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Content Lesson Plan and Assessment

Content Area or Developmental Focus: Math

Age/Grade of Children: 5 years old/ Kindergarten
Length of Lesson: One Week

To recognize, count, and sort numbers and objects by the end of the week


Students will be able to count up to 10, recognize the numbers in order and
distinguish objects, learn to count the days of the week, and to match sets of
State of Virginia has not adopted any required standards, but each county has
its own standards. Students are expected to demonstrate counting and
cardinality, number and operations in base ten, measurement and data,
geometry, and mathematical practices.

Standards Included


Number flyers, number blocks, shape blocks, Cleos Counting Book by

Caroline Mockford, and a calendar.


Hello Class! This week we will be revising the numbers and shapes concepts.
Does anyone know their numbers 1-10? Wait for responses. Today we will
learn how to count 1-10, how to sort the numbers out in order, recognize the
shapes, and we will also be reading some number books, does anybody know
their shapes as well? Wait for response. Take out different shapes from a
block tote and show them to the classroom. We will first start with numbers in
ascending order, and then we will do them in descending order. We will also
use shape blocks to count.

Lesson Development

Read Cleos Counting Book out loud with the students, and count the
pictures on the book with them.
Point out the grammar writing of the numbers.
Count with them in ascending order, repeating it twice.
Count with them in descending order, repeating it twice also.
Ask them what each number looks like by pointing it in the book.
Grab the shape blocks and use that as counting objects.
Have students work on number tracing worksheets.
ELL Learners: Along with the student responses, I will use my numbers
flyers to point out what the numbers are.


Gifted Learners: During individual activities, students will be given a 1-10

numbers worksheet. This worksheet will help them write the numbers by
allowing them to trace along the dotted lines.

(Practice/ Checking for


Remediation: Students that are struggling with the number sequence will have
a one-on-one time with me. They will have my support throughout the
Explain to students that they will have the chance to make their own
number book to show that they understand the order and sequence.
Pass out scrapbook for each student to make their own book.
Ask them to name their number book, choosing any theme they want
(example; fishes, dogs, cats, dinosaurs, etc.)
Then have them write in each page different numbers from 1-10.
They will then draw out their theme of choice to depict those numbers
(example; number 4four flowers drawn, etc.)
While they are working independently, walk around and record daily
log of the understanding of the numbers, and which ones were able to
complete their number scrapbooks successfully. If needed, provide support for
students that are struggling with the number concepts.
Bring students together in the reading area of the classroom. Ask them to
share their scrapbooks with the classroom. Ask them to share why they chose
that theme to work within their number scrapbooks. Summarize what each
student shared in their scrapbooks, and repeat the number sequence in
ascending and descending order. Students must first understand the sequence
before entering the next weeks math objective.