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Saturday, December 12, 15


1. What are the main challenges you see for the Marketing area for the next term at
the national and local level? Please select 3 top strategies that will both cover the
challenges and boost our growth in AIESEC in Indonesia

2.Make one simple analysis of applicants in our ORS system, divided by program and explain
what would be your strategy to smartly convert them to be participants (consider OGX side
in this case)
3.What would be your focus as MCVP OGX OP and what would be your strategy to coach/
support and boost the growth in local entity. Be brief, considering 3 points of improvement
in LCs, considering maturity
4. What is your strategy to engage more Indonesian youth with YouthSpeak? How can we
place YouthSpeak into the core of AIESEC operations?

Saturday, December 12, 15

OGX Operation/Customer

1. Critically evaluate the current state and proposed direction of the OGX areas of
AIESEC in Indonesia. Numerically, what potential does each (oGCDP and oGIP) area
have in the 2016/2017 term?

2. What is your BIG idea to make AIESEC in Indonesia OGX Operations grow by leaps and
bounds such that Indonesia can become a BIG AIESEC entity that competes with other
HUGE entities? (Such as Brazil, India, Mainland of China etc)
3. What are your strategy for international relations? How we can make and shape it to be
more relevant to Indonesia market? Considering Indonesia key trends in our current market.
4. Evaluate our customer experience in the current state? What are the key main
improvements from you so we can turn into a customer-centric organization. So we can
ensure all of our customer can have the best experience.

Saturday, December 12, 15