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Applied English Phonology

Mehmet Yava
Now fully updated with the latest research and references, the
third edition of Applied English Phonology provides a detailed,
accessible introduction to the English sound system.

Publishing December 2015

Paperback ISBN: 9781118944523 | $44.95 | 304pp
E-Books Available

Discusses the fundamental concepts of English phonology,

from phonetic elements, phonemics, and allophonic rules
of English consonants and vowels to phonotactics, stress,
and intonation

Includes new coverage of waveform analysis, bilingual

phonology, code-switching, and loan phonology

Expands discussions of L1 contrastive phonological

structures and markedness

Supports students and instructors with sound files for

transcription exercises and an instructors manual, available
at (on publication)

Praise for Applied English Phonology

The go-to source for anyone seeking an authoritative,
practical perspective on the English sound system. Readers
will find it packed with accessible descriptions and
explanations accompanied by carefully selected examples and
exercises. A superb choice for a class text or reference book!
- Murray J. Munro, Simon Fraser University
"A real gem. This volume is designed to ensure student
learning. It has everything: sound files, easy to follow
summaries, exercises and problems, a comprehensive
glossary, and extended readings. The most current theoretical
perspectives are not only represented, but accessible. It's
refreshing to come across a text that is as well packaged as
this one!" - Judith A. Gierut, Indiana University

An excellent textbook for an applied phonetics course in

TESOL or applied linguistics. Its transparent language and clear
explanations make it easily accessible to undergraduate and
graduate students doing work on various aspects of phonetics,
while it also serves as an excellent resource for instructors and
students in related fields.
- Ferenc Bunta, University of Houston

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Mehmet Yava is a Professor of Linguistics at Florida International University, USA. He has published numerous articles on applied
phonology, and he is the author of Unusual Productions in Phonology: Universals and Language-Specific Considerations (2015),
Phonology: Development and Disorders (1998), First and Second Language Phonology (1994), Phonological Disorders in Children
(1991), and Avaliacao fonologica da crianca (1990), a phonological assessment procedure for Brazilian Portuguese.