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English 1302

Spring 2016 Supplemental Syllabus

Instructor: Judy Drazan
Office: Rm 456

M 9:30- 10:50 a.m., Rm 306

M 11:00 a.m.-12:20 p.m., Rm 306
Office hours: T 10-12, R 12-3, and by appt.

For a complete class overview and syllabus, please consult First-Year Writing: Writing in the
Disciplines, Texas Techs English 1301/1302 Textbook (Ninth Custom Edition 2015-2016)
pages xxiii-xxxvi.
Texts and Required Materials:
First-Year Writing: Writing in the Disciplines, Texas Techs English 1301/1302
Textbook (Ninth Custom Edition 2015-2016)
The St. Martins Handbook (TTU E-Custom Edition)
Electronic storage media to hold copies of all work completed and submitted for the
Access to a computer with Internet capabilities
Notebook or loose-leaf paper for notes and homework
Pen or pencil
Course Goals and Objectives:
English 1302 focuses on persuasive writing and writing from sources. Students will build on the
skills learned in English 1301 as they conduct preliminary research and write a literature review,
develop claims for argument, compile and evaluate evidence and support for their claims, learn
to recognize and avoid fallacious reasoning, and gain a better understanding of the role of
language in argument. Students will also conduct academic research using both print and
electronic resources, evaluate and incorporate source material into an argument, and practice
citing that material appropriately.
Key Information:
You will meet one day weekly with your classroom instructor.
You will turn in all assignments, except weekly homework assigned by your classroom
instructor, through Raider Writer. You will access your graded assignments in Raider
Writer, as well.
You will have 24/7 access to your grades and attendance records throughout the
Weebly: The instructor uses a Weebly site to communicate with students outside of the
classroom. is the site your instructor will use to post
the supplemental syllabus, assignment instructions, PowerPoint presentations, handouts and
other information relevant to the course.

Policies and Procedures:

Regular attendance is required in this class. Students are given two unexcused absences to use at
their discretion. After your second absence, 5% of your final grade will be deducted for each
additional absence. Students should notify the instructor via email if they are unable to attend
class. Please see page xxxii in First-Year Writing for further information on attendance.
Please plan to be on time to class every day. After the first week of class, the instructor will begin
to keep track of tardies. If you must come to class late, enter the classroom quietly and take your
seat as quickly as possible. If you arrive after roll has been taken, you are responsible for letting
the instructor know at the end of class that you were late and not absent.
If you arrive 20 minutes or more late to class, you will not receive participation points for that
day. If tardiness becomes excessive (five or more tardies), the instructor reserves the right to
lower the class participation portion of your grade.
Classroom Decorum:
Students are expected to bring the appropriate books and materials to class and have read
or written what is assigned for the day. Focused classroom discussion is vital to
developing critical thinking skills, so students are expected to be ready and willing to
discuss ideas with other students and the instructor.
Be attentive: do not do homework for other classes, read non-class related materials,
or chat with your classmates while the instructor or other students are speaking.
These behaviors are disruptive, and the instructor will speak with you about them
privately if they become habitual.
Please remember to turn off cell phones and remove headphones before class. If an
emergency situation will require you to receive a cell phone call during class, please
inform the instructor at the beginning of class and leave the room when your call comes
through. You should also sit close to the door.
Laptop computers are NOT allowed during normal classroom activitythis rule
may be lifted if the student has a waiver from student disability services or receives
special permission from the instructor. Beverages in covered containers are acceptable
in class, but please do not eat in class unless you have a special medical condition that
you have previously discussed with the instructor.
If you must leave early, please let the instructor know at the beginning of class.
In general, please help to create a pleasant and productive learning environment by
treating your classmates and the instructor with the same respect and consideration that
you want them to show to you.
Your participation in, and out, of the classroom is a key part of your overall grade for the course.
Participation is worth almost 20% of your final grade (weighted as much as a draft). In order to
receive a satisfactory participation grade, students must do one or more of the following
behaviors each week in addition to the weekly in-class participation activity:

Participate in class/group discussions

Professionally email the instructor with a specific question about that weeks class
Attend a Writing Center tutoring appointment
Visit the instructor during her office hours
Attend an open tutoring session

Academic Honesty:
Plagiarism issues, including what it is and how to prevent it from occurring will be discussed at
length in class. See pages xxxiii-xxxiv in First-Year Writing for further discussion of academic
Recycled Papers:
Students may not recycle papers from any previous classes. All English 1302 assignments must
be written specifically for this class.
Grading Criteria:
Detailed grading information, provided on pages xxx-xxii in First-Year Writing, will be
discussed early in the semester, before papers have been assigned.
In both English 1301 and 1302, your assignments will be assessed anonymously by a group
of qualified instructors via the Raider Writer interface. These instructors include current
and/or past M.A. and Ph.D. students as well as faculty in the TTU English programs. Brief
assignments, peer critiques, and writing reviews are graded by one instructor, and all
major drafts in the class receive at least two reads in order to obtain an average score.
When you submit to Raider Writer, one of the instructors assigned to your course will receive
your final assignment and begin the grading process. The earlier your turn in your
assignment, the earlier you will receive your gradegrading takes place on a first come
first serve basis.
Late Assignments:
All assignments must be turned in online by 11:59:59 p.m. on the date stipulated in the online
syllabus. If you have trouble submitting your work online for any reason, email your instructor
and include a copy of your completed assignment, along with an explanation of the technical
problem, prior to the deadline for the assignment. You will be expected to turn in the assignment
to Raider Writer at a later date. Late assignments will receive the following deductions:
1-3 days late: 5 points will be deducted per day late.
4 or more days late: starting on the fourth day, the penalty increases to 10 points per day
Raider Writer:
The first-year writing program uses the Raider Writer course-management software for
submission and grading of assignments. For further information, please read page xxxv in FirstYear Writing.

Any student who, because of a disability, may require special arrangement in order to meet the
course requirements should contact the instructor as soon as possible to make any necessary
arrangementsPlease note: instructors are not allowed to provide classroom accommodations to
a student until appropriate verification from Student Disability Services has been provided. For
additional information, please contact Student Disability Services in West Hall or call
806.742.2405. (