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Mahum Tah-Ta, Lagavana, the Blue

Monks and Franz Bardon

The headquarters (Lagavana) of the blue monks


(shown at the Franz Bardon 100 anniversary exhibition in Opava)

Mahum Tah-Ta

Initiator and Master of the Blue Monks

(from Dieter Ruggeburgs site:

In an interview to Dieter Ruggeburg in July 2000, Dr Lumir Bardon revealed that Mahum Tah-Ta was
Franz Bardons teacher. Dr Bardon further confirmed this view to Martin Faulks in an interview in July
In Memories of Franz Bardon Lumir recalls that his father mentioned his previous incarnation as a
monk in Tibet and his teacher in Tibet, referring It would seem, to Mahum Tah-Ta.
The outline of the Lagavana temple was used on the cover of the English Ruggeburg editions of Initiation
Into Hermetics. Lagavana, it seems may be another name for the mythical Shambhala.

25th August 2010