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ENGL 1020 Spring 2016 Composition II

Assignment 3: Project Outline & Annotated Bibliography

Elizabeth Kent
For this assignment, you will create a 3-4 page outline of your paper that must include:
a working title, intended strategy for introducing your paper, a working thesis
statement, how you will organize your entries and support (background, competing
perspectives, and perspective in agreement with their topic), and the intended
concluding strategy.
For each section (including the title) you must include the reason(s) behind your
selection/decision. As an example, if you plan to use a quote as an introductory
technique to hook your audience, you do not necessarily need to have the quote
selected; however, you need to be able to explain why you want to use a quote to
introduce your paper. What does using a quote as an introductory technique bring to
your argument?
You must also include an annotated bibliography of your sources. Very similar to the
previous assignments structure, an annotated bibliography should list all of your
sources and give a brief 100-150 word description of that source. The difference for this
assignment is that, as a part of your research project, this should be (or, at the very least,
begin to be) the material that will create the building blocks for your argument. There
should be at least 10 different sources that make it into this assignment, and I expect to
see 8 of those in your paper. Only two of these can be movies, music, and other popular
culture sources. You need at least one book and four journal articles.
Rhetorical Situation
Audience: A peer who is unfamiliar with your topic and current direction of your
Genre: A complex outline
Purpose: To begin mapping your argument and show interaction with sources
Due Date
First Draft/Peer Review: In class March 24
Final Draft: March 25 by 11:59pm to Weebly site