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Thuvaaragan Kuruparan

What have you learned from your audiences feedback?

Thuvaaragan Kuruparan

The feedback I had gathered from my target audience was extremely

important as it gave me an idea on how I can improve next time around. It
will allow me to improve my next production as well as the feedback
allowing us to be aware of what exactly our target audience enjoyed about
the film and what can be improved.
The feedback from our audience came in through the form of word of
mouth, recorded feedback over internet i.e. the use of Survey Monkey
and also data from both our pre and post questionnaire.
Overall, the video put together using a focus group was to answer
questions based on our film and what they made of it. I did this to ensure
that our target audience knew what our production was about, its genre
and also to see how they felt about it.
Luckily, I received the the feedback I had hoped for, all being extremely
positive. The audiences view was that the film was a drama which meant
that it was intentional to make them feel sad and sympathize with the
main lead, Daniel. I also hoped that the audience enjoyed the production
despite how emotional it had got them.
The online pre/post questionnaire created using Survey Monkey was ideal
as it meant our target audience could simply visit our blog and fill out the
questionnaires. This was an extremely effective way of collecting data as
it wasnt time consuming.
Below are both the pre and the post questionnaires that we did in relation
to our production Broken

Thuvaaragan Kuruparan

Having gathered the data, the group was pleased with the results -

Thuvaaragan Kuruparan

Responses to the pre-questionnaire questions

We had a mixture of males and females from range of age
groups. The video attached above also demonstrates this.
We provided options within the age range for our prequestionnaire and the responses we had were fairly spread
out with most coming from the category of audience aged
from 16 to 18.
Majority of the people that took part in the questionnaire
also said that their favorite genre was drama which
worked in our favor as our film was a drama. This also
mean that there was a high chance of the audience
understanding our narrative better and liking it.
The majority also agreed that the film genre was clear
after reading the synopsis, meaning that we had met used
some codes and conventions of the genre.
They also agreed that the synopsis gave them a clear idea
of the story which meant that it wasnt too confusing. This
was also god news as this could only increase the
popularity of our film between our audience.
The majority preferred the lead to be a male and therefore
we also pleased the audience in that area.
Overall, the outcome of the pre-questionnaire worked in our
favor and the majority of they audience liked the idea which
meant that we didnt have to change a lot about our
Responses to the post-questionnaire questions
Like the pre-questionnaire, the post questionnaire also had
a mixture of males and females from a range of age
groups. The video demonstrates this.
Majority of the audience agreed that our short film was a
drama which was the response we wanted. This meant
that they understood the story after watching the film and
most likely enjoyed it.
Majority thought that the acting and the storyline were the
best aspects of our short film.

Thuvaaragan Kuruparan

They also agreed that the location used and the sound too
What went well
I was extremely happy with
the final outcome of my short
film as I believe it was of high

Even better if
I did however feel that there
were certain aspects of the
film that we could improve on.
One of these was the shots.
Some shots were out of focus
and more attention should
have been paid to this.
One of my favorite aspect was Another element that we
the acting. I thought the
could improve on is the
acting was outstanding and a sound. I thought that some of
majority of the audience all
the sound effects used either
agreed with this.
werent too realistic or didnt
really match the scene.
Finally, I was pleased with
One last thing we couldve
how well I worked with the
done to make our production
production team in the prebetter was show a bit more of
production stage.
Daniels background. I think
that this would have
strengthened the narrative
and also add emphasis on
how emotional it got the
were appropriate.
However, 70% thought that the font used in the
production werent suitable and that we could improve on
it. Finally, 50% of the audience said that certifying the film
12 was the right choice.
Overall, I feel as if the results of the post-questionnaire were
50/50 which meant that there were elements of the production
we as a group could improve on. Also, through the results, I was
able to analyze y own work in response to those in the short
video had collated