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ENGL 3060 Unit 3: Instructions

In this assignment, you will create a set of instructions for performing a simple task, test those
instructions, revise them, and create a memo detailing your work process. Things to keep in mind
when choosing your task:
1. It should be something that you have some degree of expertise in.
2. It should be something that can be tested in the classroom in 10 minutes or less. If a computer is
necessary, it can be provided.
3. I would encourage you to use good taste in choosing the task. Consider your ethos and the
rhetorical situation in which you find yourself. Specifically, you are in a writing class in college.
Also, try not to create a dangerous situation with your testing.
4. I expect you to create a multi-step set of instructions with some graphic element. It should be
between one and five pages. If your task is too simple, too complex, or too graphically
demanding, you may have trouble meeting this requirement.
After choosing your task, you will
I. Compose your user-friendly instructions using sound design principles as discussed in class and
as found in your readings. I ask that your design include some useful graphic element.
II. Create a Prezi in order to present your instructions in action (you will take turns presenting in
III. Revise your instructions according to the feedback you received.
IV. Turn in your final instructions and Prezi.
Classmates and teacher
Instructions, presentation, prezi
Due Dates:
Drafting: Thursday, March 10
Presentations: Tuesday, March 22, Thursday March 24, and Thursday March 29th
Final Draft due: Thursday, March 17