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Mountain Dew (also known as Mtn Dew as of late 2008) is a soft drink
distributed and manufactured by PepsiCo. The main formula was
invented in Knoxville, Tennessee, named and first marketed in
Knoxville and Johnson City, TN in the 1940s, then by Barney and Ally
Hartman, in Fayetteville, North Carolina and across the United States
in 1964.When removed from its characteristic green bottle, Mountain
Dew is bright yellow-green and translucent.

As of 2007, Mountain Dew was the fourth-best-selling carbonated soft

drink in the United States, behind only Coca-Cola Classic, Pepsi-Cola,
and Diet Coke. Diet Mountain Dew ranked ninth in sales in the same

In the early 1950s the formula of Mountain Dew was flopped then in
1960s the formula of mountain dew was updated by adding more
sugar, more caffeine and orange flavor into it.

Marketing Segmentation
Mountain Dew has divided up the total market into distinct subsets of
customers with common needs or characteristics, so following are
some marketing segmentations that Mountain dew has made.

Demographic Segmentation
As Mountain Dew is launched as energy drink so it is segmented
demographically for the young generation interested in outdoor games
the X-Generation.
Mountain dew is mostly low cost beverage so any body can buy it so its
price is affordable for the youngsters.

Mountain dew is mostly segmented its product for the young boys
because it is an energy drink which motivates young boys.
According to the age and group Mountain dew is mostly targeted to the
young teenagers. This beverage is segmented to all social classes.
Life Cycle
Mountain dew segments its product to young singles and teenagers.
Mountain dew mostly segmented its market to the school and college
going students.
Mountain dew is segmented for every religion.

Geographic Segmentation

Mountain Dew is geographically segmented into many areas the most

consumption of Mountain dew is in the areas of United States, Africa,
North America, and Middle East.
So overall Mountain dew has geographically segmented its product to
U.S And Middle East. Mountain dew exported from its main head office
in United States to different areas in bulk.

Psychographic Segmentation

Mountain dew has segmented its product for the daredevil personality
the generation X.

It motivates the youngsters the teenagers of the young generation who
have the ability do something there are many slogans of Mountain Dew
“Think Young Drink Young”
“Give Me a Dew”
“Get That Barefoot Feelin' Drinkin' Mountain Dew”
“Do the Dew”
So these are some of the slogans that may motivate the youngsters of
Mountain Dew segmented its product to the people who are leading a
sport oriented lifestyle.

Behavioral Segmentation
Mountain Dew first analyzed the demography and other variable and
then made the behavioral segmentation on research basis the
behavioral factors of people is to enjoy fitness activities not as means
for healthy life, nut as an intrinsically enjoyable activity itself.
People are interested in sport activities so targeting the behavior and
attitude of the people and the upcoming generation Mountain dew
segmented its product and provided an energy drink which could
motivate the young generation for involving in such activities.
Mountain Dew segmented behavioral segmentation into further sub
Mountain dew could gain benefit because its product is low cost and
easily available and has more sale quantity and is consumable more.
User status
As the new generation is mostly interested in sports activities so the
youngsters are attracted to the energy drinks that could motivate
them. So there is a chance that their would be potential users of
Mountain Dew.

Usage Rate
As the mountain dew is not as popular as coke and Pepsi so it has
medium usage rate because Pepsi and coke can be used by people of
every group age and gender so it is more popular so in this sense
mountain dew is mostly popular in youngsters.

Use rate: Mountain dew has light users because it is new in market
and has a unique flavor as compared to coke and Pepsi.
Awareness status: Mountain Dew is targeting young generation so
that’s why it has enthusiastic users because mostly customers are
looking for new and unique flavor.
Brand Loyalty: Mountain dew has some loyal customers because it
has many senior competitors like coke, Fanta, Pepsi etc

Time: rush
Objective: personal people use dew personally as they think it as an
energy drink, which makes you more motivated and active.
Person: self, friends

Mountain dew provides targets its market segmentation on basis of
convenience sampling system people can take Mountain dew where
ever they want like in ads they go for hiking on mountains, they go for
motor boat racing etc.
Mountain Dew use Psychographic-demographic segmentation in
hybrid segmentation scheme. Company aware the people about the
product by advertising its campaigns on media.
McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast
food restaurants, serving nearly 47 million customers daily. At one
time it was the largest global restaurant chain, but it has since been
surpassed by multi-brand operator Yum! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell and
others) and sandwich chain Subway. McDonald’s primarily sells
hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, French fries, breakfast
items, soft drinks, milkshakes, and desserts. In response to obesity
trends in Western nations and in the face of criticism over the
healthiness of its products, the company has modified its menu to
include healthier alternatives such as salads, wraps and fruit.



Life cycle
McDonald’s has targeted children, youth singles and the young urban
McDonald’s is attracting the young urban families wanting to spend
some quality time while their children have fun at the outlet
Mostly youngsters and kids are target, so to attract children McDonalds
has Happy Meal with which toys ranging from hot wheels to various
Walt Disney characters are given.
At several outlets, it also provides special facilities like ‘Play Place’
where children can play arcade games, air hockey, etc.
Mostly target is under age 5-6, 12-15, 15-20 and over.
McDonalds have segmented its services to males as well as females.
McDonalds has mostly segmented its market to the school and college
going students.
McDonalds has targeted mostly middle class and upper class urban
families who can afford its luxury meal.

Psychographic segmentation
Needs-motivation: The luxury services of McDonalds fulfill the needs
of self worth.
Personality: McDonalds mostly segments is market to extrovert
people who usually hang out with friends and family in restaurants and
other enjoyment places.
Motivation slogans: McDonalds provides motivative slogans to
attract its customers and make a good image in the minds of the
customers like
These are one of the famous slogans of McDonalds through these
slogans McDonalds is attracting its customers and making a good
image in the minds of the customers, McDonalds has segmented on
basis of making relationship with the customers and making them
believe that they are on the rite place.
Geographic Segmentation
In Pakistan McDonalds is giving its services in Lahore, Karachi,
Islamabad, Quetta, and Faisalabad and world wide McDonalds is giving
its services to almost more than 40 countries the main host of
McDonalds is New York.
Use rate: medium users
Awareness status: mostly people are aware of McDonalds and are
interested to have services of McDonalds.
Brand Loyalty: McDonalds have strong loyal customers.

Time: leisure
Objective: fun
Person: self, family members, friends, peer

McDonalds provides luxury meals which have value of money.
McDonald’s fast food chain (Service company) uses hybrid
segmentation rather then relying on single segmentation base.
In psychographic and demographic profiles McDonalds gets powerful
information about the people, their thinking pattern and lifestyle. As a
result they advertise their campaigns according to the people lifestyle
pattern and reach its target customer effectively.
Moreover McDonald using Geodemographic segmentation and they
advertise campaigns through Direct-mailing, Local Cable networks,
school, colleges, universities, etc. by this they know about the lifestyle
of people by grouping based, by Credit-cards (get information about
customer and get to know about his neighbors)