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Name: Mikayla Freyling

Email address:

Hometown: Caledonia, MI
Class standing: Junior
Major: Elementary Special Education Learning

Autobiographical information:
Family and interests
I am the youngest in my wonderful family of four people (dad, mom, and sister). My
interests include being outside (enjoying all the Michigan seasons), riding horses, snowmobiling,
going to the beach, spending time with friends and family, and swimming competitively. My
love for competitive swimming began my freshman year of high school, and now I am on the
swim team here at Hope College. Once I found swimming to be an enjoyable, extracurricular
activity, I could not wait to share my love of the sport with others. Currently, I work as a
lifeguard, swim lesson instructor, and coach. I look forward to helping the younger ones learn
life lessons and create great work ethic and dedication. Being able to stand by their side as they
strive to accomplish their set goals and meet their full potential only fills me with delight. God
truly has revealed himself through the talents he has blessed me with as I use them to bless
Special Education
My mother is a kindergarten teacher, so in some ways, I am following in her footsteps.
Babysitting, reading books to children, volunteering in my church nursery, helping out in my
moms classroom, and teaching kids how to swim and ride horses have become passions of mine.
These interactions with people have aided in my decision to become a teacher. More specifically,
special education has tugged at my heart over the past few years. Throughout my high school
career, I participated in peer tutoring. Incredible relationships were built as I played games and
ate lunch with students with special needs, helped them with their school work, and connected
with each child individually. In addition to participating in these school programs, I also
volunteered my time at a horse stable in Rockford, Michigan. The Equest Center for Therapeutic
Riding is an amazing organization which allows individuals with disabilities of many ages to
receive needed therapy all on the back of a horse. People with special needs have always put a
smile on my face and become such a blessing in my life. Now, as I study special education at
Hope College, words cant express how wonderful the program has been. My experiences with
field placements, professors, students, and classes have only solidified my desire to head into this
field. I truly cannot wait to have a classroom of my own.

Below is a list of all the field placements and experiences I have already had.
School and District



Placement for

Waukazoo Elementary


Mr. Christopher

Ed Psych

Ready For Life

College SPED

Emily Perton

Exceptional Child

Pine Creek Elementary


Ms. Heather Field

Literacy 1

Holland West


Mrs. Kristen Pratley

Literacy 2

Todd County Elementary

(Mission, SD)

Exceptional Ed

Kim Kearns

May Term Trip


Creekside Middle

8th (ELA & Math)

Resource Room

Mrs. Cory Timmer

Introduction to
Learning Disabilities

Lincoln Elementary

Resource Room
(Grades 3-5)

Mrs. Meri VanAuken

10-Hour Block

Zeeland Quest


Amy Funk

Curriculum &

The Equest Center

Every Age

Kathy Ryan


Meadow Brook


Mrs. Marcy Freyling