. Once they were perfectly in time, I
could remove the original audio from the cameras
microphone, and replace it with the separate audio
While this was a tedious process, it was worth the
end result, as the sound is much clearer and without
a constant buzz over the ambient sound. I had used
Final Cut Pro X before to edit my GCSE production, so
I was familiar with at least the basics of using the
software. I explored the color-correcting filter due
to the bad lighting/color in some of our shots, which
were either irresolvable during filming, or had gone
unnoticed whilst filming, and did not need to be
redone completely, so I decided to simply correct the
identifying the correct color cast to cancel out the
strong tones.
I faced some difficulties in regards to sound, as
there were few glitches and some clips were much
louder than others, requiring me to watch the whole
film several times in order to ensure that the sound
flowed accordingly, and that no sound entered the red
zone (indicating that it is far too loud, potentially
causing crackling in playback once exported).
Overall I believe that our film is to a successful
standard, and that the narrative is coherent and
entertaining for our target audience.