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Period _____ Group _____
Group Members _______________________________________________________________________

1. Zhang Jian

2. Stirrup
3. Camel
4. Camel saddle
5. Mecca
6. Kaba
7. Ishmael
8. Muhammad
9. Caliphate
10. Quran
11. Ghana
12. Charlemagne
13. Byzantine Empire
14. Cyrillic alphabet
15. Manorial system
16. Feudalism
17. Investiture controversy
18. Grand Canal
19. Tributary System
20. Movable type
21. Flying money
22. Footbinding
23. Shamanism
24. Champa rice
25. Chinampas
26. Quetzalcoatl
27. Cahokia
28. Khipus
29. Marco Polo
30. Bubonic plague
31. Ivan III
32. Forbidden City
33. Ming porcelain
34. Ibn Battuta
35. Swahili States
36. Kilwa


37. Malacca
38. Hanseatic League
39. Guild
40. Medici family
41. Printing press
42. Thomas Aquinas
43. Johann Gutenberg
44. Da Vinci
45. Michelangelo
46. Magna Carta
47. Short Answer
48. What lands were originally linked by the Silk Road?
49. What was the role of the nomad along the early Silk Road?
50. What areas were linked by the Indian Ocean Maritime System?
51. Compare travel in the Mediterranean to travel in the Indian Ocean.
52. What items were traded along Indian Ocean trade routes?
53. What were the effects of the Bantu migrations?
54. How did trade affect religion?
55. What are The Five Pillars of Islam?
56. Explain the Shiite/Sunni split of Islam.
57. What areas were conquered by the Arabs and the Islamic caliphate?
58. Describe the Abbasid Caliphate/Dynasty.
59. What led to the fall of the Abbasid?
60. Who/what influenced Muslim scholars?
61. What was the role of monasteries in medieval Europe?
62. What was Vladimir Is impact on Kievan Russia?
63. What types of technology appeared in Europe between 1000-1200? What were the

64. What effect did the Crusades have on Europe?

65. What was the importance of the Sui Dynasty?
66. Describe the Tang relationship with Buddhism.
67. Describe Song Chinas technological innovations.
68. How did movable type impact society?
69. What was Chinas influence on Japan?
70. Compare and contrast the Tang tribute system and the Aztec tribute system.
71. How were the Mongols able to conquer large numbers of people even though they were
outnumbered by their enemies?

72. How could the Mongols be considered barbarians?

73. How could the Mongols NOT be considered barbarians?
74. What ended the Byzantine Empire?
75. Describe the social hierarchy under the Yuan Empire.

76. What areas of Asia escaped Mongol conquest? How?

77. Who were Sundiata and Mansa Musa?
78. Discuss the spread of Islam in Africa.
79. Discuss/describe the slave trade in Africa between 1200-1500.
80. How did the Three Field System impact farming in Europe between 1200-1500?
81. What was the Black Death? What effect did it have on Europe?
82. How were Jews affected by the Black Death?
83. What were the positive and negative effects of industry during the European revival?
84. What was the importance of Flemish textiles?
85. What was the status of cities during the Renaissance?
86. What is scholasticism?
87. Who were Chaucer, Dante, and Boccaccio? Why are they important?
88. What was the Great Western Schism? (Causes, effects, etc)
89. What was the Hundred Years War? (Causes, effects, etc)

Identify each of the following images, be sure to tell WHO, WHAT, and WHY. Give the
significance of each.