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Nokia BSC3i Diagnosing the BCSU

Below are steps in troubleshooting the BCSU of a defective plug-in unit. Read notes below for
ESD requirements
Example. Replacing a plug-in unit in BCSU-0
1. Check the computer unit working state.
2. If a unit is in working state WO, change the working state to SP. After the calls handled
by the unit have ended, its state changes automatically to SP-EX. Change the working
state first to TE and then to SE.
3. Switch off the cartridge power supply.
4. Remove the plug-in unit from the cartridge.
5. Check the interchangeability of the new plug-in unit.
6. Check the strappings of the new plug-in unit.
7. Insert the new plug-in unit.
8. Switch on the cartridge power supply.
9. Change the computer unit working state to TE.
10. Start the total diagnosis of the unit.
11. Check the diagnostics results.
12. Change the computer unit working state to SP (or WO).
13. Check the alarms.
See figure below in inserting a plug-in unit