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Green Architecture 2015-2016

Course Description: Todays students have grown up in an age of green choices. In this unit, students
learn how to apply this concept to the fields of architecture and construction by exploring dimensioning,
measuring, and architectural sustainability as they design affordable housing units using Autodesks 3D
architectural design software.

Materials: Engineering Notebooks will be kept in class and will not be going home. Unless otherwise

announced, students should bring the following to class every day.

Pencil and Agenda

Grading and Assignments: Grades will be based primarily on:

Classwork, Participation, and Projects

Participation is a part of your grade and should be taken seriously. The participation grade consists of:
Raising your hand to volunteer for an answer or an activity
Staying on task during partner activities
Bringing all proper materials and supplies to class
Following classroom rules and procedures

Classroom Expectations and Behavior: Students are expected to

Raise your hand to participate and wait to be called on

Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself
Listen by having your voice off, eyes on the speaker, and hands/feet still
Work as a team and listen to all members
Use equipment safely and appropriately
Be prepared and fill out your agenda
Put things back where they belong
Use the handbook and discipline code to guide behavior
Remember....if you need help with the concepts or material please see me right away so that we can try to
overcome difficulty before it becomes overwhelming. You make talk with me before or after class and I am
also available after school in my classroom most days. Email is the best way to contact me,

Please sign below and have your child return this to Mrs. Massey.
Childs Name:_____________________________________________________


Parents Names:_______________________________________________
Im aware of the classroom expectations.
Parent Signature


Communication between home and school is a crucial to ensure your childs success in school. I will
communicate with you in the following ways:

Class Website~

Powerschool~ Please go to the office for your powerschool login information. A parent is required to
present their drivers license. This site should be viewed weekly to see the academic progress your
child is making in class.
E-mail~ Feel free to e-mail me if necessary. I will respond in a timely manner.
Office 365-Students have an Anchor Bay email login to access the files they are working on at school.
They can go to the click on Departments, Technology. Then on the right-hand
side of the screen click on Microsoft 365 link. This will take them to the log in page. Their login is their and the password is the one they use to login to the computers
at school.
The Project Lead the Way Learning Management System~ There is a Learning Management System
or LMS interface that the students will use to pick-up their work and submit their assignments. They will
have their user name and password taped in the front of their agenda and in the front of their
Engineering Notebook.

Absent Work: If your child is absent, it is their responsibility to find out what they missed and we will do
our best to get caught up in class. They can always check the and the LMS
from home to see if there is any work they can do. Since the program is online and they have access to
their files in Office 365 they should be able to work from home. Also, they are welcome to make
arrangements to come in at lunch to make up any work.
Late Work: Late work will be accepted up to five days after the due date and 10% off the grade earned
each day it is late. For example, 95% -2 days late = 75%

I look forward to a great Quarter!

Mrs. Massey
6-8 PLTW STEM Teacher

Questions, comments or concerns: