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1. The film is not as good as the novel.

The novel
2. The hairdresser cut my hair last week.
3. Lets go to the cinema on Tuesday, said Mary
Mary suggested
4. What a pity the weather was so bad last weekend
I wish
5. I havent seen a good movie for ages
6. John bought a new Rolls Royce.
7. That womans husband is my boss.
That is the woman
8. They have found the stolen money.
The stolen money
9. She divorced him because he was so terrible to her
If he
10. I have read this book, she said
She said
11. I am sure she knows you are here
12. I felt really tired, so I stayed at home
I stayed
13. I saw Frank two months ago
I havent
14. He forgot to phone his wife yesterday
He didnt remember
15. They are servicing my new car next week
16. If we dont meet next month, it will be too late
17. The trainer said: Molly, come back to the team!

The trainer told her

18. Ben drives 200 miles every day
19. Her jokes are not as good as his
His jokes
20. It is possible that well be together soon
21. People speak English all over the world
22. I am sorry I didnt tell him everything
I wish
23. Fiona is smiling in the picture. She is my boss.
24. Despite the fact that it was very hot, she was wearing her winter clothes.
25. Will you open the door, please? he said to me.
He asked
26. They gave John a prize for winning a medal in the las Olympics
27. I hadnt expected this task to be so difficult.
This task
28. I spoke to a shop assistant at Harrods. She was very polite.
The shop assistant
29. I cant go on holiday because I cant afford it.
If I
30. Despite the good weather, we stayed indoors.
31. Albert is coming back from hospital tomorrow. He has just broken his ankle.
32. How much is this T-shirt?, she asked.
She asked
33. If you want my advice, dont eat so many cakes!
34. I am sorry I didnt work hard enoufhg last year.
I wish

35. Although he was exhausted, he managed to finish reading the novel.

36. Gerad plays tennis twice a week.
37. If your boyfriend doesnt arrive before eight, we will have to leave.
38. The children couldnt go out to the playground because it was raining.
39. The last time we saw that movie was six months ago.
We have
40. Smoking is forbidden in most restaurants.
41. The shop assistant didnt give us the ticket.
42. Al swims faster than Peter.
43. She hasnt enjoyed herself so much for years.
It is years
44. Im going to the theatre tomorrow, and Im really looking forward to it.
Im really looking
45. Shes getting someone to mend the windows.
46. I thought it would be better than that.
Its not
47. Mary said to us Dont be late.
She told
48. She made a lot of mistakes because she didnt study hard for the exam.
If she
49. I am sorry I didnt remember your birthday.
I wish
50. He told us: Dont make so much noise!
51. As it was Friday, the children stayed up late.
The children

52. I have never read such an interesting book.

This is the
53. If you dont hurry up, you wont get tickets for the concert.
54. I have to wear a uniform whenever I work in front of the customers.
55. In my opinion, taking some exercice would be good for you.
56. The teacher didnt tell us the answer.
57. I last visited London fifteen years ago.
I havent
58. She asked me: What time does your party start?
She asked
59. Will you close the door when you leave, please?
Do you mind
60. We bought our tickets on the Web because it was much cheaper.
61. Sheila is 1.55 m tall. Her brother is 1.70 m tall.
Sheila is
62. Although is was cold, we went to the countryside.
In spite of
63. The hairdresser cut my hair yesterday morning.
64. This is the man. His dog bit my brother in the park.
This is the man
65. I didnt go to the gym yesterday because my foot hurt.
66. The teacher said: You have to hand your papers in at the end of this class.
The teacher
67. Where is the nearest cinema, please?
Could you tell me
68. I havent seen your wife for a long time.

69. He didnt revise for the test so he failed.

70. the ophthalmologist tests her eyes every year.
71. The Da Vinci Code is a best-seller. It was written by dan Brown.
The Da Vinci Code,
72. Mary goes swimming twice a week.
73. Although Orson was over seventy, he continued to cycle to work every day.
74. I havent read a play by George Bernad Shaw for eight years.
It is
75. Perhaps it would be better to go out in the afternoon, Sharons mother said.
Sharons mother recommended
76. The fireman managed the rescue the child from the burning house.
The fireman was
77. The police dont oblige the suspects to say anything.
The suspects
78. My grandfather is eighty-two years old.
79. Its such a pity you cant come along!
I wish
80. Bananas are more expensive than apples.
81. In spite of her beauty, she doesnt have a boyfriend.
82. I last had flu five years ago.
I havent
83. Im sure shes telling lies.
84. the teenager in red has broken the window.
The window
85. Where are your brothers, Sheila?
Peter asked

86. Perhaps they only open the museum in the morning.

87. The meat was better than the fish.
The fish
88. You can make green paint by mixing blue and yellow.
Green paint
89. I have been playing the piano for twenty years.
I started
90. I have English classes three times a week.
91. Steve advised me to tell Paul about it.
Steve suggested
92. I didnt make a note of it in my diary, so I forgot about it.
93. She lost the race in spite of running well.
94. Its possible that her boyfriend is coming to the wedding.
Her boyfriend
95. Beth hasnt smoked since last December.
Beth stopped
96. My new neighbours have got a baby. Her name is Wendy.
97. Can I go to the disco?, Tim asked his mother.
Tim asked his mother
98. Despite the fact that the questions were difficult, she got a high mark in her exam.
99. Its not neccesary for you to make your bed.
100. They will tell us the news tomorrow night.
101. I dont earn much money. Its a pity I cant buy a new car.
102. No other fictional secret agents are as famous as James Bond.
James Bond

103. I visited a village yesteerdya buy I did not like it.

104. He knows how to play golf.
105. It is ages since I last visited Russia
106. You wont understand the problem if you dont listen carefully.
107. Someone wil cut your hair tomorrow.
108. He visits his parents every Sunday.
109. You should post htese letters.
These letters
110. Although she was ill, she visited other countries.
111. I have never seen anything so beautiful, he said.
He said
112. Mary was sorry she ate so many cakes.
Mary wished
113. I have failed all my exams at the university because i didnt study enough.
114. I forgot to phone Lisa on her birthday.
I didnt remember
115. I would like to have more free time these days,.
I wish
116. I met that famous writer a year ago.
Its been a year
117. Wendy didnt study for her test. Therefore, she failed.
118. Dont speak so loud, please, she said to the students.
119. Se wont buy that house because we dont have enough money.

120. That mans brother is my new English teacher.

That is the man
121. London will fascinate you.
122. I saw a man later. He was the president of the European Community.
The man
123.Germany is richer than India.
124. I dont know, he told them.
He told them
125. She cant come to the party because she is so busy.
If she
126. Maybe your friend will call you on your birthday.
Your friend
127. The man said to us: Keep off the grass!
The man
128. They didnt tell me the secret.
129. Im sure they are at home. The lights are on.
130. I didnt invite Beth. I had forgotten her telephone number.
131. Shakespeare was a famous writer. He wrote beautiful sonnets.
132. Someone knocked at the door. The dog woke up.
The dog
133. This story will shock you.
134. Will you post this letter for me, please?
Do you mind
135. If you dont review your notes tonight, you wont do well tomorrow.
136. How much money have you put into the account? they asked.
They asked him

137. Im sorry I cant speak French perfectly.

I wish
138. The next plane leaves at 9.45 p.m.
139. Alberts drawing isnt as good as Gerards.
Gerads drawing is
140. Why dont we play computer games? said Michael.
Michael suggested
141. She said: Are you coming to the party on Friday?
She asked him
142. They came to live in New York two years ago.
They have
143. Smoking is forbidden in hospitals.
144. Although the weather was horrible, we went skiing.
In spite of
145. They dont allow smoking in this room.
146. I forgot to post the letter.
I didnt remember
147. They say this tree is over 400 years old.
This tree
148. You must not smoke in here.
149. The children stayed at home because it was raining.