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Fight them, and Allah will punish

them with your hands, and degrade them and grant

you victory over them. And heal (the pain) in the chest
of the believers and remove anger (accumulated) in
their hearts and accept the repentance from the one who
wishes it so. And AllahKnowing Sage
(Repentance, 14-15)
If Allah supports you, then no one
can overcome you. If He takes his support away from you
then who will help you instead of Him?
May the believers put their trust in Allah.
(The Family of Imran 16)
Among those who believe, there are men who are faithful
to the covenant that they made with Allah.
Among them, there are those , who have already
fulfilled their obligations, and those who are
still waiting, but they do not betray their
covenant . (Sonmy, 23)
Indeed, Allah has dominion over
the sky and of the earth. He Gives life and killeth.
Without Allah, you have no guardian, and no
(At-Taubah, 116)
March forth, whether this is easy for you
or burdensome, and fight on your path toward Allah,
with your property and with your souls. This way will be
better for you, if you only knew. (Taubah, 41)

For truly, the prophet (may Allah bless him, and welcome him)
has explained that Muslims, in their mutual love and mutual
mercy, are like one body, and if one of the organs
becomes ill, then the whole body becomes
ill with fever and sleeplessness.
Muslims are destroyed, their blood is spilled
night and day, o brothers
All we need is Allah, and o how perfect
is this guardian
O Allah, you are our relief, and our hope!

O our Lord, we do not hope for any relief,

except for that which is coming from you!
There is no strength or power in anyone, except
The Almighty Allah says:
Do not fear people, fear me, and do not
sell my revelations for a small price. Those
who do not make decisions in accordance with
what was written by Allah,
are unbelievers. (5;44)
They will fight on their way to Allah, and
do not fear condemnation (5;54)