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The Newsletter for the State of New Jersey

Soror Mary B. Wright,

February 2016

Volume 6, Issue 6

International President

Message from the State Director

Soror Janet Y. Bivins, Esq.,

Atlantic Regional Director

Soror Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq.,

New Jersey State Director

Building on the Principles of Zeta
While Blazing New Paths!
Inside this issue:

Parliamentary Corner

5 Point Plan

Healthy Living News

Legacy News

Storks Nest

Dove Corner

Founders Day Service


Youth Corner


NJ Chapters


Support Sister Events


Key Dates


S t a t e o f N ew J e r s ey

Soror Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq.

New Jersey State Director
325 East Jimmie Leeds Road
Suite 7 PMB 144
Galloway, NJ 08205
Phone: (609) 748-1470

elcome to February Sorors and Amicae!

Thank you to all that supported our January
events, including the State Webinar and our
Founders Day activities. Congratulations to all of those
who were MIP Certified, and thank you for the donation of
$2,515 to Franklin St. Johns United Methodist Church in
excess of our $1,920 goal!

I also thank you for your prayers and well wishes as I attended the National Executive Board Meeting in Orlando,
Florida. The site for our 2016 Boule is beautiful! I am very proud that International President Wright included the youth of Omicron Omicron Zeta Chapter in
her Board report!
As we move into reclamation season, lets focus on the rules for transfers and
reclaims, and the role of the First Vice-President and the membership committee
Please see the dates for graduate chapter events on page 20, as well as other
dates and deadlines. Lets support Epsilon Xi Zeta on February 20 and Rho Tau
Zeta Chapter on February 27! I look forward to fellowshipping with you!

Monthly Embellishment & Training for
the Sorors of New Jersey
Building on the Principles of Zeta
While Blazing New Paths!

February 2016
Part 1

Role and Qualifications of the First Vice President for Membership

It is important that person in charge of membership understand her roles and responsibilities. It also important
that the members elect a person with the right qualities and that the President appoint committee members that
also possess the right skills and qualities. Use the list below to assist you as you consider taking on the role
and during the elections/appointment process.
The First Vice President:
Assumes all the duties and responsibilities of the President in her absence in addition to her prescribed duties
Chairs the membership committee (Oversees the 3 rs)
Ensures that the Chapter adheres to Membership Intake procedures
and policies
Guides the membership committee in the development of workshops
and embellishment (e.g. plans chapter retreat)
Guides the membership committee in development of strategies of
recruitment and retention
Follows the will of the body
She and Her Committee Members must:
Be knowledgeable of the rules of Zeta on all levels
Be financial and MIP Certified
Be a financial member of the Sorority for at least one year (subject to
Bylaws; exception for new chapters and/or undergraduates)
Be personable
Be of good moral character
Be an example of and represent Finer Womanhood
Be prepared to serve as President
Be dependable and responsive
Be enthusiastic
Be certified as an UG Advisor
Be organized and efficient
Be available
Work well with UG Advisor, Youth Advisor and Amicae Sponsor

Monthly Embellishment & Training for
the Sorors of New Jersey
Building on the Principles of Zeta
While Blazing New Paths!

February 2016
Part 2

Operation Reclamation
As we enter February, let's focus on reclaiming our inactive members. Please ensure that your chapter has someone who is focusing on reclamation, and be sure to reach out to State Reclamation Chairs Adrienne Goldsboro,
Alexis Maisonet and Bridget Lewis-Burgess at for tips and guidance. The procedure for processing the financial obligations of reclaimed Sorors is outlined below.
The reclamation process is governed by Article II , Section 9 of Zetas By-Laws, Transfer of Membership
1. A transfer reference will be issued to a Soror upon written request for transfer to a another chapter. The transfer card
and required fees should be mailed to HQ by the chapter where the Soror seeks affiliation.
2. The National assessment for a reclaimed Soror is $250 (Graduate)/$175 (Undergraduate) except from Jan. 16 to
March 31 of each year, when the fee is $200 . These fees on applies to reclaims, i.e., a Soror that has been inactive for
two year. Regional, State and Local dues must also be paid. (See Financial Form A for fees for transfers. Please remember the $5.00 transfer fee.)
3. All transfers and reclaims must submit a transfer card. The transfer card tells the new chapter that the Soror was a
member in good standing. Good standing refers to both financial standing and the absence of charges for MIP or
other violations.
4. If a Sorors former chapter is inactive or if she unknown to that chapter because of a long absence, she must go before
a notary public and swear that she was in good standing when she left the former chapter. This notarized statement,
along with written approval from the State and Regional Directors where the former chapter is located, may be used in
lieu of the transfer card.
5. A Soror must be financial on all levels (National, Regional, State and Local) before she can be transferred. If she is
unfinancial, she must reinstate with Nationals and pay all obligations, including transfer fees, before she can transfer.
6. Chapters are to exercise their own discretion, within constitutional guidelines, as to how often a financial Soror may
transfer from a local chapter to another chapter of close proximity within the same region.
7. The local chapter has the right to determine its local reinstatement fee, separate and apart from the National fees.

Page 4

The Zeta Call

Parliamentary Corner by Titessa Smith, State Parliamentarian

This months submission for embellishment in the Parliamentary Procedure Corner addresses the 4 common
methods of voting. Many of us will be preparing for elections in our own chapters as well as our upcoming state
conference, and I wanted to address these methods to give you options.
There are 4 common methods of voting:

Voice Vote
Works in small group, but not large. With a large group, it is hard to distinguish quantity using this method.

Rising Vote
You may either use your hand or physically rise. This is the most common method of voting. The chair counts in
response to those in favor and those against.

Secret Ballot
The secretary distributes, collects, tallies, and reports the decision to
the chair, who announces the result.

Roll Call
Each member is asked how they vote by the chair.

Voting Vocabulary
Some terms affiliated with voting are:

Minimum number of members that need to be present to transact business.

Majority Vote
Normally required to adopt a motion or elect to office. More than half of the votes cast by persons entitled to vote.

Two-thirds vote
Expressed approval of two-thirds of those members present and voting.
RONR (11th Ed.) p. 46-47, 50, ll. 7-9, p. 280-282, p. 409-419
RONR (In Brief) p. 70-76

**Parliamentary Reminder**
Please remember that your chapters governing document must be Bylaws, not Constitution and Bylaws. As
voted on at the 2014 Boule, all chapters, states and regions must change their document to Bylaws by April
2016. Additional guidance will be provided by the National Phylacter, including webinars on January 28 and
February 7. The State Director will be requesting a copy of your Bylaws to ensure compliance.

Volume 6, Issue 6

Page 5

Reclamation - Submitted by NJ Reclamation Committee

Zeta Phi Beta Homecoming:
5-Point Plan to Bring our Sorors Home
The first step to reclaiming Sorors is to identify those who are looking for a home. A suggested starting point
would be to comb through your chapters rosters dating five years back to recent. If there are Sorors who are not
active but still live within your chapters jurisdiction, make a note to reach out to them with current activities for
them to attend. If there are Sorors who are not active but may have moved to another county, still reach out to
them letting them know of the active chapters within their location. Although they might not come home to your
chapter, it is still a victory for Zeta for them to come home at all.
Step number two is to reach out to the inactive Sorors within your area. A cute and fun form of communication are postcards! Create a simple graphic, print on cardstock, and you have your very own custom mailing.
Include information such as upcoming events that the chapter is hosting, community service that the chapter is
participating in, and even some exciting updates from Nationals. Even add reasons why they should reclaim.
Highlight our Journey to Centennial! With only four years left to go, reclaiming is important now more than ever.
Personal interaction goes a long way. Set up Sister Socials to get to better know your potential chapter
members. Some suggested events include, wine tasting, painting class, bowling, movie night, fit club, happy
hour, career building workshops, and cooking classes. The possibilities are endless! Ensure that a good percentage of the chapter attends these Sister Socials so that reclaims can get a feel of the entire chapter dynamics. Sites
such as Groupon and Living Social are great starting points for affordable deals.
Now that we have started to build a personal relationship, it may be beneficial to find out the reasons why
the Soror became inactive in the first place. Examples may be finances, time commitment, unhappy feelings, or
lost zeal for Zeta. If any these are reasons why she is hesitating to reclaim, try to provide reassurance that her
reclamation will be a joyous homecoming. Speak with your chapters financial team to see if a payment plan can
be put in place for Sorors who are concerned about dues and related fees. To generate greater reclamation efforts
from chapter members, create a sisterly competition to see who can reclaim the most members and give a prize
to the winner!
Once a Soror decides to make your chapter her new home, it is time to celebrate! Recognize her accomplishment with a Welcome Back Package. This token of appreciation can include a small piece of paraphernalia such
as a Zeta scarf, chapter t-shirt, or new handbook. In addition, get a feel for her talents and suggest a committee
for her to join. The more involved and appreciated a Soror feels, the greater her commitment to making the chapter thrive!

Page 6

The Zeta Call

Healthy Living Corner

NJ Zetas Healthy Living Corner
Zetas Have HEART!
Soror Kristal Miller and Sarecia Johnson
State National Initiatives Coordinators
Welcome to Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. State of
New Jerseys Healthy Living Corner! The Corner is
a new monthly addition to the state newsletter, and
we hope to bring you helpful information to improve
your mind, body and soul. This month..ZETAS Have HEART and we look good in RED too! Saturday,
February 5, 2016 we are encouraging all New Jersey Zetas to GO RED! GO RED is a campaign initiated by
the American Heart Association after a 2007 study revealed 1 out of 3 women could not correctly identify
heart disease as the number one killer ago women. In 2003, the American Heart Association launched the GO
RED campaign in an effort to promote heart health education among women. Since the beginning of the campaign the number of women educated on heart health has bettered than doubled! So Sororsprepare to GO
RED! Go red and discuss heart education with family, friends and co-workers! Post your pictures to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat with the #gored #zetashaveheart and #healthyheart. Submitted by Kristal Miller

Heart Health Statistics for African American Women

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for African American women.
Of African American women ages 20 and older, 46.9 percent have cardiovascular disease
Only 1 in 5 African American women thinks she is personally at risk.
Nearly 50 percent of African American women are aware of the signs and symptoms of a heart attack.
Only 43 percent of African American women know that heart disease is their greatest health risk.

These statistics represent only a fraction of the 2012 report featured in Circulation. To view the full findings, download a copy
of the Heart Disease and Stroke 2012 Statistical Update.

Crystal Smith
Angel Cruz- Lee

Elizabeth Dickinson

Page 7

Volume 6, Issue 6

Legacy News

Get Ready!!!!!

Get Ready!!!!!

Get Ready!!!!!

As we prepare for the 2016 Boul we are excited to share a few things that are coming your way.
How exciting would it be for Eligible Legacy Members to become charters of
The National Legacy Club of Sorors Faithful and Goings?
These two Sorors were the first ever legacies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and it is an honor for many of us to
celebrate this special moment as Charters of the National Faithful & Goings Legacy Club.
Who is Eligible?: Legacies by birth, adoption, step mother/children/sister, and inlaws.
Who is not eligible?: Fraternity brothers or Amicae.
Can you include Triumphant Soror as part of your legacy family?: Yes.
What is Seed?: Whoever is the first ever Zeta in your family whether active, deceased or living shall be listed as the Seed.
What if the seed joined with other legacy members on the same date?: At that
point you will select the eldest member of the family, first to be pinned, etc. Remember only one person can be a Seed.
How can you participate in the Chartering Program?: Complete your application, submit with your fifty dollars and get verified? If attending Boul plan to
wear white for the ceremony.
Applications will be on line soon and deadline date to return completed application with membership cost of $50.00 is
March 31, 2016


Did you know you can enter original composition/lyrics just for the legacy members? Begin to put your pen to paper and then to taping your winning song dedicated for legacy members only. Submit your entry by March 31, 2016 to: Zeta
Legacy Song Contest, c/o Soror Lauwana Martin, 24 Tupelo Court, Sicklerville, NJ
08081 or to
As we prepare for our New Jersey State Conference I am urging all Basilei to please
prepare and send me your report of all legacies in your chapters by March 15, 2016
or before. See sample report format below:
Continue reading on page 8

Page 8

The Zeta Call

Legacy News contd

Legacies in Zeta Delta Zeta Chapter
Chapter Legacy Chair: Soror _____________

We are requesting each legacy Soror to send along with pictures a brief bio you would like submitted in our New Jersey
State Newsletter. Random selections will be made to submit in this 2016 year. Please send ASAP and by January 31 if
you would like to be considered for the February and the following months following editions of our States News Letter. Also, as legacies are made we urge you to update your NJ State Coordinator so you can be recognized and recorded
appropriately. Please send to in a word document please. Dont forget to include the chapter
you and your legacy were made in and the initiation dates.
Pauline E. Gibson
NJ State Legacy Coordinator

Stork Nest News

Tjwana Dennis-Jenkins, State Coordinator

The Storks Nest 3 Way Agreement & Insurance Matters Webinar

Discussed types of organizations, governed and formed based on state law:
Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Non Profit - there is a difference between Non Profit and tax exempt
Unincorporated Association
Sole Proprietorship
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. is a 501c7
Chapter insurance covers the items in the Nest, wherever stored
Chapter may obtain Certificate of Insurance upon request
Inform IHQ of Nest activities

Advantages of 501c3:
Provides support via grants
Charitable mission for donations
Donors can deduct donations

The Storks Nest 3 Way Agreement

Required if operated in third party facility
2 year agreement with option to terminate with 30 days notice
March of Dimes (education via curriculum), local Zeta chapter (boots on the ground/administrators) and organization
(Ex: hospital, insurance company are supporters)
Protects March of Dimes and Zeta, reviewed by both counsels

Volume 6, Issue 6

Page 9

Dove Corner

Submitted By: Pauline E. Gibson

As we approach 2016 State Leadership Conference please begin to send me information on the Doves in
your chapter. Information must be submitted on or before March 15, 2015 to
Please also note that we would like to highlight your chapter Doves in the New Jersey State Newsletter so
send bio and picture for submission during the year of 2016.



Soror Evelyn White

A Past President of Zeta Delta Zeta Chapter and a retired Educator
Wishing you
A Happy New Year
Soror White will celebrate her birthday on March 14, 2016
Please save the date in your calendar and join me in sending her well wishes this year.
19 Ashford Court
Columbus, NJ 08022

Page 10

The Zeta Call

Page 11

Volume 6, Issue 6

Z-E-T-A (Zealous Engaged Talented Awesome) Youth Corner

Welcome to the newest Youth Auxiliary of New Jersey

Chi Rho Zeta Archonettes

Gamma Nu Zeta Pearlettes

visited the Willingboro
Fire Department

If you would like your youth to be highlighted in the Youth

Corner, submissions are due by the 10th of every month.
Please remember that our youth are doing great things in the
community and deserve to be highlighted.

Page 12

The Zeta Call

Z-E-T-A (Zealous Engaged Talented Awesome) Youth Corner

1. The correct pronunciation of the affiliate
2. The spelling of the affiliate
3. The year Zeta Youth Auxiliaries were
adopted (1950)
4. Principle/Motto of the affiliate
5. Principles of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
6. Affiliate colors


7. Affiliate flower
8. Basics of running a business meeting
9. What Z-HOPE stands for (Zetas Helping
Other People Excel)
10. Sponsoring chapter name

GNZ Pearlettes monthly meeting at the Pennsauken Library, the

Pearlettes made holiday cards for the sick and shut in for members
of the Chestnut Street UAME Church in Camden NJ.

Page 13

Volume 6, Issue 6

Z-E-T-A (Zealous Engaged Talented Awesome) Youth Corner

GNZ Youth
Serving the Homeless Breakfast on Christmas Day
At Chestnut Street UAME Church, Camden, NJ

Archonettes welcoming the guest, monitoring the free clothing and Gift Giving table.
GNZ Pearlette, Selina Owens delivering groceries for the
Christmas Day Breakfast in Camden, NJ

Sisterhood: The Tie That Binds

Strengthening their sisterly bond
from within
On January 9th, Omicron Omicron Zeta Chapters
Archonettes, Amicettes & youth parents participated in a Z-HOPE Art Workshop. The workshop focused on cultural awareness, social skills and fostered a greater sisterhood bond
among all the girls and women. The painting selected emphasized
pride in being your natural self. Goodies bags were filled with selfesteem items to encourage the girls to continue nurturing their
mind, body and spirit. The group also celebrated one of the Archonettes Birthday.

Page 14

Zeta Call

Z-E-T-A (Zealous Engaged Talented Awesome) Youth Corner

New Jersey State Youth Stem Challenge

Last Year the Youth did an excellent job with their STEM Contest. This year we are
stepping it up and the Youth will be challenged on teamwork and building. The Youth
will work together to simulate real research and development to bring ideas to reality.
The Engineering Design Process, Youths Goal: ASK, IMAGINE, PLAN, CREATE
I look forward to seeing all the Youth participating in the STEM Contest Challenge


FinancialAdvisors must be financial members of the graduate chapter, state, region and national levels.
CertifiedAdvisors must be certified through the National Zeta Youth Affiliate Training Program as certified Zeta Youth
Advisors. At least one advisor must be CPR Certified.
ApprovedFor the safety and protection of our youth, advisors must complete and
pass a background screening through the National Center for Safety Initiatives every
two years. Only the NCSI background screening will be accepted. (http:// Enter Self Registration Number: 83972442
Experienced/InternedAdvisors must have previously served in a youth advisor position. All new advisors intern by completing one-year mentorship period as part of
transition period into the position or chapter.
PreparedAdvisors should always be prepared with first aid kits, medical forms, consent forms and emergency plans.
Good CommunicationAdvisors should listen, be honest, praise youth, parents and each other. Offer constructive criticism. Keep parents informed.
Role ModelAdvisors are all role models. As members of a Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Youth Affiliate Organizations, we
live in a fish bowl. Our Sorors expect us to be examples for others to follow. We are all accountable for our actions. We
should be friendly and keep cool when people try our patience.
Keep an Open MindAdvisors are going to learn many things throughout the term as youth advisors. People and circumstances are always offering us chances to learn new things. We should take advantage of these learning opportunities.
ConfidentialityAdvisors will be privy to confidential information in the course of serving the organization as members
and officers, and we need to respect others right to privacy. We must be in an appropriate environment before discussing
confidential information with people who need to know.
Be Willing to Ask for HelpOn occasion, advisors may not know what to do not or how to do something. They may be
overwhelmed with other responsibilities. These are times to rely on fellow members, advisors, and families. When you know
you can help, make sure you offer your hand.

Page 15

Volume 6, Issue 6

NJ Chapters Working

On Saturday, January 9th, Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter

supported our brothers, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity,
Inc. Kappa Upsilon Sigma Chapter, in their Founders'
Day Breakfast at the Crowne Plaza Cherry HillPhiladelphia Hotel. A great day for Gamma Nu Zeta
Chapter as well, as our Chapter President, Titessa
D. Smith was honored for being Zeta of the
Year. Congratulations to our Soror T. Smith for all of
your hard work and dedication!!

Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter members is participating in the

American Heart Association's Little Hats Big Hearts initiative, where we are crocheting/knitting red hats for
infants/preemies in awareness for heart disease and congenital heart defects. A great time was had by those
who participated and we look forward to doing it again!

On November 7, 2015, ladies of Gamma Omicron Zeta

chapter partnered with the East Orange Fire Department,
Community Emergency Response Team and American
Red Cross to help the City of East Orange kick off their
Home Preparedness Fire Campaign. This community safety initiative was launched in response to home fires across
the city where the homes ultimately did not have a working smoke detector on the premises. GOZ visited approximately 100 homes in the city's 5th ward providing preparedness information and signed families up for their smoke
detectors. With the help of GOZ, East Orange's Bravest
installed over 50 smoke detectors on site.

Page 16

Zeta Call

NJ Chapters Working contd

AAXZ Spreads Holiday Cheer

Just two days before Christmas, Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta received over 100 toys
through donations from the United States Marine Corps Reserve Training
Center in Red Bank, NJ. AAXZ partnered with Shiloh Baptist Church in Asbury Park, NJ on Christmas Day at the Asbury Park Train Station. There,
toys, hats, scarves, gloves, coats, as well as other clothing items were distributed, along with coffee, and donuts. Asbury Park is only 1 square mile. It is
well known for its beaches and downtown area; however homelessness, poverty, and crime still plagues this city. These Sorors were happy to be a part of
such an awesome community service project, all while helping to make some
childs Christmas a little brighter. It was an honor to assist parents that could
not afford to purchase gifts for the holidays. While the toys were the highlight of the day, the Gift of Giving was PRICELESS!! #WhenZetaCalls

A Day On Not A Day Off for Omicron Omicron Zeta Chapter

MLK Day was a busy day for the Zetas, Amicae and Youth of OOZ. Their members attended
several venues to celebrate the birthday of MLK.
Dr. Keith Green, head of the Africana Studies at Rutgers University and parent of Amicette
Rebekah Green (her mother is Soror Mikala Green), invited Zetas, the youth and their parents
to participate in a Marathon Reading of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Kings Letter from Birmingham Jail. Each person selected a passage of this iconic letter that was appropriate to their
level of interest and enthusiasm.
After King was arrested on April 12, 1963 for breaking Alabamas mass demonstrations laws, he wrote this letter in
response to several white clergymen who urged him to cease his protest of segregation and discrimination in Birmingham.
The Amicae of Gloucester County participated in a MLK Breakfast Celebration, sponsored by The DOT Organization
of Williamstown. Event chair Amica Annie Greene stated that it is important to always remember the life of Rev. Dr.
Martin Luther King. Each year the Amicae sponsors students to this event so that they are always reminded of our rich
And lastly, the chapter along with Sigmas help to end hunger by volunteering at the FoodBank of South Jersey. The
Brothers of Zeta Rho Sigma Chapter, the Gloucester County Sigmas along with the women of OOZ committed themselves to a day of service at the location. Their volunteer work on MLK Day helps to end hunger in South Jersey. The
FoodBank of South Jersey and its network of 200+ food pantries and meal kitchens have been in south jersey since
1985 providing prepared meals and groceries to people in need. Event chair Soror Tara Chestnut says this was a great
sister-brother volunteer activity that focused on what MLK Day is about service.
Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Page 17

Volume 6, Issue 6

NJ Chapters Working contd

Zeta Delta Zeta Chapter
Elder Care Program: Steppin With Knowledge
Advocating for the elderly and the people who care for them
Zeta Delta Zetas Elder Care Committee (supported by Sorors Janet
Adams, Violet Melton, Lucy Smith and chair Tousha Bailey
Herout), partnered with Casey Price Esq. of Price and Price Law
LLC presenting a seminar on assisting senior loved ones communi
cate their concerns regarding their end of life preferences. This
very bene icial workshop was open to the Moorestown communi
ty. Topics of discussion included:

De ining and explaining how to obtain Powers of Attorneys
Living Wills & Trusts, as well as Disability Medicaid Insurance
Long Term Care Planning and Assets Protection

The seminar was held on Wednesday, December 16th at Second
Baptist Church in Moorestown, NJ. The audience consisted of 26
individuals including several Sorors, their family and neighboring community members. Many ques
tions were asked and answered; one participant shared, After this seminar, my mind is at rest, I know
what I have to do. Additionally, Zeta Delta Zeta received a heartfelt letter accounting how this semi
nar help one family member gain peace of mind.

Soror Tiffany Randolph (Gamma Nu Zeta) was accompanied by her mother and neighbor. ZDZ Soror
Deidre West was accompanied by her mother; Friend Doris Robinson.

Many sisterly thanks go out to those Sorors from neighboring chapters that supported this event.
Thank you Sorors Tiffany Randolph, Steph Wise (Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter) and Tiffany Cox (Alpha Al
pha Chi Zeta Chapter). Hosting ZDZ Sorors Thornton, West, L. Smith, Melton, Wilson, BaileyHerout
and (not pictured Yapp and Taylor); thank you for a job well done!

This was yet another example of Sisterhood at its FINEST!!!

Page 18

Zeta Call

NJ Chapters Working - contd

Eta Omicron Zeta Chapter celebrated MLK Day at Hubbard School in

Plainfield on January 16th. We participated in a school wide beautification project through Jersey Cares. We volunteered our time and
woman power reorganizing the schools library. During our clean up,
we came across the prolific writings of Soror Zora Neal Hurston.

Rho Rho Zeta Chapter participated and donated to

the MSABC Walk held in OC, NJ. The chapter donated $561.00 to the noteworthy cause.

Volume 6, Issue 6

Support Sister and State Events

Page 19

Page 20

The Zeta Call

Upcoming Dates



Epsilon Xi Zeta

February 20 - 12 pm

Westin Princeton NJ

Rho Tau Zeta

February 27 - 12 pm

The Bethwood, Totowa, NJ

Zeta Delta Zeta

Eta Omicron Zeta

March 5 - 11 am
March 12 - 12 pm

The Merion, Cinnaminson, NJ

Woodbridge Renaissance

Gamma Nu Zeta

March 19 - 12 pm

Gamma Omicron Zeta

March 26 - 11am

Paris Caterers at the Palace

Blackwood, NJ
The Atrium West Orange

Xi Tau Zeta

April 8 - 8 pm

Chi Rho Zeta

Sigma Zeta Zeta

April 9 - 11:30 am
April 9 - 7pm

Omicron Omicron Zeta

April 16

Rho Rho Zeta

May 7 - 9:30 am

Omega Mu Zeta

May 21 - 12 pm

Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta

June 3 - 8pm

- 11am

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

Atlantic City, NJ
Paris Caterers, Berlin, NJ
The San Carlo
Lyndhurst, NJ
Aulettos Caterers
Deptford, NJ
Scarpinitos Catering
Bridgeton, NJ
Ocean Place Resorts & Spa,
Long Branch, NJ
Double Tree Hotel
Tinton Falls, NJ

Key Dates and Deadlines

Scholarship Applications
Reclamation Report Deadline
Elected Officer Nominations
State Conference Registration
State Conference Ads
State Webinar
Necrology Report
State Conference
March for Babies
Boule (Orlando Hilton, Orlando, Florida)

3/22 regular
3/23-4/1 late
4/22 and 23
7/6 10