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Vishrambaug Wada

Vishrambag Wada is on Bajirao Road, Pune in Maharashtra. Bajirao II built this monument.
Vishrambaag Wada was built in 1807 AD at the price of Rs 200,000. It took six years to complete the

In 1821, a sanskrit school was started in Vishrambaag Wada, in a move to bringing

education to the masses. Government Engineering College, Deccan College, Pune
University and Agricultural College (Pune)|Agricultural University started out in the
wada premises. In 1871, the eastern wing of the wada was entirely destroyed in a

This place was once a garden, and derived its name from its gardener called Vishram.
The palace is 260ftX815ft in area.

The Ins and Outs of the Construction:
The Vishrambaug Wada has entirely been constructed in bricks. The beautiful entrance of the Wada surrounded by
the balcony catches the eye of all at the outset. A big spacious dancing hall on the first floor of the Wada was meant
for Bajiraos entertainment. Ornately carved ceiling, beautiful pillars carved in teakwood and beautiful chandeliers
Beautiful carvings on the wood used in the balcony overlooking the building are the striking feature of the
construction. We can look at the work as a fine example of art and architecture prevalent during the Peshwa regime.
Purely processed quality wood colloquially called Saag has been used all around. The carvings here will thus last
long as termites cant affect the Saag wood. The sheer beauty of these carvings is an exquisite piece of Suru work
and speaks about the good aesthetic sense of the Peshwa kings. Now visitors are not allowed to reach the balcony.
The wooden beams of the balcony have become weak with the passage of time and as a safety measure the
entrance to the balcony has been locked.
The sturdy latches and the locks on the doors of the Wada take us back to the good olden days of the Peshwa
Empire. As you move around in the Wada, you can still experience the grandeur and the glory of the Peshwa
The cool stone floor at the main entrance to the Vishrambaug Wada offers a respite from the scorching heat of
summer and so many times you will find some tramps taking their forty winks in the tiresome afternoons.

DATE: 18-11-14