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He was walking along the street. It was 5 p.m. The late autumn sun was
He was thinking about the case. Something in it was wrong. A detail or two
did not match.
He did not notice that it started to rain.
At 5 p.m yesterday Mark was sitting in the cinema. He was drinking Coca
Cola and he was eating popcorn. The film was so exciting that he did not
notice how he upset the popcorn packet onto the floor.

The teachers (they) were on the beach yesterday

No, it was not. The beach was full in the morning
They were swimming a lot and they were lying on the sand
They were sailing a boat in the afternoon
They were eating on the beach in the evening
No, it was not. The beach was almost empty in the evening. (the beach
was not very full in the evening)

7. When were Myriam and her family (they) having dinner?

8. Why was Bob walking home?
9. When was Mister Logan driving home?
Who was driving home at half past seven?
10.Where were the children playing?
11.Where was Claire doing?
12.She was sitting on a chair
Was she sitting on a chair?
13. You were packing your bag
Were you packing your bag?
14.His head was aching
Was his head aching?
15.We were drinking tea
Were we drinking tea?
16.You were repairing the bike
Were you repairing the bike?
17.(+) Caron was eating
18.(?) Was Caron doing?
19. (-) You were not singing
20.(?) Were you doing?
21.We were dancing
22.The dog was barking
23.The printer was printing out a photograph
24.The pupils were writing a test
25.Sue and Gareth were walking up the hill.



Mr and Mrs Twotoes (walk) were walking along the beach with their dog Claw.
Suddenly the wind (start) started to blow. It (lift) lifted an old plastic bag from the
ground. Claw the dog (want) wanted to catch it. It (run) was running from one
side to the other. Then it suddenly (run) ran out of sight.
Jeremy and Pamela (dance) were dancing exuberantly when their children (come)
came home. They (explain) explained that the music on the radio was so good that
they (can) could not sit on the sofa. So they (start) started to dance.


Peter was at home yesterday. He was helping his mother in the morning. Then he
was playing with some friends in the street. In the afternoon he was writing a long
letter to a friend. And in the evening he was listening to some CDs.
1. Where was Peter yesterday? He was at home
2. What was he doing in the morning? He was helping his mother
3.When was he writing a long letter? He was writing a long letter in the afternoon
4. What was he listening to in the evening? He was listening to some CDs
5. Was he helping his mother in the afternoon? No, he wasnt helping his mother
in the afternoon.


Questions with Interrogatives

Ask for the information in the bold part of the sentence.
1. Henry was living in London last year. Where was Henry living last year?
2. Anita was working at a restaurant last week. When was Anita working at a
3. Ricky was waiting for Holly. Who was Ricky waiting for?
4. Sarah was singing a song. Who was singing a song?
5. Joe was reading a book. What was Joe reading?


Write sentences in past continuos.

1. he / the car / wash He was washing the car.
2. she / home / go She was going home.
3. they / not / the match / watch They were not watching the match.
4. you / in the shop / work You were working in the shop.

5. I / not / a magazine / read I was not reading a magazine.


Complete the table in past continous





It was raining.

It was not raining.

Was it raining?

They were playing.

They were not playing.

Were they playing?


Was / Were ?
1. She was sick
2. The men were hooligan
3. The car was outdated
4. My father and I were working.