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Recit. SS = =o ee + Sal pt Bot, my lady, they are euch love -ly flowts. These are the or- chids you havegrown, But, my jacdy, | they arg sun jchb ne Blumen, Die. Or-chi-deen, die dw aolbut togst a . — = i [63] a tempo LUCRETIA 4 —— Pa =o rn = z —_ SS ‘Take them a-way, T tell you! Ob monstrous flower! © _hi-deous hour! Oh, Schrekckens-tagl. ort! Ich will es! Oh, griss-lich Bild! Nimm sie dock f¢ === — See == Sas — — —= v3 2 pt er = > > > Pp = 7 Recit. acide di pido |___ nus! nus! a é = s = z + Lu-cial Gosend a mes-senger to my Lord Col-la-ti- = Lu-cial Schick ei-nen Bo - ten mein-em Herrn Col-la- ti - a on = = er ea 7 = > > = = ——— What are you wait-ing for, girl? Gol... Was siehst und war-test du? ‘Geh? Geni. ————— LUCIA rapido 8 a SS SS SS ——— # oe What message, Madam, Shall I give the mes-sen-ger To take, to Lord Cola-ti-aus?,, Welch Bot-schasi, Her-rin, sol ich ge - ben, die der Bo-te zum HerrnCol-la es ov Ludireste angreift eine Orchidee un poco pitt largamente a tempo poch.rall.pucretia Jf ™mpetuoso Give him this or- chid. ‘Tell him Gib ihm die Blu- me. ‘Sag ihm, espress, ai a find its yur - i - ty Apt; and that its e-tals con-tain Eeie-sett Gat ox thr eset, fdas die) 2h fe um-echtlesst man’s pleasure and wo - man's pain, ‘And all of Lu- cre en - freu-de und Frou - en-teid, und sei-ner Lu - kre = > pe of Lucretia H, 15846 ——— shame. Give him this gr, - hid, ‘And tell him a Sthmach. oe Bia Ine. aed 0g = me con forsa Ro-man har- lot s And tell him to ride straight to her. Besa ae et aetane ‘Ste bit-tef, ret- te =e ‘Tell him to come home. Gol rei- testracks nach Haus, Gert | fe fel fel fa! ha! hal ha! hatha! ha! haf hal ha! hat hat ha!_hal hat e ee | Dae f animato tell the mes-sen-ger to take my love. ‘Yes! give my love to the Bringdem Bo-ten mei-ne ‘Lie - be auch. ay sees dem Bo -_ten den ogee ee ee oe = Se sen- Give my love to the sta- ble boy, And the coachman too, poe ae Bive my 19? Be tam Byer - ae ou Angin seer eth. a bu ees a er “a > $= 4 pe See A ¥ ng hur ty, Hi bur-ty, bur-ry } —— ease a ted Daediba Weare (74) exit Lucia, 'a tempo Lucia geht ad. all men love the chaste Lu - cre - ‘jeder tiebt die kew-sche Lu kre ~ oe i ‘he Rape of Lucretia