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Evaluation 1 In what ways does our media product use,

develop or challenge forms and conventions of real

media products?
The task we had been set for our Unit G324 Advance Portfolio was to
produce a short film in its entirety, lasting approximately five minutes,
which will be live action, together with two of the following three options:
A poster for the film;
A radio trailer for the film;
A film magazine review page featuring the film.
My group and I had put together multiple ideas raging from horror, action,
thriller but we chose to settle with drama in the end. The general synopsis
of the film was that of Daniel, an 18-year-old double amputee who lost
both his legs in an accident and is now on a wheelchair. He has given up
on life and has become a distant figure, doing his best to avoid everyone
and everything. One day he wakes up and decides to wander about in his
neighbourhood. His day keeps getting worse by the minute and he only
had one though in his mind; suicide.
The setting for the production was Daniels house and the general public
e.g. the train station. This was done in order not only put emphasis on his
disability but also to add a sense of realism i.e. showing how his normal
days are; waking up to an empty house and having missed calls from his
Generally speaking, the audience should have been able to distinguish
between the general settings in which the scene cut between which shows
that we had followed the general codes and conventions of the typical
genre of a drama as it was arguably a typical setting.
Costume & Props
We ensured that the costumes used throughout the sequence were of the
typical conventions, that a teenager would wear i.e. hoody, joggers,
trainers. This would allow the audience to keep up with the story following
the lead, a teenager life.