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Thuvaaragan Kuruparan

Wrong Turn - Synopsis

Trevor (18) is a troubled teenager who used to be a high achiever in
school. After getting involved with the wrong people at a friends party,
he joined a gang, and now is surrounded by other boys his own age who
are also up to no good. Trevor has been asked to do things, which he
doesnt want to do such as rob others and this makes him question
himself and his choices. Hes failed at every attempt and is beginning to
feel overwhelmed and this also has the leader of the gang Alex
doubting him.
One day, Alex calls Trevor and tells him to meet him as they need to talk.
Trevor decides to himself that he wants to leave the gang and he can tell
Alex when he sees him. Trevor is walking towards a dead end, where
Alex is waiting for him with two other boys. When they meet, Alex
doesnt give Trevor a chance to talk as he gives him another job to do, to
steal a back full of cocaine at any cost. Alex then threatens Trevor at
gunpoint saying that if he doesnt get this job done, he will kill him.
Scared for his life, Trevor unwillingly accepts and walks off.
Shortly after, Trevor arrives at the location where he was told to go and
waits for Michael, who has the bag. He confronts Michael as Michael
fights back and ends up stabbing him. Confused and shocked at his
actions, Trevor picks up the bag and runs away. He then arrives home
and goes to him. He is nervous and still confused. He then opens the
bag and finds the cocaine in there and is about to call Alex when
suddenly he starts hearing police and ambulance sirens. Trevor starts
panicking and not knowing what to do, he decides to empty the bags of
cocaine. As hes emptying the bags, he hears loud bangs on the door
downstairs. He thinks it the police and rushes. Once hes done clearing
the bags, he cleans up the mess, washes his hands and goes back to
his room so see who is outside the door, only to see that it is Alex. A
confused Trevor sits back on his bed with his hands on his face, scared
for his life.