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Motivation Letter

I am writing this letter to unfold myself to express my feeling and why I need to the valuable
subject International masters in Industrial Management (IMIM)? I chose it for my professional
career to succeed with knowledge as power and to uplift the socio- economic status of the
society and for contribution towards the improvement of the environment. Therefore I am
representing myself as deserving candidate from country Nepal for the Erasmus Mundas
scholarship program in International Masters in Industrial Management. And I would like share
my feelings regarding the status of my countrys Industrial Management.
Once I had completed my studies in Proficiency in science, I switch my career in the field of civil
Engineering due to keenness on how the structure is design and create. I had completed four
years Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from the renowned Institute of Nepal, the Institute
of Engineering Pulchowk Campus in year 2002. I had played active role in the university with
the seniors in different engineering expos, field visit, games as a commanding leader and try to
learn how to improve the process with the team members. I enjoy a lot with Civil Engineering
subjects, the calculations, design and simulation , using a judgment in a design, understanding
the philosophy of the theory and to see what if scenario and the worst condition of the system
due to the influencing factors that should take in consideration for the successful design. I am
always keen to learn the experience, lesson learned from the past projects that encounter in the
real world in context of my country Nepal and discuss with my professors the consequences
effect and the how they overcome.
I am motivated with the state of art technology education necessary for the successful
implementation of the projects and turning it to the organization operation process for meeting
desired expectation of the Business case. The Key features program and to prepare student
with vision of tackle the problem before they arise with support of real hands on experience with
close collaboration with the European companies laying strong foundation for student is so
much interesting and to complete master thesis. I can see how Europe developed their country
through those processes and benefited following the strategy of frame work for industry sector. I
must say, to be frank with you, here in my country Nepal, we are facing eighteen hours load
shading problem per day, even though we are famous for the second largest country in the
water resources in the world. The extended deadline of water supply projects, hydropower, and
shutdown of sugar production industries, garment Industry, agricultural tool production
industries, irrigation system, and negative revenue cost generation and most of all the poor
knowledge and practice in Industrial Management and in-sufficient resources accounts for those
actions. I have experienced the pollution from the industry sector due to improper chose of
technology causing the health hazards to the local people and even effecting the natural
environment where we breathe. I am afraid if it cannot be addressed in time the gradual
increase of Himalaya temperature with +0.65 degree centigrade causing the avalanches
ultimately damage, washout of hydropower plant in Nepal. I hope I can contribute and
addressed those problems towards the improvement in efficiency of the system with good
management practice of Industrial Management after completing this course.

During my professional work I am always conscious on how to run the project smoothly, tackle
the problems, analysis of risks associated within the projects and successful hands off the
completed projects in the mid level scale. I had always taken upmost importance and care for
zero accident rates in the project works. I read the article, journals and took participate in
seminars, free online courses offer by Universities in Project Management to update my
knowledge. My expertise in overseas experiences of civil engineering in Qatar for five years in
construction Industry and Project Management glimpse view of European company working in
Qatar gave me additional benefit for the international market exposure and working in multi
culture environment. I would like to serve my country Nepal after completing the Masters and
want to work even through voluntarily services and like to share valuable information through
conducting seminars and through joining the University to prepare more qualified candidates

I would like to introduce myself as a simple man who can be adjusted with all the multicultural
friends from all over the world without any hesitation to accept their customs and to enjoy with
respect their values and statement. Studying IMIM is not only studying with multinational
students but it is accepting and working through the legal discipline. But whatever is the
condition I enjoy making friends from all over the world in to be sit in one palace through
Erasmus Mundas to use knowledge gain and grab the opportunities to uplift the development of
the country. I hope the study of this course in four different university in Europe: Universidad
Politcnica de Madrid (Madrid, Spain), Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy), Heriot-Watt
University (Edinburgh, UK) and Technische Universitaet Muenchen (Munich, Germany) worth
much for me and I deserve it for the sustainable development of my country Nepal and to be
answered myself with all the clearance of confusions under the guidance of the best professors
expertise in their respective field . I want to see and feel the European ethics and culture and
want to explore the idols of the history, enjoy architecture of cities and to see the idols of soccer
games who cheer the people of the world with the feelings of the patriotism. I am very much
attracted towards world famous treasures Leonardo Da Vincis painting and similarly
reconstructed city of Milan nearly destroyed by heavy bombing during Second World War. I
want to watch the spectacular view of Italian Grand Prix formula 1 car racing, San Fermin
festival of the running bull, Edinburgh International Festival where I can see the world class
performer of music, theater, opera and dance from all over the world in a single platform for the
flowering of human spirit. The teaching of manuscripts of Sanskrit in Germany reminds me our
ancient history.
In my opinion I am one of the deserving candidates for this scholarship to study worlds
renowned subject IMIM through Erasmus Mundas Scholarship. I would like to pledge that your
donation of education for me fetches worth to uplift the prestige of Erasmus Mundas.